Friday 28th November

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28/11/2003 at 17:38
Nearly 24 hours since I last ran...

Went to the physio. 100mpw with minimal stretching meant a painful session.

I'll start a new thread on stretching. It seems impossible to all he says to do whilst holding down a full time job as well. Would be interested in what everyone else does.

Glad you had good weather for the fell run Laura and SiT. Surprised he let you get away with 16.3km without `running a bit more to round it up'. Or was that the extra 5 mins to the tearoom?
28/11/2003 at 17:59

What: Nothing

Why: Worked my ass off at work for 12 hrs last night and was shattered, decided to sleep all day.

Last Hard: Yesterday

Last Rest: Sunday

Enjoy the weekend
28/11/2003 at 18:02
What:gentle upper body at gym in a bit
Why: racing tomorow, just want to do something though.

Will catch up on thread later - not read yet.

28/11/2003 at 18:53
What: Nothing!
Why: Feeling a little overtrained, so I've opted for a 2-day break before Sunday's off-road race.
Last hard: Wednesday
Last rest: Saturday

28/11/2003 at 19:32
Evening All,

Llama Man, GDL + Stickless, hang in there people, best wishes to you all.

Laura, sounds like an awesome run, wish I could've been there.

What: Nowt
Why: Friday = day off & I'm absolutely knackered
Last hard run: Last nights run was quite brisk
Last rest day: Friday

28/11/2003 at 19:54
Evening all,

Lots of good training going on today.

Speedy recovery to all of you favouring HORRID injuries. I know how you feel as I'm still fighting mine. Refusing to give in at the moment, but my back is always my achilles heel and it's telling me too often at the moment that some kind of break is needed.

Anyway, did 3 easy in the dark this am. Not sure I'm a 6.30am runner! It's just too dark and creepy! Then another gentle 3 miles this evening. Didn't feel comfortable as my back is tight today. Trying to stay positive about it all and still hoping to race on Sunday, but I'll have to see how it feels tomorrow. No point in me racing if I can't go at race pace!

Sounds like you had a good run Laura with Mr and Mrs SiT.

12 hrs is a long work night Speedy! Do you do your training before sleep or after sleep?
28/11/2003 at 20:37
5 miles easy with Mrs W tonight, winding down for Sunday's 10k. Last hard yesterday.

Have a good night all.
28/11/2003 at 21:27

Just catching up on thread.

For all you injured peeps - speedy recovery :o)

For everyone else have good racing/training time this weekend.

28/11/2003 at 23:07
evening all

sounds like you had a great time Laura and the SiTs

Discovered a new Friday session I don't fancy doing again......

2 miles in 12:40 (didn't warm up enough & found the first mile quite hard)
1/3rd mile jog recovery in 2:36
2 miles in 12:36
1/3rd mile jog recovery in 2:35
2 miles in 12:33 (this did surprise me)
1/3rd mile jog recovery in 2:38
2 miles in 12:41 (legs finally went in the last mile)

Total time 58:19 - so average pace even with recovery jogs was 6:29 miling over the 9 miles.

Apart from not hitting 12:40 on the last effort, all aims achieved.
Guts complained again afterwards though.

However, not enough to prevent me from currently taking alternate sips from a well-chilled glass of DAB lager and a well-chilled glass of Spätlese......
28/11/2003 at 23:28
1.2 miles, and caled back to hozzie
2.6 miles and had to do a ward round
now, why are all my muscles aching
28/11/2003 at 23:37
you don't have to take a pager/mobile with you when you go running do you Hippo?
29/11/2003 at 00:15
A well deserved tipple or two by the sound of it Mike.

One of our local V45 ladies is a sub 3:15 marathoner. She also is a nurse (cancer specialist) and has to carry a mobile when out on a long run with us. Essential for the medical proffesion so I understand.
29/11/2003 at 00:18
Oops..profession, 1 f 2 s's, sorry!
29/11/2003 at 00:55
Evening everyone

What: 5 miles stead and a core stability session

Why: Racing tomorrow

Last Hard: Yesterday

Last Rest: 7 days
29/11/2003 at 05:02
yes i do
i need to be contactable at all times
29/11/2003 at 05:03
that is, between 9-5 on non call days, and 24hours on on call days

which happen for a week every two weeks
29/11/2003 at 10:51
hope that requirement is suitably rewarded
29/11/2003 at 10:53
we get paid the same as a consultant doing a one in 12

but im not badly paid
i cant say thatat all

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