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28/02/2005 at 13:37
D is for Downey. It wasn't last year, it was 2003.

I don't have intention of getting serious about squash now, I just enjoy the game. It's all about outwitting your opponent, making them run from corner to corner whilst you just lord it on the T :o) so if you're good, fitness is pretty irrelevant. I got beaten by an 83 year old in my early days, well he was a former coach!

My goal this year is to break 43 mins for 10k, I'd like to be able to do it in the summer, so I guess I'll need to be able to train! Not bad going eh, 7 months running, 3 months out! Hindsight is so not helpful. I can't believe I ran on those rocks in the first place, then hobbled for a bit and carried on because I thought it would go away and I didn't want to look like a cry baby!

Do breaks from running make you stronger? Sort of extended tapering, maybe :o) Only I lose it all.
01/03/2005 at 10:06
Back to the topic of weight training. Do many runners do weights? I don't know. I get the impression that most runners just do running, maybe I'm wrong? Most other sports use weight training, so why fewer runners?

Did anyone see the women's Superstars? I thought Sonia O'Sullivan looked awful, all dull skin and bone, so I don't believe looking like that she can be healthy! And she was useless at every event as she didn't have any strength. Personally I don't see the point of being able to run a 30 min 10k or whatever at the expense of everything else! Duane Ledajo has a nice physique though :o)

I've heard that on long runs (very, in my opinion!) of 18 miles+, the body runs out of glycogen and burns fats. What if you've burnt all your fat and got none left like Sonia? Is muscle next? Doesn't bear thinking about.
01/03/2005 at 10:59
01/03/2005 at 11:19

Oh that long ago, I probably would know him by face, but seeing as I have an awful memory, fat chance of putting a name to him! :p

Yes a break can make you stronger with your running, it gives the body the chance to recover from injury and fatigue, its something I should have done throughout jan, rather than struggle on with my injuries and the virus I had! But I joined a new team and did not want to let them down, next time I will take a good 2-3weeks break. When you come back from your break, it usually takes about a week to get back into the swing of training again.

01/03/2005 at 11:24

I guess doing weights is down to the individual runner, but I find its a great aid for my general strength and ability to last a race. It complements my running really well, and means that not all my eggs are in one basket, I can pretty much hold me own in other sports, unless its something like strongman which I would be pants at! lol

Yes your body does run out of Glucogen after around 18-20miles or 2hrs of intense exercise, it then converts your stored body fat and uses that as energy, hence the common word amongst runners, as `hitting the wall` thats whn body has to convert to fat burning, you can take of glucose to delay this from occuring and train your body to be more efficent at burning energy over time.
01/03/2005 at 11:47
You won't beat BR's streak then :oD

It's an ego thing isn't it?
01/03/2005 at 11:52

;P I dont think I would want to even attempt to beat either BR or PANTMANS streaks or mileage levels, thats just crazy running! especially as most of it is done in racing flats, now thats gotta hurt! lol

I suppose it can be an EGO thing for sure, with some runners :)
01/03/2005 at 12:11
But they do lots of "easy" running and you don't :o)

What's your slowest speed?
01/03/2005 at 12:43
Micksta, you should have caught me up and told me all about my `crazy running' at the National:)

Or I suppose I could have eased back and had a chat with you:))

Actually my usual mileage is 85-90, not that much different to yours.
01/03/2005 at 12:48
My understanding is that you can do very high mileages in racing flats, provided you run right.
01/03/2005 at 13:36
If racing flats are meant to be lightweight because the cushioning is taken out, then why not plimsolls from Woolworths, you know the black ones with the elastic, we used to have in school? (if you're my age!) :o)
01/03/2005 at 22:35
Why not indeed?

Why would it hurt, Micksta? Surely it hurts more to use the seriously inferior cushioning in a shoe than the awesome muscle elasticity in our legs?
01/03/2005 at 22:38
And, Micksta, you'll need to read up on the physiology of hitting the wall at some point... ;-)
02/03/2005 at 06:35
Back to the topic of weight training, if you wanna race fast then run!!!

Pantman, your right of course!

Now for my next trick, going to Club la Santa & not running 100M in the 7 days!
Can it be done!!!
02/03/2005 at 08:36
Don't risk it. You may feel better.
02/03/2005 at 09:49
On the weight training, and cross training generally, isn't it a question of how much time and energy you have and how your training pattern works?
When I was trying to get back to fitness after a long lay-off I found that 'boxercise' type circuit training was great (obviously that's geared towards top end fitness and strength); if I had spare time training-wise I'd love to incorporate that, but it's as much as I can do to get in 6 running sessions/30-40 miles a week. I wouldn't abandon any of those sessions for cross-training. Also, I can't see quite how I'd fit it in, given the 6 sessions as 2xintervals/tempo run, each followed by recovery a day, one steady and one long run (by my standards!).
02/03/2005 at 11:17

:) yeah I used to wear them black plimsols myself, and do you remember the white ones you could get also?

My slowest "easy pace" speed is around 7:30miling at the moment. Depends if im running alone or pacing a slower runner!


I did try and catch you up, it was those dam 15mm spikes that stopped me!!! ;)


Still not convinced over wearing lightweights every session PANTS, maybe it works for you, but I know for a fact I would prefer my `cushioning` on longer runs, besides I just got meself a pair of NIKE FREE TRAINERS I use them for all my strengthing work now whilst running!

I guess the opinion over if you should do gym work and run is divided, thats good to see though makes for an intresting read on the thread! I have noticed personally though that my strength on hills and sprint finishes has improved along with my weights program!
02/03/2005 at 11:53
Micksta, I also feel that weights can give you strength for hills and for holding yourself together when the going is tough. I do upper body weights on some recovery days, geared towards abdominal muscles more than biceps or whatever.

On the shoes, it also depends what you're running on, surely? If you're off-road, cushioning is less of an issue anyway.
02/03/2005 at 12:11

The abs I think are so underated for runners, its really important to have stong ab and core stability as this is what keeps you on the straight and level whilst running.

I do some bicep work, mostly though my weights are geared toward shoulders, lats, and pecks to open the chest cavity.

You have a point over the shoes though, if off road then its not an issue, however if doing lots of miles on the paths or roads, then runners must be heading for stress fractures or shin splints if running `lightweights` all the time!
02/03/2005 at 12:29
I guess the shoes issue will depend to an extent on the individual runner, as well; when I run a lot on the roads I tend to get shin splints or whatever. But BR and Pantman can obviously handle it okay.

As a matter of fact, I like to race in lighter shoes than I train in; the difference is no doubt purely psychological, but the contrast to the regular shoes somehow makes me feel ready to go faster!
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