8 Weeks to Eastleigh

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13/03/2010 at 01:12
8.74 miles for the day in two runs.
13/03/2010 at 07:54
hi squall hope all well with you, hows the training going, is it better to do your 8.74 run in two runs or one are you doing it because of time or being care full of injury, i live in wales where is eastleigh thinking of running it is it a flat  or hilly, i,m trying to get sub 40 10k your input would be nice thankyou.
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20/03/2010 at 20:34
hi all come on keep the thread going wheres squall hideing,
22/03/2010 at 16:45

How#s it all going Squall?

 I managed to be too complacent with the Eastleigh entry...so unless anyone comes up with a place they want to send my way in the next few days have to bid all you folks good luck at this one, and look elsewhere for a race.

Havea  10miler at Maidenhead Friday 2nd April, so might not be necessary to do a shorter race in the week before.

23/03/2010 at 10:14

Did just over 40 miles this week... including a decent 14 miler in 2 hours.

 Looking for anywhere between 40-42 mins at Eastleigh. Hopefully I'll be able to pull out a PB at the GSR towards the end of the year. 

 Trainings going really well atm.... cycling anything upwards of 30 miles a week atm... sometimes close to 100 miles. I think that's balancing out my legs a little more and letting them recover from the running.

23/03/2010 at 12:58

Hi all - I'm entered in the Eastleigh 10k - got my number yesterday. Looking forward to it as it's the first race of the year for me and my first ever 10k! (I have done the Promenade 5k series, the Victory 5 and the GSR before though) I'm looking at 55 minutes as an 'OK' performance and nearer 53 as a 'good' performance. See you all there!

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23/03/2010 at 20:46
Eastleigh was my first ever 10k back in 2004
23/03/2010 at 21:17
hi squall what was your time back in 2004.
24/03/2010 at 00:51

Some good decent training there Squall! You never know, you have done sub-40 at Eastleigh before! So why not again? I remember last year expecting to complete it in about 42 minutes but ended up with 40"46 (chip time) which remains my official race PB up to now. Hoping to beat it on Sunday though but that very much will depend on how I am performing on the day.

As for my first 10k - that was Winchester in summer 2005 with a time of 49"32.

Training last week included a 5 mile club run at a steady 7"30 to 8 minute mile pace, 6 miles or so on the Thursday (treadmill) and marathon training (18.20 miles) on Saturday (20th)...this being in about 8"30 pace per mile roughly! So far this week I did a hard 5k treadmill run yesterday and felt pretty good with that....and a slower 2 miles at the end of this. Had a very tough roller hockey game on the Wednesday as well so that was my cross training of sorts for the week!

Will probably go out for something steady tomorrow.

Race conditions were excellent last year, not sure what it will be like this coming Sunday but as long as it won't be windy then I won't mind how it is!

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24/03/2010 at 08:32
Hmm...Sunday looks very wet.
24/03/2010 at 10:55

Wet isn't good.

 I did it in about 43 minutes. 

26/03/2010 at 13:07
Everyone ready for Sunday?
26/03/2010 at 13:25
As ready as I can be I guess. My aim is for a first official sub 40 but I have a feeling I won't quite achieve it. We shall see.
27/03/2010 at 09:28

Think positive. I think belief is half the battle. Its amazing what your body can achieve when you sent your mind to it. As for me, a nice easy 10 in a while then an easy 10k race tomorrrow. Looking forward to running a 10k race with absolutely no time constraints.

Good luck to all who are racing.

28/03/2010 at 15:09

41'27" - not too shabby all things considered.

 I'm definitely on the way back.

28/03/2010 at 16:05

Good work Squall, good you are coming back with your form now!

I managed 39"49 on the chip time and 40"09 on the gun time. I will go by the chip time despite the Hampshire Road Race League only going by the gun time for results and season standings because it really is a walk until you cross over the start line due to the large number of people that enter this! I always imagined I would feel great at going sub-40 - it's been a goal of mine for 18 months or so now! But I don't...but that's probably because I still feel a little off form at the moment. I probably shouldn't complain though and hopefully more progression will come over the months ahead. Did a 14 mile run afterwards as part of the VLM training, a group of us ran back to Stubbington so not going to be doing anything else today now!

How did the race go for you Marty?

28/03/2010 at 16:39

Nice one WJH. Now that you have hit sub 40 once, it will be easier next time. The first time is always a bit of a mental hurdle. And then to run 14 miles afterwards. Your VLM training sounds like it is well on track. Bet you can't wait for the taper now eh?

And squall, another good run. As you say, definately on the way back. Another couple of solid consistent months training and you will get under the elusive 40 minute mark again.

As for my race, what joy to just run a 10k race without worrying about times. Set off nice and steady and basically picked the pace up each mile. There was a slight incline (2 lap race so did twice), and just kept picking people off. Time was around 46 minutes. Bit faster than planned but felt nice and easy which was the main thing. Just one more 6 miler either monday or tuesday for me and then the big one next saturday. Getting v excited now

29/03/2010 at 19:00
Hi Marty well done on yesterday! And sounds like you are building up nicely for next week! Yep, can't wait for the taper now...feeling kind of drained out today.....running is the last thing I want to do at the moment, well tonight at least!
30/03/2010 at 13:46
Well, the Eastleigh 10k went well and I was delighted with a time of 50':45'' - although a bad stitch in the last 500m probably meant I could've been a bit faster! So this is a PB for me (as I have never done a 10k race before!) Have got a few 5k races coming up now so will concentrate on getting my times down and beating my PB of 24':33''.
31/03/2010 at 10:49

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