Friday 8th July

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08/07/2005 at 17:08
Lol Lizzy, that'll be just 200 words then:o)
08/07/2005 at 17:11
AF - carrying all the change to the bank must have been hard work. Does it count as cross training!

M - As someone screamed at me in a race once "catch that *** **** in front of you - she's rubbish" Now keep that one in mind tonight! That, or ... when I did the Reykjavik half marathon I was woefully under prepared, but decided that it was in my bidding to overtake everyone with a larger backside than mine. And of course, I was feeling good, so that was *everyone*. That really, really, worked for the first 10k. Then I couldn't find anyone with a larger a*** than mine. And the race went downhill (or was it the other way round). Good luck, anyway!
IronMelissa    pirate
08/07/2005 at 17:12
I like change. Most of the time.

There is a really good little book called 'Where's my cheese?' about handling change. I hate to recommend supposed 'self-help' books (an unnamed member of my family had an addiction to them that rather put me off) but this one was fun, short and useful.

I CANED my erg this morning (is this a running term as well as rowing?) and am about to pop out in the sunshine for a nice three miler in between writing a silly paper on the teaching-research nexus. Grrr. Thank heavens for running.
08/07/2005 at 18:57
evening all,
Good afternoons work today :)
5-mile run bang on target pace once again, which was around 6:10mm pace. Felt stronger than this morning, though hamstring stiff! good run though and very encouraging!

then I did a two hour gym session which included upper body and ab work, then the following leg program:-

5-mins (hard pace with long strides) on Stairmaster! HR 185!

3x10reps Free bar Squats, 65kg
3x12reps Leg press, 110kg
3x10reps Abductors 45kg
3x10reps aductors 55kg
3x10reps each leg, Standard lunge with 6kg weights
3x30reps each leg, Hopping on spot with 2kg weights.

Reebok Roller for Self sports massage.

Im like 100% confident that PANTMANS 2006 schedule will not be needed! ;P

08/07/2005 at 19:38
Sounds fun Micksta. Condoloences to treadmill and fatface, and any others affected by the week's occurrences.

Isn't it amazing how different you can feel in 24 hours?! We did a club run yesterday and I felt carp, only managing 5.8M in 42 mins. This afternoon, I set off (running solo) at 5:30pm and did 42mins (around 5.5M) including 1.5M at a raised tempo.

Despite the heat, I felt really good and refreshed, and ready to embrace the weekend - especially the Thorpe Edge 10k on Sunday!

What: see above
Why: recovery and small tempo-ish run
Last hard: Saturday
Last rest: Weds

Pity it's going to be warm this weekend....
08/07/2005 at 21:20
What: 8m at raised pace with running partner , despite the heat
Why: He was up for it!
Last hard: Today
Last rest: Yesterday

Have a good weekend - peace to all

08/07/2005 at 21:24

what: 1:30h easy run with some 3minute hills.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Good luck to anyone racing!
Blisters    pirate
08/07/2005 at 22:14
AF - I like change indeed, very droll.
Micksta - worried about the A grade then you collect a PB. The time was right, and others saw it. Well done you.
RJF - Sounds like a good race
Barnsley - I hope that the proposed changes don't introduce too much stress into your life. Not what you need this year, I shouldn't think. Consider the big picture.
Minks & other Londoners & visitors - glad you're OK

Had my thoughtful evening last night. Managed 8.3 miles in 61 minutes, steady. Calves and shins were tight to begin with, but loosened up on the way home. I've just realised I managed a nice pace. (sub 7:30).

House full of women/girls. Looks like an early morning and chef duty.
08/07/2005 at 22:20

Hope you've got over the trauma of yesterday Minks

well run RFJ, Micksta and Paul M

Not normally too keen on change, but right now I'd happily accept redundancy....

what: 3 miles in 19:10
why: POSEing in new shoes
last rest day: maybe Saturday

As promised, the NB150s arrived in 24 hours - impressive service. Bit narrow for my 2E foot, but think I can live with that.
My fastest outing since my last race (Borders League over 2 months ago - feels like a lifetime) - can't get over the lightness of the shoes. Still struggling to avoid scuffing on landing - as the first marks of wear on the soles testified - though surprisingly, the direction suggested I'm scuffing backwards - don't quite understand that.
Cricket tomorrow, but next outing on Sunday I'll be focussing on getting that pick-up sorted - at the moment, the blisters I'm getting from scuffing are the main reason my mileage has had to drop right down.
08/07/2005 at 22:55
Mike - a tip on the 150s...

Take the insole out, otherwise they're very tight across the top of the foot.

School due to close in 5-8 years time. I'll bide my time for a couple of years then look for an out strategy if (as they are doing now) no promise of job security is made.
08/07/2005 at 23:31
what: 9 miles
why: getting mileage back-up
last hard: Wednesday
last rest: 14 days

condolences FF
08/07/2005 at 23:51
Melissa - I'd forgotten about Where's My Cheese? A fovourite of my ex-boss that one. A good book indeed.

Lizzy - you'll be pleased to know that I overtook many ladies with larger a***s than mine tonight :-) Cranfield 5k is a bit more of a charity atmosphere than Milton Keynes 10k (this one has fancy dress runners and all!!!)

Anyway I started a reasonably long way back (13 seconds to cross the line) and overtook people all the way from start to finish - even up the *hill* at 3k. So I'm a lot happier tonight. 25.47 so with 13 secs off for crossing the line I make that 25.34 which is a lot more like it. Still over 40 secs slower than last year but even so - much better than Tuesday.

Have a good weekend everyone. After my two races this week I'm taking a day off tomorrow to prepare for an olympic tri on Sunday :-)
09/07/2005 at 11:51
2 hours down the gym Micksta?! Jesus, sounds counter-productive to me.

45 minutes top whack would do, I'm sure.

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