Friday 16th March 2007

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16/03/2007 at 13:01
Lovely to hear positive sounds from Hippo's corner!

Micksta - not quite sure to be sorry or relieved you're not showing up, as it looks like all our faster chaps are giving it a miss too. Eek! Ah well, if the ones that show up give it their best, that's all we can do isn't it...
I guess will meet again at the track meets over summer.

Just replied to an email mrs I sent me about her work offering places for London tri.
BR needn't frown as I don't own a bike (to be fair I own 2 commuter bikes but they're gathering dust/rust in my dad's garage in Belgium) and swim like a pallet of bricks, but they're entering relay teams and I quite fancy running a leg.
We'll see if I get a spot...

Sharks - aren't attacks always cases of mistaken identity (ie mistaking the shadow of a surfski/surfer for lunch) but they tend to have a 'bite first, examine what it is exactly later'-policy?
16/03/2007 at 13:13
Imski - you're right on most attacks. In the case of the surfski attack near Cape Town on the web, the shark took a clean bite out of the ski, as shown in the pics.
16/03/2007 at 13:37
What: Nothing Again.
Why: Work interfering.

It would be a really good thing to be told what systems you support before they break - at least that way we can attempt to fix the features before they become major problems :(

Have a good weekend all

16/03/2007 at 13:56
BR, fradley, and Imski, you're right, I probably used more adrenalin at Crufts than I thought.

And this Saturday, I'm more or less playing host at my aunt's 100th tea party, before doing the Silverstone half on Sunday. Hopefully the teaparty will be more restful than last Sat's activities

What: nothing
Why: mini taper for Sunday

And next week I'll get back into posting and adding my ha'porth properly (PC willing!)
16/03/2007 at 14:18
Trinirunner - frightening post.....
16/03/2007 at 14:47
Scooby - large, muscular thighs are cool and scare men - do you remember that scene in a James Bond film where the Russian woman could crush men to death while ... anyway, New Look jeans fit female cyclist legs really well without being baggy round the waist.

Trini - whoa! scary stuff!

HAve just delivered my last lecture of the academic year - crikey!

What: bike
Why: Been a bit unmotivated of late, stil training but not with any focus and now my lack of fitness and speed scares me. Need to enter some races to crystallize my thinking.

Later, gators.
16/03/2007 at 14:59
High everyone. It was a lovely sunny morning when I went out for my run - a well selected day off work!

What: 20 miles in 2:56, Pace 8:50
Why: FLM

Hard work from 15 miles, but that's now 3 twenty milers done. Normally I'd like 5, so I may try to sneak one in next weekend.
16/03/2007 at 15:09
Afternoon All!

Been away for a few days - on Wednesday I had major moment in my life -

I did a skydive from 12000 feet. I have to say it was the most amzing thing I have ever done in my life! Still bizzing from it now. Just thought I'd share that. :):)

Anyway, enough about that.

What: 10 miles General Aerobic running
Why: General Aerobic endurance
Last Hard: yesterdays tempo run
Last Rest: Wednesday (although the pulse rate did rage!)

Lyrics: no idea

Trinirunner - scarey!
Kenobi - hope it gets better soon
BR - lots of stretching
DD - seriously good running in those conditions!
BR (again) - Pacing for FLM - I find that no matter what pace I set out at I always go slower later on so now run slighlty faster splits for 1st half to allow for slowing in second half. But then maybe that is why I always slow <Hmmm, ponders for a moment>. In Edinburgh I am looking to do even splits all the way through.
I think that there is some "scientific" stuff written down in Hal Higdons book about pacing strategies and slowing in the latter parts. Might be worth a look.

ANyhow, best dash, Have a wonderful weekend all, and good luck to anyone racing! Hope that this snow that is forcast doesn't affect anyone too much.

16/03/2007 at 15:57

Have just seen the weather for next week :(

What: 4.5 miles steady
Why: Easy day and I love running!

Have a good weekend all
16/03/2007 at 16:16
WCTT is Wimbledon Common Time Trial a 5K

I have no idea how they know straight away you need a back to back medal but it is very nice.
16/03/2007 at 16:21
wow 200 mins, 3rd 20 done! Excellent!
16/03/2007 at 16:37
What: 3 miles in a bit
Why: Taper/easy day - 5km race tomorrow
Last hard: Wednesday
Last rest: 5 days
16/03/2007 at 17:43
No chance to read thread so apologies for not commenting on others posts.

What: Physio this am followed by 30 mins gentle jog at lunchtime. Week off seems to have done groin some good and no desperate pain anymore but niggle still there and feeling uncomfortable. Think that means idea of long run over weekend are out of window and will concentrate on one or two shorter runs.

Just bought Bob Anderson's book on stretching to see if this can motivate me to do some more stretching as chronic lack of flexibility seems to be a major problem/factor in this repeated injury.

16/03/2007 at 17:51
I have that book by Bob Anderson
16/03/2007 at 18:20
I think IEKs team for the relay will consist mainly of our uni student bunch!

Yep, we shall be meeting in the Southern Mens League, our teams are in the same division!!! May 5th Battersea Park is the first meeting I believe. Im down to do either the 5000m or 1500m depending on who turns up and anything else I may be roped into doing 2nd string! lol
16/03/2007 at 18:39
Evening...just about to get ready for another night shift...200 well done on the 2nd 20 of the WEEK.. I was going to just go for a gentle run when I got up...but too tired...decided to save legs for tomorrow...hoping to do 20..when I get up...dont really want to..the next chance I will get for a LSR after tomorrow would be tuesday..and the weather forecast is pretty dismal...cant do another miserable 20 my first one a few weeks ago..

What : rest
Why: not had a rest for 12 days and tired after night shift and decided to TRY and LSR tomorrow...
16/03/2007 at 18:42
Hi all,

Just popping in for a dose of reality and to remind myself that life does exist beyond the perimeter of my house!

I've now been home from hospital for two weeks and things are going pretty well. We've managed to get Kit into a bit of a routine (a bit hit and miss but he's heading in the right direction) and I'm healing well following the surgery. I've been out for quite a few walks now and this afternoon I was caning it round the park, with hubby telling me to slow down every few steps! It's frustrating being unable to lift things or to drive, but when I remember back to how I felt two weeks ago I'm amazed at how far I've come.

My maternity clothes are all now way too big for me, although I'm not back in my size 6 jeans yet. I'm having to hold up the size 10 pair I wore during pregnancy with a belt. I seem to have lost a lot of muscle - my legs are a lot skinnier than they were pre-pregnancy when I was still running 40 miles a week. I look generally thinner all over (apart from the belly, which is now down to a small pot - am slightly worried that my belly button is still an 'outie' though and keeping my fingers crossed it will pop back in as belly continues to get smaller!) which is a bit weird after getting used to seeing myself so much bigger during the pregnancy. Despite Kit's birth weight I have escaped without any stretch marks, so that's one big plus!

Overall he's a pretty good baby and very cute! Already I can't imagine life without him yet I still have moments of sheer terror at the thought that it'll never be just me and hubby again! All par for the course I'm sure, and part of the adaptation to parenthood.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can start posting on here legitimately again!
16/03/2007 at 19:03
Minks: Welcome to the world of Parenthood. Best advice is: Ignorance is Bliss ;-) You will bounce back stronger then ever. I look forward to meeting baby Kit one day.

- AAAaaaaaaaarghhhhh! (for the right quad)
- Shhheeeeeeeet!! (for the left quad)
- MMmmmmmaaaaaaaarrggghh! (for the right hammie)
- YouEff'**&%%£&$@@(£*£^*%%%ing Baaa&*^*£(*£(*£@@!! (for the left hammie)
Verrrrry painful deep muscle massage
Why: 11months since the last one :-(

I told my massage mate Andy that my left hamstring was tight and he immediately said I bet your UPPER right quad is tighter - and he was right! The man is a genius.

Have a business call at 8PM so later I will spend the evening recuperating with a bottle of 6.5% Leffe Brun - sod the core work, I'm sore.
16/03/2007 at 19:06
SiT, I guess my outgoing emails are still not working, so apologizes for apparently not replying (I have, twice). zzzzzz
IronMelissa    pirate
16/03/2007 at 19:41
Minks, how lovely to hear from you - I'm so glad that everything is going so well for you and hubby and Kit. Any photos yet? I have no idea about belly buttons popping back in but it sounds like you are heading back to your usual bouncy self.

I had a great swim this morning but still am having chlorine allergy issues - this has been going on since November-ish and is starting to get annoying. I take antihistamine all year round now but still am congested and sneezy after swimming. Grrr!

Peeing down here with rain.
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