Friday 7 March

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07/03/2008 at 18:10

Evening all.

Scooby - loved the story!

Minks - I'm sure you've made the right decision.   Hope you start to enjoy running again.

RFJ - glad the running is helping.

Soda - sorry to hear the news about the achilles, but perhaps it would be worth a second opinion. No disrespect to your specialist but different surgeons can have different attitudes and some tend to be keener to 'cut' than others.   Perhaps you could try to ask for a referral to a Sports Medicine specialist rather than an orthpaedic chap (I am assuming it was an orthpod you saw).   You'd probably have to go private for the consultation though.  

Was it NZC suggested I get admin help at work?  Well, to whoever it was, it's not really that kind of support I'm lacking (although I am!) but  more knowing there's someone senior behind me supporting the decisions I make and the work I'm doing.  It's not that they wouldn't back me up if it came to it but it would be good to have regular one to one meetings to go through what I'm doing.   Never mind. It's friday!

NN - I don't suffer from restless legs myself but I do share a bed with someone who does on occasion which also seriously messes with sleep!  

Enjoy the Indian head massage BR.

07/03/2008 at 18:22
Sodahead - sorry to read about your achilles problems.  You are still able to run.  Does the injury inhibit pace, distance or both?
07/03/2008 at 19:45

happy anniversary NZC - i hope you have a lovely day.

happy birthday wabo

take care of yourself RFJ.

minks - sorry to hear your decision, i'm sure though it is the right one for you.  i felt the same in 2005 and withdrew from FLM, eventually feeling more like it later in the year and doing a marathon in december.  i remember the relief when i'd decided not to go ahead with FLM, and the feelings of embarassment also.  not helped by venom's dad asking me how it felt to be a quitter.  you know yourself better than anyone else can and you will have made the right decision.  you will be back stronger and more importantly happier.

07/03/2008 at 19:54

Evening all.

Updated forumite roll-call for the Duchy, please copy & update:

Hippo  10
Shades  24
tinebeest  104

AF  332
Night Nurse  342
200 minutes  359

Yes, NN & I both look like our forum photos & we'll be in loud yellow SWRR kit.  We'll look out for your number, if not your pic!

No, the 20 miler will be in my old DS Trainers, the new ones have yet to arrive .  If I'd got them a week ago & done a few runs I might have worn them for the 20, but not now.

I need you to explain "sleeping lions", somehow my life has passed that one by (so far!)

IronMelissa    pirate
07/03/2008 at 21:08

Happy anniversary to NZC (wonder if I'll ever make that one...) and Happy 50th to Wabo (jolly determined to make that one!!!) - what a celebratory month March is.

Gramps has been moved to the stroke unit and is doing well so far as I know.

200, we used to play 'sleeping lions' when I was little. Everyone had to lie very still and not move at all, while one person watched for movement: if you were caught, you were out, and the last one 'sleeping' won. I think it was a good way of making everyone be still and quiet for a time, and possibly have a nap! Don't know if this is the same game Melli meant, but it's the one I knew.

07/03/2008 at 21:15

Thanks for the explanation, I think I was secretly hoping for something more exotic...

07/03/2008 at 21:43
NZC: congrats!

Dustin: sorry to hear there is bad news for you, you are in my thoughts.

200: my mum invented the verb "to python" to describe what my dad does after a big lunch or dinner... A great word for another not so exotic activity. I regularly get to hear on the phone "I'd pass you dad, but he's lying there pythoning again."
07/03/2008 at 22:18


Thank you all for the support. I guess that racing marathons is out of the question plus other events with hills. I'm just going to potter around with mileage of 40 to 50 per week and hopefully will be able to manage some faster stuff. Racing occasionally - yes, just to part of the atmosphere. I have spent a lot of time (and money) trying to resolve this injury and the level at which I run its just not worth the hassel.

Had a bright interlude in my today's run - galloping past Tanny Gray (well, she was wheeling up hill into the wind). She passed me 200 yards later only to be caught again by me 100 yards further on. We then both turned downwind, her on the road and me on the path. We went our seperate ways but both heading in the same direction. When I next saw her she was but a speck in the distance.

Its time to taxi daughter #1 all over the place.


07/03/2008 at 22:49
BR:  I've pretty much decided to drive. 
Blisters    pirate
08/03/2008 at 00:29

Scoobs! Just nod if you can hear me. I adored your tready story, and think that you won a serious victory of Mr Testosterone. When racing my maxim (as learned from Meli, or was it Melli, or LizzyB?) is that if you can still stand up afterwards you didn't try hard enough. A gentle and boring outing for you next, is it? Please. BTW, did your dinner date talk running or just politely listen?

Soda: Oh dear, and I was hoping that they would say that your achilles was just in your head, although the mind boggles.

Mellifera: Tell me this, but from the other viewpoint. You burn off Mr T at the lights, and he follows you, obviously oggling your delectable bum. What do you do? Feel honoured? Embarrassed? Annoyed? Challenged? Before you call me sexist, I'll admit to following cyclists through a chicane in my car and admiring their developed calves. Male calves. And I shall also challenge anybody on their problem about sex, because I think that desire and envy of the opposite sex is good. In fact the Vicar that married my wife and I specifically advocated lust in marriage, to help oil the wheels of love.

Minks: you are certainly not a wimp. You have been trying very hard, and your body has thrown in the towel. Not your head. If you feel happier about it already then it was the right decision. Now it is time to enjoy playing with Kit. Have you got a complete set of hand and feet prints yet? What about the photo of the cute little hand in hand shot? My babies are now a bit older but they enjoyed getting my shirt wet at bath time. They are 8 and 12.

Hilly: I never knew that BR had an Indian Head to massage.

Apparently I've got a race on Saturday. Don't know what, where, or when. Terry rang. Message garbled. Message taker not interested. No record. No idea. Club website = u/s. Could be a challenge. Oh yes. I did manage 5 mile in the Pit of Doom before I realised what a glorious day it was.

08/03/2008 at 01:16

Have read your posts but am absorbed with introspective thinking..

Out of action for 7 weeks+ .

Explains all??? 

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