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04/05/2006 at 13:14
PH - I've got a sore arm now!! Went to doc's this am and she sent me for loads of blood tests - namely NA,K, Urea & Creatine, Rheumatoid Factor, Bone Profile, FBC, ESR and Auto Antibody Test. I'm now in a state of heightened anxiety incase anything comes back with a problem.

Anyway - I'm out for a plod tonight so that should take my mind off it all.
04/05/2006 at 15:26
Fingers crossed SJ!
04/05/2006 at 15:27
but you've done the right thing!
04/05/2006 at 15:42
SJ...hope your run manages to take your mind of the docs...good luck...

04/05/2006 at 19:31
SJ - you did the right thing, sure you'll be OK. <says the bloke who wouldn't go to a doc unless he was at deaths door!>

DR - on blood - I wouldn't do a hard session, but 3/4 hours after I've often done an easy run run and not had any side effects. I do hydrate like crazy though straight after and I take multi vits all the time. The only bad experience was 15 years ago I gave blood then 2 hours later went onto a squash court against my biggest rival. Almost passed out twice and had to quit the game after 20 minutes.
04/05/2006 at 20:24
Don't suppose having a blood test counts too much as giving blood.

Did somewhere between 3 and 4 miles tonight - not too sure as I pressed the stop button instead of the lap button on the Garmin (doh!)

PH - why do you suggest Lupus? Looked this up on the internet but didn't recognise too many symptoms. Test results due next week..
07/05/2006 at 21:25
It's gone awful quiet again in here!!

Anyone about?

Plodded 5.9 miles this am - did a mixture of speeds including running faster up the hills then walking across the road then running faster up the next hill etc. Ave speed 13.01 m/m, ave HR 158 but as this included lots of walk breaks this doesn't really tell me very much.

Also been to the gym this afternoon - did 25 mins cycling then did a quick swim.
07/05/2006 at 21:32
Hi Susie,
How are the joints? Let us know when you get the results. Hope you can keep training well in the meantime.

I'm feeling a bit tired on a 53 mile week, with 2 speed sessions. I'll keep the mileage going next week, before cutting back for the Isle of Wight mara.
07/05/2006 at 22:20
WS - a bit tired on a 53 mile week - I'd be horizontal - I might just manage 53 miles in a month.

The joints are about the same - it hasn't stopped me doing anything. The best way I can describe it is when you hold a bag for too long and your fingers feel locked and stiff for a minute or so when you let go - it's a bit like that first thing in the morning. Still getting lots of lovely crunching and cracking noises mind you. It's not painful (or at least I wouldn't describe it like that) - it's just annoying.
08/05/2006 at 08:02
Susie-i only said lupus cos its hard to diagnose, and people get non specific joint pains with very little swelling

Let me know the results

37 days
225 miles

(and last friday, I overslept after the conference night out-but niped back to the hotel for just 1.5 tready miles in between lectures--close shave there)

101 of these miles are racing ones-hm
08/05/2006 at 09:07
take care Susie.
Remember 53 miles is not high compared to what I have been doing, but it feels hard as my 2nd week back running after Boston.

Well done Hipps. Let's see if we can get that racing/training ratio a bit better eh? ;-)
08/05/2006 at 09:41
Hi all

Hope everyone had a good weekend running.

SJ - I hope that you get a good report back from the doc. My thoughts are with you.

64 miles last week. Another good week of base training - with one tempo run and a faster session included. I am now at 20 days without a break, and up to 298 miles since my last rest day.
08/05/2006 at 09:47
A question for all base runners on heart rates. I found my max heart rate a year by running hard up a steep section of hill 4 times.

At the weekend I decided to do a hills session - mainly because I only had an hour and so could not do my normal long slow run. I did a circuit of local hills, which involved 9 climbs of typically about 100 feet each, of various gradients. I sprinted/bounded up the hills, keeping a good high knee lift and strong arm action. Staying on my toes the whole time. I noticed that no matter how hard I worked it was difficult to get the max heart rate above about 160/165, despite last year recording 180. I have been working at base training for 4 months, only adding in two faster sessions over the past couple of weeks. So my heart rate has not been much over 133 for most of my running. Is it possible my max figure has changed because of my base training? Will it go up again as I start to work on my harder sessions? Should I revise my heart rate levels to suite a lower max rate?

A lot of questions, sorry about that. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
09/05/2006 at 22:01
DR - I will leave someone who knows the answer to your question properly to answer - like Windsurfin Susie or Hippo.

I did an interval session on the treadmill tonight. Half an hour of 400m faster followed by 200m recovery fast walk. The 400m sections went up from 8kph to the final interval being 11kph. I did a 1K warm up beforehand.

Strange thing happened...............I enjoyed it!!
09/05/2006 at 22:11
er, your max is your nmax as i understand it

shouldnt change like that

susie-are you still basing???
that sounds like speedwork
09/05/2006 at 22:21
Well done SJ. Nice session, and probably BT still !(?)

Your max has definitely not changed! Don't change the heart rates you're using.

Fatigue could be a reason for not being able to get it up, so to speak. The most likely reason though is simply that you are now much fitter! The more aerobically conditioned you get the harder it is to hit maximum - you have to run so much faster and that is very hard to do. I honestly doubt I could hit max at the moment as I wouldn't be able to get enough oxygen in through my lungs. More speedwork might cure that, but that's not what I'm aiming for at the moment.
09/05/2006 at 22:23
Evening Hipps - I've been taking your name in vain on daily. Scusi!
09/05/2006 at 22:24
09/05/2006 at 23:00
Just back from a distinctly non-base training session at Airdrie Harriers...6x480m (perimiter of running track at around 5.45 min/mile pace with 1min10secs recovery...errr, hard...trying to improve 10k times by injecting a little speed

back to basics tomorrow though..
09/05/2006 at 23:05
I think my programme is a new one
aint base really

dotn do the hour a day
race stupidly
its a daily running bloody minded silly prog
we will see
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