Can I run 10k in 40 minutes with this training schedule?

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11/09/2012 at 12:33

Thanks Cicero.

If you get a good block of training in by the 10th November I would think you will have a decent chance. I wouldn't bother doing any sort of taper for the one on 30th September.

The key for me I think was a 4-5 mile tempo run at around 6:50/mile pace every week (sometimes mile intervals slightly faster) and just getting a consistent block of training in without niggles for the final 8 weeks etc.

I found the parkruns quite useful as well just as a guide to whether the training was working or not. I'd say 19:20 - 19:30 is a must for 5k to crack 40 for the 10k.

Good luck with it and keep posting your progress here

13/09/2012 at 17:46

Thanks for yoru encouragement

Absolutely re no taper for 30 September.

Training paces for me are 5:15/km easy, 4:30/km tempo and 3:30/km speedwork. I'm happy with those but curious how they compare with yours?

So far I've done loads of easy and easy long runs, treated my parkruns as slightly fast tempo runs and erm ... not really done any speedwork yet. But that's all about to change. I've been deliberately breaking myself in gently as I'm nursing a long standing sciatica problem - don't want to set it off with anything to extreme without building my general stamina and core strength first. Being older generally means I need to be more cautious than you too!

13/09/2012 at 20:09

Iwan, just read your post properly and seen your tempo runs @6:50/mile which equates to 4:15/km so a little faster than mine. Which is kind of what I'd expect since you achieved the goal with relative ease ... I'm going to be dipping in by a second or two I think and even then it's more touch and go than, with hindsight, yours ever was

What about your speedwork and easy run pace? 

13/09/2012 at 22:38
The tempo run at that pace was tough but got more manageable, it's definitely the most mentally challenging workout.

My easy runs are usually between 5 and 5.30/km so pretty similar to yours. However, my intervals are nowhere near 3.30/km. My main workouts were 6x800 or 5x1,000 with 90 second jogs, the 800's at around 2.57's and the 1,000's at 3.45.

I'd definitely say the tempo is key even if it is slightly slower than mine, but must be at least 4 miles.
13/09/2012 at 22:48

Did a tempo yesterday : 2k easy, 4k at 4:30 and then 1k easy warm down. Felt good, but as you say tempo distance has to increase.

1000's at 3:45/km is not so different from my 3:30/km pace. But I wasnt' thinking of actually running a whole km interval Just an indicator of pace. Probably 400m initially working up to 800m with 2 minute recovery jogs. I take it 2:57 is your 800m time, not the per km pace? (Having checked, 2:57 for 800m is equivalent to 3:41/km again not so different.)

We'll see how my interval efforts go once they start.

13/09/2012 at 22:59
The 3.30 sounds ok for 400's I'd say. The 800's and 1,000's at that pace are pretty tough and I started off by taking 2 minute static recoveries and lowering gradually.

I'd also say that there are quite a few good interval workouts/ variations on the tempo runs to take on board if you look at other threads on the forum. Just don't want you to take my advice as gospel!!
14/09/2012 at 08:36

Don't worry - I'm not. Just good to share.

I am definitely reading around elsewhere.

14/09/2012 at 18:20

I've been lurking on this thread for a while, but thought I'd join in.

My 5k PB is 19:29, and my 10k PB is 40:40. I'm aiming to have a crack at sub 40 at the end of September (29th).

My current training is focussed on 40+ miles a week with two quality sessions, one being a tempo run @ around 06:45/mile, and the other being intervals (1k upto 1mile) @ either my 5k pace or my 10k pace. I've just started doing all my other runs with a HRM, and am trying to make them pure easy aerobic runs, so below 70% maxHR...

Iwan - what's your next target?
14/09/2012 at 18:50
Hi YP, I'm a bit of a lurker on other threads as well and I've seen your posts on the middle ground I think?

We are quite closely matched it looks like! I think you stand a good chance in your next race with temp runs at that pace. I think I'm quite lucky in Cardiff to have a very quick park run and 10k course right on my door step and that could well be the difference in our pb's.

My next race is the Conwy half marathon on the 18th November and I'm aiming for a sub 1:28 there. Just trying to ramp up the mileage into the mid 40's/ week at the moment.
14/09/2012 at 20:01
Hi Iwan

Sounds like we are similarly matched, and you're right that I do post on the MG thread... You should de-lurk and join in!

Interestingly, I'm doing Gosport on the 18th November, and my aim is sub 1:30 for that...

14/09/2012 at 21:54

[Note to self - fnd the Middle Ground thread ... Found.]

[Note to YP and Iwan. My only successful HM to date was 1:38 in March 2010. Second HM in June 2010 my knees broke down (ITB) and that started my long break from running. Intense sciatica 2011. Started running again late this February. And here we are ...]

14/09/2012 at 22:44
To get under 45 for me seemed to take ages then sub 40 seemed to take even longer. My latest pb was 36 something. I don't speed train or do reps etc. I run as fast as i feel i can run every time. I love running with an extreme passion but hate structured training. Perhaps if i did 5 times this with such and such recovery. I might achieve sub 35 but it would take the pure enjoyment away. best thing i found was ditch the watch race day, and simply believe in your ability. And always race to win. Trust me everyone is more capable than they think.
15/09/2012 at 07:23
Iwan, Reading your original posts reminded me of where I started out. I used to play football and 5 a side most nights but also used to run there and back to keep fit. I had no idea of what mileage I was doing per week and had never done a structured session in my life.

When not playing football I used to run a rough 10km loop from my house as hard as I could every time. If I was tired I eased back. I also coupled that with a 10 mile run every now and again. I noticed my 10km pace might be around the 36 min mark so entered my first race this year. I ran 36.16 then in my next race I ran 34.47 and have since ran a 16.33 5km. All were run using the same method as moor man - running hard!

I've since joined a club and have been doing structured sessions, but ive been training for a marathon. Once that is over with I'm looking forward to seeing if there is going to be a significant improvement in my times with doing the structured training.

You're times have significantly improved so it's obviously working for you!
15/09/2012 at 07:25
Your #
15/09/2012 at 08:44
Cicero that's a shame that the injury affected you for so long, I think until you've had a serious injury you think you're invincible! I've found that a foam roller is very effective for ITB pain.

YP I think that's probably a more sensible target for the half and it could be a painful last few miles going for 1:28!

MM and Matt I think I'm completely the opposite of you guys in terms of training in that I like to know my exact times and splits and which workouts I've got coming up. I think there's loads of different ways to get to the same place.

Matt what time you going for in the marathon? I was thinking of joining a club as well but was considering waiting until I get a bit quicker and maybe of some use to them!
15/09/2012 at 10:17
I'm aiming for sub 3 hours at Chester. My original aim was to get as near to 2.50 as possible. I've not been able to run since last Sunday due to an injury though so I'm getting worried. If I'm not right by next weekend I'll be doing Liverpool marathon which is the week after. (I've already entered both. I entered Liverpool first then found out Chester was the flatter course so that became my first choice)

If I'm not fit in time for that I'm hoping Ill be in some sort of shape to attempt a sub 3 at Preston marathon at the end of October. I'm currently just doing 20 miles a day on a spinning bike to try to keep ticking over. Albeit in under an hour so I'm still pushing hard.
15/09/2012 at 14:26

Thanks Iwan re ITB. After HM breakdown in 2010 I had physio and then orthotics fitted and now that I'm back to running they seem to be doing the job. And yes, I remember the joy of foam roller as part of physio recovery! Gradually tapering up my long easy run and zero symptoms so far. Up to 15k at the moment so will be considering HM again soon. My one successful HM was Bournemouth which I'd recommend. All being well I'll run it next year.

16/09/2012 at 09:06
I missed the last bit of you're earlier post Iwan. I'd definitely recommend joining a club. There's all abilities at every club and nobody gets judged. I've learnt a lot in the short time I've been going by getting advice off people who have ran and trained for years.

I'd highly recommend it.
16/09/2012 at 20:07
Mattl that's a pretty tough target for the marathon, hope you're ready for either Chester or Liverpool.

Cicero, I find the foam roller a bit of a chore but if I go a couple of weeks without using it the ITB comes back! Might consider Bournemouth then, when is that one?

My best training week so far this week, 43 miles done after last weekend's 10k. Just need to extend my long run from the current 11 miles I think, just find it boring running so far at one pace so am going to try and experiment with some marathon pace miles going forward.
16/09/2012 at 22:14

Iwan Bournemouth HM is usually last weekend in March I think.

I like that we all have our own way of doing things and that whilst some may be radically different from our own - moor man and mattl - we still take an interest in how the other half runs ...

I think that actually pretty much any approach "works" until you approach your own potential best. For example no matter what training plan I formulate I know that losing another 3kg would probably be the simplest first step - I'm 5' 10" and currently at 73kg having restarted running at about 80kg. Certainly moor man and mattl's "running hard" approach would have ensured I lost the kgs more quickly I think. As you approach your potential I think that the 'science' of a good programme can really help. But, at my level, I really I think I just find the process of considering my plan and executing it motivating just as moor man and mattl have found running hard to be thing that keeps them going ...

So, anyway, new parkrun PB of 20:46 at the weekend. Was aiming for 20:20, but accidentally left my (footpod based) watch calibrated for an "easy run" rather than "race pace" and so was over-recording my speed and distance. Watch read 5.31km at the end. That extra 0.31km took me just over a minute Dulwich parkrun is flat and 3 laps so by the time I heard the first time call (13:55 after 2 laps) it was too late to correct.

My highest total too this week. But 36.5km / 22.6 miles including all events, not quite in your league yet people!

Also I've just started a running technique course at (East Dulwich) which is proving really interesting. Will see how that combines with my continued running and weight loss ...

Edited: 16/09/2012 at 22:17
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