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16/11/2007 at 07:12

would you have my baby

this one's for blisters......

and another very cold start
nice to see WP again, what race are you doing next?

RJF - keep on wobbling
iron mel - i love the thought of spangling!

who's racing this weekend? i expect there'll be quite a bit of XC again

what - 5 miles + some strides
why - missed tuesday's
last hard - should count yesterday
last rest - 3 days

16/11/2007 at 08:08


FL - we are going to do 10 miles on Sat and I'm going to do 3 miles of that at tempo (6.15) pace following BR and Treadmill around NM.  You're welcome to join us and I'm sure you could do the same effort as me in the middle.

what - 8 miles
why - easy day

I think someone asked the difference between easy and recovery runs yesterday, sorry can't remember who, but I'll try to answer what I think it is.  In fact thinking about it I guess both words really mean slow running and most plans will have either word in the schedule to mean the same thing.  It's just for me recovery runs are those I do in between sessions to flush out lactic and allow me to get in more miles without having to take a day off or putting extra stress on my muscles, so in other words I guess my recovery runs if I were wearing a HRM would be 60-65% mhr.  Easy runs are done a bit quicker more like the pace I would do my long runs at and are to build aerobic fitness.  I guess a fair amount  of my running is at this pace.  Then the rest of the weeks running is made up of specific sessions when following a schedule.  I'm sure others have different views on what is a recovery/easy run for them.

16/11/2007 at 08:34

Morning all!

What: 1hr spin class 

Why: I've got the morning off  and it appears to be too cold to go outside and actually run everywhere is white........

The lecture yesterday was really good - the trip they organised was amazing, both in terms of the organisation it took and the scientific researcht hey were able to achieve. The human body is capable of some really amazing adaptations if it is pushed hard enough Their website is if anyone is interested in having a look

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend - I am hopefully off to Tipton on Sunday for a 5k 

16/11/2007 at 08:45
Morning all

What: 8.5miles AM d&d
2-4 at lunchtime
Why: indeed
Last hard: Tuesday
Last rest: Saturday

I'm doing XC in the afternoon and then I will be at the Nike Supersonic in the evening.

Race well
mellifera    pirate
16/11/2007 at 08:51
Hi folks,

What:3km tech swim; 90min hard turbo set
Why: base training
Last hard: 7 Oct
Last rest: 9 Sept

Mel - I like the idea of spangling.
16/11/2007 at 08:55

Never realised that you felt that way about Blisters!

Hope you've got over the shock of reading my plan!
For me, the distinction between easy & recovery runs is attiitude/purpose.  Recovery runs are done on tired legs (ie there's something to recover from!) and the effect, as you say, is to help prepare for the next session.  Easy runs are more enjoyable in many ways, I sometimes take a bit of liberty with the pace if feeling good,  but complete them without feeling tired.  I generally record them all as "Easy" so that probably shows it up as a grey area for me.  Possibly something I should think about a bit more...

Club track session this evening, 1200s or Ks, can't remember which.

mellifera    pirate
16/11/2007 at 08:55
...and I know the song but not the artist
16/11/2007 at 09:00

Morning all

Clink - Hope the injury clears up soon, but ditch the hoovering anyway. :0)

Micksta - Yes like you I would time the 10k to keep me going really. It helped me to overcome the feeling of being stuck in a stuffy hot gym and bored out of my mind. Well timing and also music plugged into my ears! My bug bear is that my gym is WAY too hot. The gym staff all wander around in t-shirts in winter!! This is not right in my eyes. They should be wrapped up in winter woolies to allow me to do some cadio vascular stuff without boiling my head off. I have actually complained about it, but all I got back was that they have to also consider those that may not be doing cardio work. Yeah right! More like they don't want to be cold. Which then brings me onto the (sadly mainly women) that sit on the stationary bike reading hello magazine and then say what a hard workout they have had in the gym to all their chums later in the changing room....

That said Micksta - the stationary bike can offer a very fine workout too. One where one's legs turn into tree trunks and tend to solidify as one gets off the bike, causing a somewhat alarming stagger over to the drinks machine.... But I guess you're trying to keep as close to running as poss and I believe the elliptical is nearer than the bike.

I don't do recovery runs as don't run every day, so I guess my recovery is a rest day. That said I am running at an easy pace at the moment due to the situation with my legs etc.

Yesterday I did run just over 6 miles at lunch time at about 10mm pace. Legs still in bad way, so not a happy bunny.

So I then went swimming last night and did 32 lengths of the pool which felt wonderful. No sore back, legs fine. So I then went to the jacuzzi and sat in that, which also felt wonderful. I'm also taking anti inflams now to try and reduce the swelling.

New shoes being collected today, sports massage tomorrow, plus I'm massaging my legs with EMU oil, which also seems to help.

Have a good day all.

16/11/2007 at 09:24


What: 4.5 miles am / 5.5 miles pm
Why: recovery day / easy day (according to taste)
Last hard: Weds
Last rest: 21 days

Trying to get 3 good training weeks in before a down period where there's the final Silkstone Shuffle MT race where I go into race 4 with a 53 second cumulative lead on the guy in 2nd place.  The week after it's the Keyworth TT HM.  Pressure has been relieved on this due to yesteday's entry into the Paris Marathon, so no sub 75 absolutely necessary.

I had to establish whether I could enter online for the race then upgrade to a `preferential' bib later on production of the proof of a sub 3 time...

`Parlez-vous anglais'?


I hang up and carefully prepare my spiel about Je voudrais entrer le marathon de Paris avec un bib preferential mais je ne le peux pas fair online etc etc....

`Je voudrais....'

`Monsieur. Je ......... parler anglais'

ring ring

`Parlez vous anglais?'

`I can try a leetle'

3 mins later and it's all sorted.  If only FLM were as accessible and helpful as Paris!

16/11/2007 at 09:38

One of my favourite songs Clink - either by TB or the FTs.  

What :Wed did 35 miles on the bike - was going to do more but didn't realise how early it got dark and half way through realised I wasn't going to get anywhere near the A6 (which is lit) before it was pitch dark - I had lights but ony LEDs - good for being seen but not seeing by so had to double back - did end up on some unlit lanes in the dark but only a few miles.
Thur - Did 25 miles up over Alport Heights - my favourite local loop - and then back down A6
Fri - Cycling out to running club later, my partner is driving the kids out so they can pick up their cross country trophies and then she'll go out running with the club - I might depending on whether I can palm the kids off on someone else for 45 minutes or not. 

16/11/2007 at 09:38

Morning peeps.

What:45mins steady and I really enjoyed it today. I just flowed along !

Right now defo going to read back and see what everybody ese is up to.

Have a good one peeps, if you can.

16/11/2007 at 10:00

Morning folks.

Things are getting a bit manic here in Glasgow today...sitting here at work in my Scotland top with the place bedecked in Saltires and Lion Rampants. I really hope we're not setting ourselves up for a huge fall tomorrow...wheesht...of course we're not...we'll be heading to Euro 2008 for sure! I've managed to get hold of a ticket for the match - really looking forward to it...think the atmosphere will be fantastic at Hampden.

Anyway, back to running...ended up doing 6.2 miles yesterday in just under 47mins (think that's in the realms of 'recovery run').

For today...

What: 6 or 7 easy/steady miles (whatever they are) at lunchtime
Why: aerobic mileage

Have a good day.

16/11/2007 at 10:00

Morning all,

BR: enjoy Paris.

What: (hopefully) an hour on the MTB if work goes to plan
Why: non running day
Last hard: Tuesday
Last rest: monday

Lyrics: I think so, and yesterdays were L. Cohen and hallelujah (though I prefer the buckley cover...) 

16/11/2007 at 10:02
Oh, and meant to say BR...good move getting yourself into Paris, rather than putting pressure on yourself to run a championship time for FLM. Having said that, you'll probably go out now and cruise round Keyworth in 74mins, pressure-free!
16/11/2007 at 10:14
scobos - my gran used to say wheesht a lot !   Setting yourselves up for a fall or not you may as well enjoy it - no point in being cautious - I was in Scotland in 78 and it's better to live in hope than assume you'll lose from the off. 
16/11/2007 at 10:29

Scobos: Enjoy the match ! 

Got a  gut feeling it will be Scotland pressure for 30 mins and then Italy breaking away to score !!

Hope I'm wrong, but losing the last game away in Georgia will cost Scotland qualification I feel.

The hype has been unbelievable in the press. Goodness knows what it'll be like it if Scotland win tomorrow

Popsider: Argentina 1978 is only now being got over !!!!

BR: Well done on getting into Paris.

IronMelissa    pirate
16/11/2007 at 10:30

Morning runners,

I'd marry you Clink, but having your baby might be tricky.

Well done BR on getting into Paris.

Scoobs - I had a massage yesterday and felt like a new woman afterwards. Are you seeing Mark?

What: cycle to and from work; 1k easy swim
Why: recovery
Last hard: 3 Nov
Last rest: lots

Good runnings all.

16/11/2007 at 10:31

My thoughts exactly...'mon the Scots!

Argentina 78...I was a mere younster at the time, but it remains etched on my memory as a brilliant time...shame about the actual Peru and Iran matches though...

16/11/2007 at 10:35

BR, Paris is meant to be a good marathon.  You never seem to have much luck at FLM so maybe a change of course is the way to go.  And Paris is such a lovely, romantic city - perfect for a weekend with your loved one

Hilly, probably agree with your definitions of recovery vs. easy.  These days I don't do enough running to warrant specific recovery runs, and rarely manage easy either (especially when it's as cold as it was last night!)  That said, during my long run on Sunday I felt a slight niggle at the site of my hamstring insertion injury from last year, so have been trying to take it a bit easier this week.

Scoobs, am with you on gyms.  HATE them.  Not so much the heat (although it tends to make me feel weary before I even start exercising) but more the mind-numbing boredom, especially when doing CV work.  I had to resort to the treadmill a few times during the later stages of my pregnancy (mainly because I couldn't run more than about 100m at that point without needing a wee!) but absolutely loathed it.  When I'm outside, three miles seems to take no time at all - on a treadmill, time seems to stand still.

What: Probably rest, maybe 3 miles easy.
Why: In-laws coming for the weekend, so depends on how things pan out as to when my runs get fitted in.
Last hard: Sunday.
Last rest: Wednesday.

Have a top weekend!

16/11/2007 at 10:49

Morning all,

SL2 - I'm with you on the Buckley cover of yesterday's song - fantastic!

I guess for me, recovery runs are the day after a hard session and easy runs are the day before one!  So, like 200 says, recovery runs are when I have something to recover from.  And easy runs are when I want to make sure I save something for the next attempt at something long or faster than normal.

What: rest
Why: Friday
Last hard: Tues
Last rest: Mon

Have a good day.

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