Friday 16th March 2007

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Blisters    pirate
17/03/2007 at 00:04
After googling yesterdays lyrics, only to find that the song got embedded into my mind ever after, normal service is once more resumed. No idea today.

200: well done on notching another 20 befored D-day.

FINGers: WAAAAaaaaaaaaaaah. I bet theat you're buzzing.Personally, it would take an awful lot to persuade me to get out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane in midair.

Minks ; lovely to hear from you. Have no fear, you'll be back. They are only babies for the most fleeting of moments, make the most of it.

NRGB; ouch.

catch up tomorrow, when I'll NOT be on the bliddy dial up at the same time as rednose or whatever it is that seems to be making it as slow as a carrier pigeon.
17/03/2007 at 00:07
Oh and by the way, my injury was not a "leg length / pronation" problem, but simply a very tight piriformis which may mate Andy the massage GBH deliverer identified and fixed. As Popsider says sensitivity to injury could be due to high mileage.
17/03/2007 at 00:07
been there done that and can't say it works for me personally. when i have a solution i will post it, however i would only post in the hope that someone could find it of use and not to say that this is a solution for all. until then good luck in whatever path one choses.

sorry if this sounds synical but i have had to deal with synical posts myself. i have been accused of not listneing or taking on board others opiions which is simpy not true. i have had to try and defend myself due to the judgemental attitidude of those that seem to think that they can tell me how to resolve my inuries without understanding or even experiencing the nature of the injury themselves. I have been in the most excrutiating of pain with my injuries where I have been hobbling, Walking has been a challenge.

i truly hope that one can find a solution. Becuase i don't wish injury on anyone.

as i have stated so many times i've lost count, i'm on a continous quest too to find out how to solve this problem

i've also stated that i feel we are all different so what works for one is def not a guarantee to work for another,

all we can do is share experiences and ideas in the hope that someone else may find them to be of benefit

Ok my experience is that so far orthotics have not worked, stretches and calf raises and deep painful self massage have helped but not got rid of the problem

i am happy to share these with peeps. but what i will never do is TELL anyone how to resolve a problem.

and that is because i am not that person. i do not have their body, therefore i cannot know.

And i feel i will be sluaghtered for posting this but post i will.

Because I feel strongly that we must all find our own paths when dealing with injury. And i hope that sharing experiences will help in some way.

Indeed, if lizzyb had not posted i would not have discovered the wobble board. and i would not have discovered the hone made cornflake pacet solution!

If clink had not posted i perhaps might not have beeen so good at sticking to the stairs!

If IWifey had not posted I may have misbehaved and ran too fast and too often

If tom had not posted I may have overlooked the benifits of running off road.

if blisters had not posted I may have lost my sense of reality and indeed humour.

if AF had not posted I may have forgotten that I am still a runner and take pride as such

If AJH had not posted I may have not felt that it was worth continuing

If 200 mins had not posted i may not have given myself a huge kick up the backside and realised that I am being a moaning minnie in comparison to what he has overcome

If hipps and wp had not posted I may have thought whats the point. they have helped me to realise that we all have trouble from time to time

I could go on and on but then this post would be too long.

And so I end this post with the most sincere of intentions that everyone on this forum finds a solution to their injuries and shares this information in a way that we can all give it a go if we experience similar things in the hope that if may work for us.

And if it doesn't - well - then we will just have to continue on our quest won't we.


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