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14/12/2012 at 20:42

Is your cadence about 90x2 per min. I tried fast cadence today but couldn't get into a steady rythm. I don't think I could run as slow as 9min miles at 180 steps per min, I'd be like andre agassi.

Really enjoyed my run today, but I will have to be more diciplined for lsr on sunday.

15/12/2012 at 12:15
Yes. As I say it's all about getting your form right first. The speed comes with good running technique. If you are over-striding you risk injuries. Your hips should have hardly any up and down motion. Your foot should land on the ground just underneath you. If your foot is landing out in front of you you're risking heel strike and other problems that can cause injury.

On a slow run, your cadence will drop only slightly, you're mainly just taking smaller steps.
18/12/2012 at 20:41

Went out on the works christmas do on Friday so no running then. Still hadn't really recovered on Sunday so tonight was my first run for a week.

Just looked at your run for Sunday. It suggests you're still a bit quick, drop it another 20secs a mile.

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21 to 23 of 23 messages
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