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12/01/2005 at 19:04
Is that not splitting hairs though?

Do you have any evidence to prove that this downhill effect produces significantly faster times? Don't forget this is against a background of variability in course layout, whether conditions, size of field (congestion) etc.

When you use a PB as a proxy measure of how fast a runner is, and use it to gauge against the performance of others, you do haveto accept that this measure has weaknesses ...

Sorry, the statistician in me coming to the fore!
12/01/2005 at 19:05
weather, not whether.

Jeez, gotta stop talking on that mobile, it's frazzling my brain! :-))
12/01/2005 at 20:22
I don't know about downhill courses but I noticed on the personal bests thread that people are counting things like 5mile point in a 10k, club handicaps and even my mate timed me after a training session!

I reckon if it's a certified course it counts - if not bad luck.
12/01/2005 at 20:32
On a personal note i may in say tend to make a mental note of the 5k mark in a 10k race or say 10 miles in a half marathon as examples but would never use these times as personal bests.

So yes i agree with popsider there.
12/01/2005 at 21:23
ceal, I've not done Halstead. It was one I considered this year if I didn't do FLM. Sorry not able to give you any more information than you probably know already!

Don't feel you have to do a marathon if you don't really want to. Marathon running isn't the be all end all and the shorter distances are much easier to recover from!:o)

12/01/2005 at 21:44
Thanks hilly, I obviously got the wrong end of the stick.

I don't want to regret not running a marathon, as much as am not keen to do so.
12/01/2005 at 21:57
Precisely Popsider. I went through the 10 mile mark at Keyworth in 56:28, but my 10 mile pb is 57:58. Who's to say that the marker was in the right place, or that it wasn't a net downhill between the two points?
12/01/2005 at 22:02
Bryan, just back from a committe meeting and we were having a beer after when one guy (involved with the NoEAA) asked if someone still kept a track of club records, in terms of fastest times.

I said everything up to HM probably belonged to John Mayock after his 64 min GNR. He said he was waiting for that to go into the records so he could challenge it due to it being a point to point downill course.

Remember when Paula ran it and did the fastest time by a woman she was not awarded the world record due to the course.

I think there's a ruling somewhere on how much a course can drop. I remember hearing FLM drops 30 metres over 26 miles, which is ok, but the Rothwell 10k drops 30 metres over 10k, which is not.

And I ran a sub 35 10k at Rothwell a year and a half before breaking sub 35 on any other course and refused to count it as my pb. It would have been easy after so many near misses (35:14, 35:08, 35:01) to think `sod it, I have run sub 35 in a 10k' but I would only have been cheating myself.
12/01/2005 at 23:31
Ah, fair enough. There should be some sort of indication of this on events, although I guess it's too much hassle for the smaller ones. It's also the case, I think, that the faster you are the more it matters.

My 10 miles PB is on a course that is so hilly you wouldn't believe, a real step-ladder job.
13/01/2005 at 10:33
BR, Tim says his PB was at Ashford and the start there is 30m higher up than the finish - hee hee hee I know I'm a blabbermouth!

Hilly, I can't find any info on the Poole 10k. When in June is it, because I'm not too keen to run another race too soon after Broad Oak.

I'll do Whitstable because I know it. Grass doesn't bother me. Anyhow it should be a pretty respectable PB. I'll do Broad Oak because Pantman says it's fast so that could mean 2 PBs that month. Perhaps Poole for the hat trick? :oD
13/01/2005 at 20:24
Hi Jenny, it's on June 5th. There doesn't seem to be any entry forms on the Poole Runners website, but here's the link to their site:

13/01/2005 at 21:17
JennyD, I'm no longer worried about the past just looking forward to going sub 35min again at the moment :-)
13/01/2005 at 21:26
Hey there(been lurking)
Poole is my hometown in the UK and you can click on the Poole 10k link on this web page:)
14/01/2005 at 10:29
Thanks Hilly and Tiny Tia. 5th June is within a week of Broad Oak...I'm not too sure.

Tim, seems like you could be nearer my speed than Haile Gebrsellaissie's ha ha ha ha doesn't that make you feel good :o) Seriously though, I am fascinated how it becomes so tight at your level. Maybe I'm being naive, but surely you can squeeze out those extra few seconds???

My leg is making (very) slow progress, only left with a tiny bit of aching when I hop. I'll leave it another week and then I might try doing a bit of waddling on the treadmill, good job I can do it in privacy 'cos I'd be too embarrassed to do that in public! It's not so bad being a splodgy couch potato :o)
14/01/2005 at 15:25
JennyD - why not follow up HBO 10K with the Harvel 5? - another Kent race with a great reputation. We did the 10K (mon) and the 5M (sat) back to back last year and it worked well - just stick to easy running betwen them.
14/01/2005 at 16:32
I could do with some practice pacing by miles, the only 5 miler I've done (Deal) I b*llsed it up. Actually, I blame a couple of you on here because I was advised to go off fast :o) Well, bound to be a pb then!

I see it's multiterrain and undulating. As bad as Mote Park? What the heck, as it's local - it'll be a laugh.

Pantman, you're Maidstone Harriers, aren't you? I shall look out for those revolting green vests then :o)
14/01/2005 at 19:30
Jenny, wait a few more years & your'll know why!
Actually I'm 10min quicker than you but Haile's only 7min quicker than me.

Pantman back to back racing is one day after the other surely, or like I've done 1/2 marathon in the morning & won a 5000m on the track in the afternoon, but I'm not telling you the times ;-)
14/01/2005 at 19:45
Were they downhill as well?:-))
14/01/2005 at 19:50
oh & at least 500m short ;-)
14/01/2005 at 20:23
But it didn't matter cos he was only "jogging round" for training... ;-)
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