22 weeks to the GSR

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11/05/2010 at 10:42

Having not run a thread for weeks now I thought it was about time I started another!

This is the first time I've done one centred around a long-long-term target and actually given myself a decent amount of time to achieve it.

 On the way I'm aiming to go under 39 for 10k and under 19 for 5k. 

Will post up some recent training soon so everyone can see where I'm at.

11/05/2010 at 13:45
Hi Squall! Been a while. Saw the title of this thread and was going to respond, then saw it was by you! Some good aims there. Does this mean you will be aiming to do the GSR in about 65 minutes?
12/05/2010 at 16:41
Yup sub 65 for the great south if possible! Anyone else who's targetting the gsr is more than welcome to tag along on this thread.

First of the promenade 5k series tonight!
13/05/2010 at 09:57

Ahh Mr Squall welcome back buddy!  good luck with your target for Gsr , im targettinig a half in mid october so a similer time to you for training , good thing is we have the ideal time of the year to train in .

How did the 5k go?

13/05/2010 at 13:01


 New PB for 5k - 18'38"

Very happy with that, all things considered.

I'll get some training posted up soon... 

13/05/2010 at 13:33
Excellent time! Surely equating to a sub 39 10k that...
13/05/2010 at 13:44
Brilliant stuff!! well done Squall  ,yeah that should just get you a sub 39/ i know  i did after my 18.29 5 k
13/05/2010 at 15:00

I'm hoping so.

My training is basically looking like 33-37mpw... with one long run and two sessions a week. The long run has been 14 for a few weeks and 10 for a few weeks and I'm going to do it at 12 for a little while now. The sessions have included hills, tempo work and 10k pace work. I've also been including more 'strides' and 'diagonals' to improve technique, leg turnover etc.

 I'm looking to move up to 40+mpw... and I think sub-39 is do-able at the end of May at the D-Day 10k. 

I think longer-term I could even be ambitious and look for sub-64 or 63 at the GSR, but we'll have to wait and see.

13/05/2010 at 20:24

ahh Squall me old mucker. About time you had another epic thread!

I've ducked down to a 36:44 10k and a 28:54 5miler since we last spoke.

If you can get to and keep that 40miles a week, and have the right breakdown of a long slow run, properly calculated speedwork session or 2 a week, mixed in with easy runs, then you will smash the 65 at least.

13/05/2010 at 20:54

Nice one Squall, wondering where you had been. Training well by the looks it  Fantastic effort for your 5k time, i am sure the 10k will follow.

As for me, am targetting another marathon in october, exactly the same date as the GSR and hoping for nice shiny new pb as well. Slowly getting my speed back after doing all those long runs, but it looks like they have built me a nice base upon which to start from.

Lets help each other as before eh??

13/05/2010 at 23:12

Great to see some old friends popping by to say hello! Hopefully Jokerman or whatever his current name is will pop in and give some advice also.

 Good to hear from you again Marty, what's your marathon target?

Stevie: You just seem to go from strength to strength... I'll try and trail along behind and emulate your progress!

 For me, this year is about steady progress without getting injured. No crazy ambitions and I'm going to set myself a mileage cap now of 45 miles a week. I strongly believe in the value of mileage, but last year taught me a lot about overtraining, the importance of stretching and supplementary stuff like ice baths, sports massage and balancing training with work, sleep, eating and other factors. 

14/05/2010 at 12:05
Out for a steady 8 this morning.
14/05/2010 at 20:00

What's the GSR like by the way Squall? Is it a good flat course? Chance of a good time, or are you blocked in due to high numbers?

Just out of interest Squall, what proportion of your training do you do at the different paces? I've learnt very quickly my old training methods weren't unlocking the potential....so now out of say 60+ miles a week I do as much as 50 at "easy pace", which is calculated from my maximum paces at certain distances. Then this is supplemented by 2 track sessions, and one long run..circa 14miler...potentially rising to 16 over the next months.

I previously used to train as i fancied...which in truth came out as all 50miles a week at medium, with occasional valueless burns thrown in!

That's why my mentality has changed from thinking a mid 37 for 10k was pretty good, to thinking my 36:44 is just the start of the story.

14/05/2010 at 23:33

GSR is a PB-worthy course. Fast and flat. Paula Radcliffe set the British 10 mile record at the one before last.

I use it as my target race every year. 

I've binned all my junk runs.. no such thing as junk miles, but i'm no longer doing runs any shorter than 5 miles. 

15/05/2010 at 14:21

Some sensible thoughts from everyone on here.

I am hoping to dip under 3.20 if i can although if that all goes pete tong due to whatever reason i do have some secondary goals that i would be more than happy with. I got a taster of the long stuff having done the Two Oceans last month and i enjoy that much more now. I still go to my club reguarly for the speedy sessions since i believe these help the most to improve and its far easier to run quickly with people than on your own. I am seriously considering Comrades next year so am looking for another solid base upon which to build my training on.

I did the GSR last year too. As squall says definately a PB course if the weather is kind. Last year it was blowing a gale so running down the seafront for the last mile and half certainly sapped your energy. Good atmosphere though and had a great time.

15/05/2010 at 14:34
just had a look at the site..and it's all full up already. Is one of the "Great" series though so I should have known better!
18/05/2010 at 12:15

Just done:

2 miles in 16:30 (warmup)

3 miles in 20:51 (marathon pace interval)

2 minute jog

2 miles in 13:54

1 mile jog

I'm now shagged.

18/05/2010 at 12:48

Can't believe places have gone already for this!  That will teach me!!!!

18/05/2010 at 14:32
You hadn't entered???
18/05/2010 at 18:08

Nope! On one hand it sounds stupid, but on another there are over 5 months to go! Im sure I entered later than this last year. Been very angry all afternoon but am calming down a bit now... I guess it will at least force me to re-consider what races I want to do now. I'll do the Cardiff Half Marathon instead now at round that time (it's the week after the GSR I think?). Anyhow - more dissapointed than angry now considering it's been my favourite race to do!

 Not even sure if I will be able to make the D Day 10k at the moment either, but in saying that I am still having ITBS problems...last night I had a fairly good sharp workout but yet again it starts giving discomfort...at about 6 and a half miles into my run this time!

 All in all a very fustrating few months now topped off by my error of judgement! Next year, I will enter as as soon as the race is over...still can't believe it, I mean 5 months to go and race full!

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