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11/11/2005 at 13:35
Any suggestions for a 4 mile training plan? I can run for 30 mins on a treadmill at 8.5km/hr @ 1% incline, but I want to do a boxing day race which is 4 miles with hills. Should I just follow a 5k but add on an extra mile to the distances (or 10 minutes to the times)?
11/11/2005 at 15:38
Just a shot in the dark, Slow-runner, but is your planned boxing day race the Vale of Aylesbury one?

If so, it's not 4 miles (6.5km) any more. It's become 5km.
11/11/2005 at 17:33
No it's not I'm afraid. Mine is definately 4 miles - I've driven it to check.
12/11/2005 at 21:51
Are you doing much running outdoors or many hills ?
16/12/2005 at 14:55
Popsider - Sorry for the long wait for a reply - I got knocked out by a coldy-flu type bug for three weeks then have been converting to running outside for the first time.

So in answer to your question: I wasn't running outdoors or doing any hills when I posted the message, but I am now. I decided to run (run/walk)the route of the race every Sunday, walking up the hills where necessary and have two shorter, flatter runs during the week.

I have seen a huge improvement over the last three weeks. I ran as far as I could up the hill that I was dreading and got much further up than I thought I would.

I'm 'lucky' enough to live in a hilly town and can't really avoid them. It's amazing how much your fitness level improves compared to the treadmill.
16/12/2005 at 15:02
Yes, hills are good. They stress your body as much as a much faster flat run, but without the injury risks due to pounding.

Just one comment : I think you should make one of your weekly flat runs longer, not shorter, than the race distance.

16/12/2005 at 15:20
Thanks JingleGregW, I would add in a second longer run, but as the race is on boxing day there isn't much time to go. Luckily my aim as a middle aged plodder is just to get round the course rather than to win it!

How much to you reign back in the week before a race?

I was planning to do the following:
Sunday: Run the course - 4 miles, hilly
Tuesday: Shorter run of 20 minutes, flat
Thursday: Ditto but hilly
Saturday: Cross train in the gym
Monday: Race day

What do you think, too much or too little?

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7 messages
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