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11/01/2005 at 20:13
If you don't mind a trip to Dorset Jen there's the Poole Running Festival 10k at Poole Park, Dorset in June. 2 laps around the park taking in the lake-normally fast, but hot!
11/01/2005 at 20:13
Forgot to add the field is 1000 and does fill up before the closing date.
11/01/2005 at 20:49
I've always mean't to race Poole but never got round to it!

Talking of leg length discrepancy, I've just read the following.

Functional leg length discrepancy, can occur, from bio mechanical problems [i.e running on the camber of the road on regular occurrence] & so may need orthotics


Absolute leg length discrepancy of less than 5-10mm difference if fine :-)

This explains why many years ago, when I was told that one leg was longer than the other & given a heel insert I got injured :-(
I got that injury sorted chucked the inserts away & never went back to the first physio!!!
I think that was the last serious running injury in 1989
11/01/2005 at 20:58
BT-maybe do it this year! They normally have a good quality field in both men and women. An African won it 2 years ago when I did it, sorry no good at remembering the men's names. Also, Hayley Yelling holds the couse record for women.

I have a small heel insert-sorbothane, which I started putting in after my injuries and reading that it could be a solution to my problems, it seems to help or maybe I think it does! I wasn't told to put it in or that I needed orthotics although I have asked the physio and she says I definitely don't need orthotics!
11/01/2005 at 21:06
As I'm doing this LSSM course I've decided to race once a month & June is the Kilnjenburg 15K, & I'm not saying no to a free trip :-)
But 2006 would be good.

If your not getting any problems with it I can't see it matters but it does depend on why your getting those injuries.

I just hate anything like that, anything that is even suggesting I have a problem!!!
11/01/2005 at 21:14
That's one hell of an injury record Tim.

Especially given your high-mileage. Are there any particular principles that you follow? When you ease off? When to escalate mileage and by how much? etc etc.

I'll have been a runner for 3 years come April - have had ITBS twinges (including a serious attack in Rotterdam mara), but less so now. And of course achilles strain which comes and goes. Does that sound good for three years? Of course I am a relatively low-mileage runner.
12/01/2005 at 06:09
Luck I think :-)

Although having started running as a youngster & grown up slowly with the sport as helped.

It say's in this book for every 1000 hrs of running you may get between 2.5 - 5.8 injuries.
So for the average runner that must be every 3-4 years.
I'm not sure if they call a blister an injury!
I wouldn't even if it stopped me running for a day or two.
12/01/2005 at 07:59
BT-my injuries have been all on my calves. My phsio says it's because I've got extremely developed calf muscles and it's down to the way I run. She says I'm not running from the hips, so taking the pressure in my calves. To change how I run would take hours of gym work and personal instruction which I can neither afford or to be truthful, want to spend the time doing. So the next option, which I now do regularly is have massages and ultrasound especially when little tears appear.
12/01/2005 at 08:00
12/01/2005 at 14:05
hilly, could well consider Poole - nice part of the country and only 2 hrs away but making a weekend of it could be nice.

Tim, based on 7 months of running that I did before the injury, 20 miles a week, 8mph average, that's 75 hours. Whoops. I have a theory that ankles are like shock absorbers and I don't think my left ankle is very good at it. You won't see me running on cobblestones!

Do you have a knack of finding races where the start is higher than the finish? I've had a look at the Whitstable course :o)
12/01/2005 at 14:18
Same at Hatfield Broad Oak :-)
12/01/2005 at 16:12

You have run Halstead Marathon, what did you think. Would it be a suitable marathon for a first timer. Me! I do not like the idea of hills. I like the idea that it has a low entry, that it is very pretty. I think that I am not bothered by the lack of spectators and support that they give. I am very undecided. I have no wish to run a marathon, but know I won't settle until I have flushed out the Gremlins surrounding the idea of a marathon OR proved that I always said I would be carp at a marathon.

Being compeitive, I know it is going to hurt more than anything that I have run so far and not only that it is going to hurt afterwards!
12/01/2005 at 18:16
Hey, we're not counting downhill courses in pb attempts are we?

There's a strong school of thought at our club that `pbs' set at the Rothwell 10k and Percy Pud 10k (pre 2004) do not count as they are net downhill courses.
12/01/2005 at 19:04
Is that not splitting hairs though?

Do you have any evidence to prove that this downhill effect produces significantly faster times? Don't forget this is against a background of variability in course layout, whether conditions, size of field (congestion) etc.

When you use a PB as a proxy measure of how fast a runner is, and use it to gauge against the performance of others, you do haveto accept that this measure has weaknesses ...

Sorry, the statistician in me coming to the fore!
12/01/2005 at 19:05
weather, not whether.

Jeez, gotta stop talking on that mobile, it's frazzling my brain! :-))
12/01/2005 at 20:22
I don't know about downhill courses but I noticed on the personal bests thread that people are counting things like 5mile point in a 10k, club handicaps and even my mate timed me after a training session!

I reckon if it's a certified course it counts - if not bad luck.
12/01/2005 at 20:32
On a personal note i may in say tend to make a mental note of the 5k mark in a 10k race or say 10 miles in a half marathon as examples but would never use these times as personal bests.

So yes i agree with popsider there.
12/01/2005 at 21:23
ceal, I've not done Halstead. It was one I considered this year if I didn't do FLM. Sorry not able to give you any more information than you probably know already!

Don't feel you have to do a marathon if you don't really want to. Marathon running isn't the be all end all and the shorter distances are much easier to recover from!:o)

12/01/2005 at 21:44
Thanks hilly, I obviously got the wrong end of the stick.

I don't want to regret not running a marathon, as much as am not keen to do so.
12/01/2005 at 21:57
Precisely Popsider. I went through the 10 mile mark at Keyworth in 56:28, but my 10 mile pb is 57:58. Who's to say that the marker was in the right place, or that it wasn't a net downhill between the two points?
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