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29/05/2006 at 21:09
David - the HR monitor thread is certainly lively. FWIW I'm planning to try base for a while, as I'm knackered out from the marathon, and my times are already dropping. WS - I'm back up to an hour a day and 2 hours Sunday, all at <150bpm (MAF). I think once my pace stops improving (or when I get bored of one hr pace)and when my mileage is comfortably higher I'll do some faster stuff again along the lines af Hadd.
02/06/2006 at 15:06
bump...and hi to all BTers out you all doing? still not running here...still clicking away...hope you are all well....
03/06/2006 at 20:00
Yep DF fine thanks. Keep the faith I'm sure the injury will recover.

Doing the Race for Life tommorow - little 5K trot round the park.
04/06/2006 at 16:48
Race for Life completed - not too bad but still feel I could have done better - I always start flagging at around the 2 mile mark. I ended up taking 2 tiny walkbreaks (ie to the count of 10) time was 32.34 which is the best I've done in quite a while and especially on an 'undulating' course.

I need to increase my ability to run for longer faster (that's obviously the million dollar question).
04/06/2006 at 16:49
well done susie
04/06/2006 at 18:05
Well done susie...

04/06/2006 at 19:54
Will start BT tomorrow as I have a whole 6 weeks without a race (well except for a hilly half) so hope to get some decent training in.

<shades dusts HRM ready for use>
04/06/2006 at 19:56
me too
day 60 summat
04/06/2006 at 20:29
My legs are sore too, they would be worse if we hadn't plodded this morning.

I'm just working out a training schedule now.....
04/06/2006 at 20:33
Mine are agony
well, ok
it hurrts to walk downstairs
will be ploddin tomorrow
04/06/2006 at 20:41
Advantage of living in a flat, no stairs.

I will be running tomorrow too.
04/06/2006 at 20:42
Ill raise you 4
04/06/2006 at 22:34
The soles of my feet are always sore after I've run too - is that an excuse to buy new trainers?
04/06/2006 at 22:47
it might be actually
I have 2 sets of trainers approaching 500
and i am noticing soles of feet
05/06/2006 at 11:03
BT started today. 4 miles @ 70%MHR, very slow but enjoyable run.
05/06/2006 at 14:39
I am BT using maf formula, up to 50mpw. Hoping to raise that to 70mpw, then introduce some faster runs a couple of times a week. I do notice an improvement in 4 weeks (10:30min/mi down to 9:50min/mi), but part of that is recovery from FLM. It's frustrasting to run so much slower than usual I find. Also my legs always feel really heavy at this speed - but maybe I'm still recoveing. I bought a pair of flat trainers (boxing trainers actually) to try some short runs in, to see if I can manage more of a midfoot than heel strike. Anyone else do that?
13/06/2006 at 21:45
Thought I'd better post something as it's gone awful quiet again in here!! Everyone out racing?

New trainers have been purchased and they are so comfy - Asics Gel Kayano. Only run in them a couple of times so far but I think they're going to be good.

4.1 miles plodded tonight - nice and comfortable with a couple of little sprints to get up the hills on the flyover.
13/06/2006 at 21:50
Well done Susie - keep it going. Miles make smiles!
13/06/2006 at 22:34
oh blimey
Im on day 74
but the racing schedule isnt base training-speed has been as low as 14 min iles

Im just getting used to daily runing, and getting used to recovery form extreme stress
its a new training prog
14/06/2006 at 10:02
don't think I like the sound of 'extreme stress training programme'

I'm back into BT now and loving it, hope to get up to 70mpw this week
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