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03/03/2005 at 12:50
I am 6'1" (not a good height to be a runner!), and last year dropped down to 11st3lbs, which worried me a little, I certainly didn't want to drop below that. It was also remarked that I looked a little unhealthy (thin face etc).

After the break I had from running, I'm back up to 11st11lbs (waist appears to be roughly same circumfrance, so maybe I put muscle on through cross-training).

My question is this, what sort of upper and lower weights should I be looking to stay between, to a) Stay healthy; and b) Do good times in?

I know there's a lot of variables in that, but a rough idea would be handy.

I'm also interested to know what someone's PB is (shall we say HM only to keep things simple) versus their height and weight.
03/03/2005 at 13:35
I wouldn't have thought that weights would make a huge amount of positive difference for a half marathon, to be honest.
Probably circuit training is more use than weights, but in terms of weights, I do things like the lateral pulldown, bench press, seated rowing to strengthen back and chest muscles. Lowish weights, high reps (eg sometimes on lat pulldown I will do 2 x 30-40 reps at 28kg plus 1 x 20 reps at 35kg, rather than straining away at a high weight for 3x10 reps).
If you are worried about weighing too little, then you'd presumably want to work on the big muscle groups, eg back and chest muscles and also the leg press.

My HM PB is weak, the distance is outside my range, really, but for the record it is 77.31; I am 5 ft 8 and weigh 10 stone.
03/03/2005 at 16:51
Wasn't really talking about weight-*lifting*, think you may have misunderstood.

Say I want to do sub-80 for a half. What's the most I could weight and be able to do it? 12 stone? Similarly, what weight should I not be dropping below?


PS: Do do quite a bit of weights anyway ...
03/03/2005 at 17:21

Lat pulldowns, Bench press, seated row and peck machines are pretty good for runners, as JFB says for running you need to do high reps and low weight, this improves muscle endurance and tone, but prevents you from baulking out too much!

I usually work 2x20 with my weight reps, off a 1-min recovery between reps.

03/03/2005 at 17:58

I was running 1:15 HMs when I weighed 13.5 stone and I am the same height as you. Body fat was virtually nil.

Still the same height and weight (about) but 20 years on I am returning to training try to get under 1:30 for a HM - close so far but not yet there - then 1.25 - then 1.20 - - - -
03/03/2005 at 18:51
Oops, sorry Bryan.
03/03/2005 at 19:21
No worries JFB.

Thanks torque, very handy to know ...
03/03/2005 at 22:35
Bryan, tend to get much the same kind of comments as you ( could do with putting on a few pounds to get thin...), but I think performances tell what is right for any individual. Not sure there's an 'ideal' weight.

I'm just over 6ft.

Personally, I was around 13 - 13.5 st when I started running regularly and was running HMs in around 1.29 - 1.36 at that time.

For a HM these days, I'd be looking to be somewhere around 10st 12lbs. My PB (GNR 2004) is 1.17.51. Hoping to push 1.15 close this year.

With the running I do, never really seem to go above about 11st 3lbs, and do notice a bit of a drop-off in my performance when I'm nearing the upper end of my 'usual' weight range (10st 10lbs - 11st 2lbs).

I also find that post-race it can take me a few days to get back up to my pre-race weight (especially after a marathon, when I've dropped as low as 10st 5lbs!). Obviously, most of this is down to de-hydration.

As far as pushing weights goes, I don't!!! But realise I probably should...reverse arm curls would be useful to retain running form, keeping arms high when getting tired in longer races. I just do lots of core exercises (various sit-ups, bridges, lots of pilates-style exercises etc).

Hope this helps.
03/03/2005 at 22:42
God if I went home to my parents weighing 10st12, my parents would force-feed me pizza! :-))

I've nopticed I can lose quite a few pounds to dehydration too, particularly after a June half I did this year.

I'd prefer to be at least 12 stone (I don't just concentrate on running, I like having muscle tone too! :-) ). I guess this would mean I'd need a substantial improvement in aerobic fitness in order to carry the extra muscle and actually get faster. But if Torque can do it ... :-)
03/03/2005 at 22:47
I also have to say that I don't like gyms, I don't think machines that isolate your muscles do you any good in the long term. You never carry out any other physical task in isolation, so what are you training your muscles to do simple exercises for when in the real world it's all compound movements?

I'd rather do press-ups than bench pressing.

But I do agree that doing high-rep sets of low weights is the way to go ...
04/03/2005 at 00:17
I'm 5 10 and weigh in at 10st 7 in the morning.

A year ago I weighed in at 10st 4 and put the extra 3lbs down to carrying more glycogen as I'm more careful about being properly fuelled, and having more tone to my abs and upper body due to sit ups and press ups.

I dream about what times I could run at 10st 4 with my current level of fitness (5 secs/ mile quicker) but then, we don't want to give ourselves virtual times do we:))
04/03/2005 at 00:40
it does depend on natural build in part as well.

I was a rather heavier rugby playing wing threequarter (a sprinter!!) earlier in life with chest, shoulders and thighs to prove it.

Slimmed down slightly in those areas but I never worry about how much I weigh - it is simply a product of how I train. Do light weight reps even now to maintain body condition generally but no heavy lifting at all.
04/03/2005 at 11:17
Im around 5ft8 and weight is 9st7 in the mornings, not so sure that its so much the lower the weight the faster you run! I think its more down to how your fat to muscle ratio is.

The less body fat you have, the more leaner you are and should be quicker as a runner as well.

04/03/2005 at 11:21
Ah, but there must be an upper threshold of muscle mass above which your performance drops off?

9st7 is very light, I'm going to check some of tehse with a BMI calculator!
04/03/2005 at 11:28
Scobos is 20.6
Micksta is 20.2
BR is 21.1
I'm 21.5 (surprised it was so close to BR!)

At my goal weight of 12st I'd be 22.2.

wonder what the relationship is between BMI and PB's, as I'm not sure that Micksta is faster than BR or Scobos?
04/03/2005 at 11:29
Underweight Below 18.5
Normal 18.5 - 24.9
Overweight 25.0 - 29.9
Obesity 30.0 and Above
04/03/2005 at 12:13
I'm about 22.8 at 6'1.5". At my lightest about 14 months ago got down to about 22 which was 12stone and I don't think I could get much below that.

I sound like one of these lardy types saying that but I did have a couple of women at work enquire tactfully if I was anorexic at that so I must have heavy bones or something!

To be underweight on the calculation I'd be 10 stone - which is 2 stone under my lightest - I really wood be skeletal at that but I'm quite bony so it accentuates any weight loss - otherwise I might be tempted to try it.

The most I've been in my life was about 25 (14 stone) which was probably borderline overweight - I was still playing a lot of football so fairly fit apart from that.
04/03/2005 at 12:35

are you telling me I'm a freak?!!:)
04/03/2005 at 12:46
Not at all mate :-)

Especially since your BMI of 24.9 is "normal".
04/03/2005 at 12:55
phew - normal eh - not many peeps have called me that since returning to running!

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