Friday 6th

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06/06/2003 at 17:03
Indeed Alison, apply yourself I say! A girl in our club was talking about 'maybe breaking 4hrs' at FLM. I told her that according to her other times at varying distances she should be aiming at sub-3:45.

When I saw her after the marathon she was grinning broadly as a result of a 3:40 marathon debut. Go for it young lady!

P.S. I was a rubbish runner at school, at least you have something to look back on!
06/06/2003 at 17:15
I notice Popsider that you didn't mention that I only ran for Sutton Harriers once in a cross country and think I finished last.

I think I will try and stick to 9.5 min/miles in the first half and see how it is going, if OK then I will try and push on in the second half. Nottingham is going to be category 'A' race.

Where do I find a race time calculator?
06/06/2003 at 17:19
P.S. thanks for the encouragement Wardi
06/06/2003 at 17:22
Afternoon all, having a bit of a busy week with work and son sitting his GCSE's.

Why:racing Sunday
Last hard:yesterday, hills and fartlek.
Last rest:today.

Well done on your race Lizzy!

Good luck with your RFL Cath, the rain will be refreshing!
06/06/2003 at 17:36
Well done LizzyB

Our coach suggested the 400s as a way to improve 10k times. He said to start with 12, then 16, then 20 then 25 (equivalent to a 10k.

As I did 16x 400s back in March I thought I'd pick up at 20.

He said to do them at 4 secs per lap quicker than 10k pace. I put 10k pace at 35mins, or 2100 secs which over 25 laps is 84 secs per lap. So 4 secs off this is 80 secs per lap. 100m / 45 secs jog recovery was advised.

So armed with these stats I set off...

Started with a 79.3 and 79.2, then
80.0 (thought I'd blown it)
79.7 (desperately need the toilet)
79.4 (ditto)
79.3 (ditto)
79.5 (ditto)
80.2 (something that rhymes with above so longer recovery by 35 secs)

Legs like jelly near the end, just as it should be. Only 2 laps outside target and might have been able to be a bit quicker at then end without stomach problems.

Average 78.57 secs per lap. Not bad as there was a stiff breeze on the home stretch.

Might go for a short recovery run tonight, might not as I've a 2hr run planned for tomorrow.

06/06/2003 at 17:43
Excellent work BR, such stuff needs steadfast self discipline.

Alison W..race time predictor at this address..

Sorry, I can't do links yet, good luck with the race.
06/06/2003 at 17:48
Blooming 'eck BR, nice to see another 'saddo' like myself is on here again! Like my new name (more anonymity)?

I like the full rundown of your times! Did Mr Roberts join you? Maybe you should reach for the Immodium again!

06/06/2003 at 17:50
Yes he did. He did 15 in around 82 secs each.

On reflection, I think a packet of dried mixed fruit 90 mins before the session did not help!!
06/06/2003 at 17:55
I ate about 15 pringles crisps around 2 hours before yesterday's trot, and felt very 'heavy' all the way through. Food and less than 3 hours between runs just doesn't agree with me!

Think I'll do a small trot tomorrow, as I'm busting to go out (that'll be, including Sunday, 5 runs in a week)! Getting back to the big time!
06/06/2003 at 21:17
"We were no match for their untamed wit, though some of the lads said they'll be back next week."

7 miles steady. Can't seem to get going since half marathon on Sunday. Have done more cycling than running this week.
06/06/2003 at 21:41
Two races in three days for me (Sun/Tues) so I am in winding down mode. 4 miles steady tonight, will probably do similar before work tomorrow morning.

BR..I normally do 8x half mile reps, do I take it the fast 400's are better for increasing speed? Sunday's race is a short (for me) 3.5 miler which I intend to do as flat out as possible, so that's the speedwork for the weekend!
06/06/2003 at 22:31
Sup up your beer and collect your fags.

Still taking it easy. I've been a naughty boy and done some running, all be it very, very slowly. My physio says I shouldn't run 'till Mon.

Why do I pay a physio and then ignore her advice?
06/06/2003 at 22:57
Belting session Barnsley - not sure if I'd have been able to manage 20 of them though - did a session not dissimilar on the track about 6 weeks ago but only involved 12 x 400s (at 80s, with every 4th 400 at 75 - well that was the instruction - though I wasn't able to comply).
And I certainly wouldn't have managed 20 at that pace if my guts started playing up.....

Well done Lizzy on getting through what sounds like a difficult race for you mentally. How did you feel - honestly - after 2K? If you felt OK I'm sure you'd have been fine if you'd carried on at that pace or maybe a tinge slower - 10K's not like a marathon, where a slightly over-optimistic bit of early pacing can have nasty consequences later.

Did my 9.3K in 36:41 - another pb for this year on this course - by 28 seconds. Did push it quite hard going out against the wind - and got pretty warm coming back when the wind was largely behind. Sweated loads - had a few cramping problems a couple of hours later.
07/06/2003 at 00:42
I'll have to go for something a bit more obscure next time I start the thread.

Managed to get a 2 hour run in this evening - if anyone knows Derby from the 5 lamps out along the Derwent to ALvaston Park, out along the Derby Canal route (there is no canal there now) to Swarkestone and then along the actual canal for a bit and back again - followed by the obligatory cold bath. Still having a bit of trouble with submerging my whole body in the water (try to do this at the end of the 20 minutes) - feels like I am risking a heart attack - not sure why the upper body is so much more sensitive to it - no problem just sitting in it though.

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