Cyprus International 4 day challenge

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27/11/2005 at 21:12
Mike Gratton we need your help, we've got sore legs and are getting very pissed.....we need more dosh for the extra baggage allowance for the mega trophy scenario.........see you next year!!!!! hopefully there will be karaoke and dancing a plenty!!! Ciao for niao.......Mightos-5 (aka Linda K), Trouty (aka Tony) and her in doors aka Mrs Trouty)....Love Love Love etc xxxxxx p.s. Happy Birthday big boy
29/11/2005 at 21:28
Sounds like you're having a good time:o)

Maybe you need to post this on the FLM 'hard training' thread.
30/11/2005 at 14:18
Missing you already mightos-5 and it's only been 1/2 an hour!!!!! we'll be following you very soon though.

I knew you'd find us.are you going to be my personal stalker? I've never had one before. If you get a chance Hilly get here next year you'd love it and MG speaks very highly of you.

And anyone else out there why not post on the thread.
01/12/2005 at 15:31
Hi Trouty - why no photo?

You must have been quick off the mark posting that message!! We've just arrived back home after our stop off in Gatwick......flight was terrible, Scobos renamed it incontinence airways due to the mass of old ladies queuing the length of the plane desperate for a piddle.

We're feeling pretty flat now, such a good trip, thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again next year! Scobos has already polished up his trophies and placed them on the mantelpiece.

Hilly - I second what Trouty is saying,(obviously not about the stalker chat....!!) it's a superb event and the 5* hotel and company make it all the better! Not easy coming back to the cold weather tho!

.....Now where's that link to next year's event...???
01/12/2005 at 21:17
Lol trouty, me a stalker-definitely not. I do quite fancy the event though and will certainly think about it next year.

Both you and Mightos-5 certainly seem to have enjoyed your time there!

Did Scobos win a trophy, Mightos?
01/12/2005 at 22:37
cos you didn't give us your e:mail number, you can e:mail me through the link I've just checked it and it's been enabled. Our flight was full of desperately FAT people and Mrs T had to sit next to one who smelt really bad (he he) as for me I had to put up with fat bottoms being shoved in my face (just 2 rows from the toilets) so again we have something in common. Been up the club tonight, tell scobos that Andy G is looking to do Balloch in March and there might be one or two others as well. Suggest you go onto 2:09 website superb write up apart from one minor error suggesting that I only got 2nd because Scobos fell over on the 1/2 m, but I was already hours in front of him by then. What thresads does Scobos write on? (deliberate spelling mitsake there for the PEDNATIC one)
Booked in at Citadines for the saturday and sunday nights (FLM) so look forward to a few beers in the next door pub.

shame about the stalking bit, thought I was going to break my duck. as for Scobos, yes he did win a couple of minor trophies, however he did win the one that mattered and I'm off to get my rowing machine tomorrow.
02/12/2005 at 07:53
Sorry to disappoint trouty:o)

Enjoy the rowing machine. I take it there was a rowing comp?

Scobos posts on the daily thread on this forum quite a lot, which is how I know who you're talking about.
02/12/2005 at 15:36
Trouty - fat bottoms in face, yes I know what you mean, although Scobos did put up with it more than me! Poor Mrs T, hope she had a couple of swift Martini's on the flight to get her through??? Reckon Scobos will be posting on this one before long after your last posting!! I had a look at the 2:09 site, pretty good!!

That's great stuff getting booked into the Citadines again, no excuse to miss that post race beer looking forward to it already! Although I got my rejection letter through so fingers crossed I get a club place or it's charity again. Damn missing GFA by 50 seconds......

Hilly - yes Scobos won 3rd place overall and 1st in the 10k. It got funnier by the minute as he and Trouty got more competative!! The rowing thing.....the GB Olympic rowers were staying and we all got fascinated with their upper body definition so I've decided to take up rowing. To cut a long story short, Scobos being so competative decided he would too then he and Trouty had a row off on the last day....I've video'd it on my camera......

.......would anyone like a copy??
02/12/2005 at 19:00
M5, say well done to Scobos!

Lol the competitiveness between the men. Quite natural during a running race, but to take it as far as the rower-lol:o)

I used to row on the rower 3 times a week before I started running. It does give good upper body definition. I tried to row the other day at the gym and I was rubbish!

What a shame you missed the GFA by 50 secs. Weren't you tempted to try and get in on that time? The reason I say is that last year in the champ start there were a couple of women who were outside the time by secs, but still got in.
02/12/2005 at 19:35
Hi Hilly - I passed on your congrats to Scobos, he's sitting with his feet up relaxing and contemplating his long run tomorrow. Brrr... the thought of running in the cold again is not tempting!

I'm gonna try and row each week in addition to running, trying out in Cyprus my arms were shaking by the end of it!! need to cross train more, do you do anything other than running? I called the London marathon folk and they said I wouldn't have a chance, sub 345 or nothing. I wish I did just try on the off chance but too late now! just need to work my ass off to get it next year!

02/12/2005 at 21:15
What a shame they said that. It'll be all the sweeter when you achieve it!

I do circuits and yoga once a week at the moment. I used to swim and cycle too through the summer months, but I just can't fit it all in! My problem is I want to do too much but don't have the time.

You'll notice an improvement in upper body strength with the rowing for definite. My arms were shaking on Monday from press-ups.
02/12/2005 at 21:31
Hey Trouty... you said, I won the main part of the challenge, but I'm sure your good mate Steve Williams will pass on some decent training tips to you...vengeance will be yours (maybe!).

Enjoyed some good R and R since we got back yesterday morning. Back out for a long run tomorrow morning - just won't seem the same in the pissing rain...
03/12/2005 at 10:20
Hi Folks, I'm intrigue, what is the 4 day challenege? It appeals to my multi sport side!
03/12/2005 at 13:02
good to hear from you at last!!!! I've put a photo of you on my shaving mirror just to remind me why I'm training :), I went out yesterday and managed 4 miles in 31:30 without too much discomfort, but I have to adit that next to you I am a shandy drinking southern pufter and I am taking the easy option tomorrow and pacing a friend around to break 40 mins for the first time (what a wus I've become since meeting you guys).

good to hear from you, basically the 4 day event is 4 races cosisting of:-
day 1: 6k time trial
day 2: 11k hill climb
day 3: 1/2 marathon
day 4: 10k road race

but to get the real gist go to Mike Gratton has put up a great race report, well worth a look.
03/12/2005 at 13:42
Hilly - I was a bit dissapointed at the London decision, especially when the Boston Marathon qualifying time is 3:45:59, so I had built my hopes up. Nevermind! I'll defo be adding in some rowing from now on, son't know about press ups though - think I could manage maybe 1 or 2!!

Trouty!! Think you're being very sensible, no point in pushing yourself to injury. We went out for a wee run (approx 7 miles) this morning and I have to say I've never felt so rotten! It was like I'd never run before and my knee started getting sore at the end. Scobos didn't feel much better either. Could it be the fine Scottish weather or just the after effects of the challenge catching up with us?!? I'm heading out shortly for my first Christmas (late) lunch with my fellow running chicks, although I don't think I'll last long! Good Luck tomorrow, Scobos will no doubt be checking the results very quickly, what time is kick off?!!

Trinni - best event I've ever entered, what I liked so much about it was the differing terrains and no one worried about times, completion was the aim. It was very tough but fantastic fun!

03/12/2005 at 14:09
Mmmm - suppose the shaving mirror's better than the headboard...I'd be getting worried if that were the case.

As Mightos-5 said, the run this morning was a bit of a nightmare. A fair bit of pain in my left hip/glute area which is a new one. Just needing a few more easy days I think. Tempted by a visit to the gym later on for a few k on the C2 though...
03/12/2005 at 14:10
Obviously I should have signed on as myself before I posted the one above!
04/12/2005 at 18:03
........well....Trouty, how did you get on???????
05/12/2005 at 17:30
Bloody lousy, I was pacing a mate to break 40 mins for the first time, got to 3k and my left calf really tightened up, so i told my mate to carry on and not get too excited. He ran 38:12 and I managed 38:52 and 81st place, saw Anita and Steve, anita dropped out her legs were too sore.

However went to the pub afterwards and got bladdered.
05/12/2005 at 19:16
I wish someone would pace me to sub 40 trouty!

M5, you could start with female press-ups with knees on the floor and as you gradually get stronger in the upper body move to the full press-up.

Are you going to do a spring marathon?
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