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14/07/2004 at 15:00
Does anyone have any opinions on whether cycling helps or hinders your running performance? I have a 12 mile round trip to work each day.

I seem to find that this just takes enough out of me that I can't train as well as I'd like to, and I end up overtraining when I push myself to fit in 40 miles of running as well!
14/07/2004 at 15:10
Do you cycle with an HRM? Then if you want to cycle and run on the same day, you can check that you're not pushing yourself too hard on your bike ride - maybe stay below 75% WHR or something.

Also, what sort of bike do you have - rusty old MTB or beautifully maintained road stallion? It's hard work pushing a heavy bike around. On the rare occasions that I ride an MTB, I am completely wiped out for the rest of the day!

Personally, I find tht cycling helps my running, makes me a lot stronger on hills and increases my endurance ...BTW I run 20-40 miles a week, and cycle around 80-150 miles per weeek.
14/07/2004 at 15:21
Thanks lizzy, That sounds similar to my mileage. I run about 40 miles a week and cycle about 70-90 miles. I have tried using a HRM and find that my heart rate is usually pretty low when I cycle.

Think the problem may be the bike. I can't really afford a decnt roadbike at the moment so am riding a heavy MTB. What evnts do you train for?
14/07/2004 at 15:41
Another thought - hydration and nutrition. An hour's hard cycling can use up 1000 kcals, so if you're not replenishing energy supplies during the day, or not rehydrating properly, no wonder the running is hard in the evening.

I'm training for my first Olympic-distance triathlon at the moment, but mostly focusing on improving my cycling as I'm hoping to get a racing licence and enter some bike races next year ... training-wise I'm trying to do two session most days ...but some days I just fall asleep and miss session number 2!
14/07/2004 at 16:55
I seem to do nothing but eat and drink all day long! It certainly burns the calories. Maybe I just need to save the pennies for a lighter bike or get a job nearer to home!

Good luck with your first triathlon. I want to get into that eventually but need to do some serious work on my swimming. I live with a keen triathlete at the moment. He just raced for Wales in a Duathlon event this weekend.
14/07/2004 at 18:39
I cycle an hour every day all tolled, and have two horses to look after and ride. I dream of rest days. I dread to think what I'm doing to my body.

still, no bits have dropped off yet

although I am a tad tired

maybe I should learn to drive.

nope, scratch that. road rage on a peddly is bad enough
Monique    pirate
14/07/2004 at 19:08
I did my best marathon time on 40+ miles biking. Since I learnt to drive I am sure I have got more rubbish
15/07/2004 at 15:16
Monique. Was the marathon done solely on the bike training or were you doing a lot of running s well? What time did you finish in?

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