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23/07/2014 at 11:23

Coming a little late to the party, but hoping to get to 2014km this year... stats so far:

758.2M (1213.1km) so only 500.6M (800.9km) to go...

Earlier this month I passed my 2013 miles total (670M) so rather chuffed with that! still got 2 marathons and a 50K planned this year so barring injury hopefully I'll surpass the 2014 mark!

23/07/2014 at 11:25

I also feel I should add that 500 is the Year of the Consulship of Patricius and Hypatius

24/07/2014 at 20:55

Welcome aboard Uisge Jo

1396km for me.  So 718 km to go.

King Coenred of Northumbria died in 718.

Yesterday at 08:46

OK so umm errr 1396 plus 718 = 2114 and I think we are aiming for 2014... *blush* so well umm err my maths is going down the pan whilst my mileage is going up!!

Now at 1482 so 532 to go, a decent jump partially from the fact that i miscounted by 100 before

Interestingly, actually, not interestingly just a really pointless fact 532 is the year that people started using AD on dates. The Burgundians were also defeated in this year, now that's a fun word! An Ding Wang the Chinese emperor also committed suicide in this year... Busy year! oh and yet another pope died in this year.

Getting there, the most i've ran in a year before this was last year, my only other full year of running and I think I did around 936 miles last year, so I'm only 15 miles behind last years total.

Yesterday at 14:49

I was delighted to have crossed the 1000 mile mark this week, and also means I have already exceeded last years total mileage. I am on track for a record mileage month this month (By a fraction) so all the numbers are looking good!

1023 miles completed, 1646 kilometers leaving a mere 368km to go (233miles) - which I *Think* is around 6 weeks away!

368 is of course the year the  Picts, Scotti and Saxons reach Londinium and plundered the city. Theodosius, general (Comes Britanniarum), was sent with a relief force to Britannia. He marched from Richborough, Kent, to deal with the invaders. In the winter, the barbarians were driven back to their homelands, Hadrian's Wall was retaken and order returns to the Roman diocese. Theodosius reorganised the abandoned forts and mounted punitive expeditions in Hibernia (Ireland).

Yesterday at 14:56

Don't talk to me about Hadrian's Wall after my DNF at the Wall last month mutter, mutter only 92km's done what a failure! mutter, grumble, groan.

Edited: 28/07/2014 at 14:57
Today at 11:03

Ha! But I did read that you did back to back marathons this weekend, so don't grumble too much thats mightily impressive!!

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