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30/09/2005 at 11:33
I have a polar heart rate monitor that calculates how many calories I burn. I find in the gym that the machines say I burn about 3 times more than my heart rate monitor do. Even though I have entered my weight etc and it monitors my heart rate too.

Which is right, my Polar watch or machine? Or neither?

The Evil Pixie    pirate
30/09/2005 at 11:37
they both just you a predefind formula to guestimate the calories and assumes all people of the same details are the same
cougie    pirate
30/09/2005 at 11:46,,s6-51-58-0-1069,00.html

Try this - it should be accurateish ?

And then see which is closer the Polar or the machines.

I'd only use them as a rough guide anyway. It's not that useful working out calories unless you really know how many you've taken in, and thats hard to monitor.
Stump    pirate
30/09/2005 at 12:46
Out by a factor of three is a lot RB

I'd treat them like bathroom scales. Pick one, imho the polar which measures you, and stick with it. All readings are then relative to each other and not the kit.

I had a similar thing in the gym, the x-trainer always read vhigh calories used and the bike sod all no matter how hard I pedalled!!

Which polar did you get?
30/09/2005 at 13:43
I have an old Polar can't remember which one the A5 I think..not sure.

Yeah I find the x-trainer at the gym does say I have burnt alot of calories, surley this can't be right as I find the x-trainer so easy, yet I can get my heart rate up highish on it. My Polar will say I burnt 50 calories in 10 minutes while the machine says 120!!

Stump    pirate
30/09/2005 at 14:04
Are you wearing the sensor next to your skin

Delicately and ladylike; gob on it for better contact.

I'd go for the 50 in 10 mins. 120 sounds too high for only ten minutes unless you are really heavy and going really fast
30/09/2005 at 14:07
Yep I am wearing it against my skin and it is working, I always get it wet with tap water first.

I also find it stops working on the bike in the gyms but not when I am on my road bike, very annoying.
Stump    pirate
30/09/2005 at 14:11
I have new r200 and I find mine talks to machines in gym. The gym kit auto picks up the HR signal and dispalys it on machine.

weird the first time it happened!
30/09/2005 at 14:19
yeah mine does that too, that's why I thought it was weird that my watch said differnet to the machine even though they both had the same information.
cougie    pirate
30/09/2005 at 14:23
Try it on the tready and check polar vs machine vs that calculation I gave you ?
30/09/2005 at 14:31
ok says I should burn 97 calories every mile. I will check next time I'm on the treadmill.

Only thing is when I am on the treadmill I tend to run on a hill, would this not burn more?
Stump    pirate
30/09/2005 at 14:34
It would but for the sake of the measurement set your hill at 1% and see what you get
30/09/2005 at 20:11

The general rule of thumb is that you burn more calories running than nearly all other forms of exercise and the burn rate for running is about 100/110 per mile.
cougie    pirate
06/10/2005 at 14:13
Just got a Polar that does calories.

You enter sex height weight VO2 max and it tells you how many calories you've burnt on a run.

Last night - 6.4 miles - Polar said 708 calories - and the RW calc gives 815.

I think the Polar calc is nearer to be honest.

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