Fri 6th May

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06/05/2005 at 20:25
Oh yes, I wasn't really thinking about that. It's only a number, didn't really notice...
06/05/2005 at 20:26
Top of the page to you all :)

Happy birthday Hipps.

What: 11m am and 11m pm aka run to and from work.
Why: have to bring my "big effort" forward to Friday cos I'm resting all weekend :)

Last hard: today; run to work 81.5 mins @ 135PBM, run home in 73.5 mins @ 155/160 BPM (nigh on marathon pace)
Last rest: 18 days I think

Its the weekend YAAAHOOO
06/05/2005 at 20:26
A man starts a daily training tread after an early morning training run, goes to work & guess what happens!
Somebody else just up's & starts an unofficial tread :-(


What 2 x 4.5M am & pm
Why: I've forgotten now!!!

Last hard: 6 days
Last rest: 16 days

Happy Birthday Hippo

Just as well I like Scar Runner :-)
06/05/2005 at 20:27
Drat, BR's back, he got the top of the page :(
06/05/2005 at 20:44
Golly, you men are so competitive...

I started the thread, not her!
I wanted to be top of the page!

Blisters    pirate
06/05/2005 at 20:55
Only another 34 posts until we bag 100 again.....
06/05/2005 at 21:12
BR - you are a cad sir! Eloping from the big smoke without handing over your congestion charge, tsk tsk. Next you'll be selling your race numbers on e-bay {o:

Happy birthday Hipps, I am sure you will love the Garmin..the bit that tells you the number of calories burnt is interesting.

Very well done at the 5k last night URR & Paul, cracking races from the pair of you.

Good session Micksta, well done.

Didn't have time to post last night, so a brief summary from our club 8.2 mile handicap race. Mildly undulating course, the biggest problem was a strong breeze in the middle section of the race. As this was my 1st race since FLM I didn't really know what to expect, the last 3 weeks have been a diet of rest days and steady runs.

Pleasantly surprised to run my quickest time to date on this course, 53:23 which pans out at 6:30 miling. My recently acquired Nike Ekidens felt very comfortable, I will use these in the shorter races from now.

5 miles easy tonight.

Best of luck to anyone racing this weekend.
06/05/2005 at 21:13
Happy birthday Hippo

What: Speed training
Why: Need to improve times
Last Hard: FLM
Last rest: Yesterday

06/05/2005 at 21:16
Just like the GE then ;-)
06/05/2005 at 21:37
snigger snigger;-)
IronMelissa    pirate
06/05/2005 at 22:50
Hi all,

am still alive over here, although still no running. Paul M - I am in Charlottesville at the moment, but travelling around a bit. Was just in Williamsburg!

Seem to have drunkenly acquired a tattoo in the meantime!
Blisters    pirate
06/05/2005 at 23:27
Melissa ! Really - Do tell - what, where, how, why, when, and whether it's visible to all and sundry!

(What 5.3 miles steady route, breaking feet into new Nike Streaks - waiting for blister mark to subside. Good to be out.)
06/05/2005 at 23:34

this morning i could walk properly again for the first time since overdoing the gardening on monday!!

so at lunchtime i ran 4 miles at about 10k pace with a colleague from work (think it was more like 1/2 marathon pace for him!!!)


IronMelissa    pirate
07/05/2005 at 00:13
Blisters: it's a butterfly in the small of my back, about 12 centimetres across and 10cm long. A 'sword-tailed beautymark' to be precise (blues and pink). Have to confess that wasn't totally pissed - had been thinking about it for a while, but needed two martinis and a strawberry daq for courage! It is quite beautiful, or will be when it settles down, and will be perfectly visible above my running shorts!
07/05/2005 at 23:19
Melissa my wife thinks it's so cool that you were in Williamsburg. She's all homesick now!

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