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17/12/2012 at 16:11

Both Chick. I like to be over 60 miles a week when my running is going well but I've also got an ultra in September so I'm doing a few back to back longish runs to get myself used to them. Manchester marathon before that though. 

17/12/2012 at 23:35

BD well done mate glad things are starting to click and you're seeing improvements

some impressive mileage being done on this thread, I imagine a lot of folks are starting their spring marathon training, P&D seems to be a popular program, and after reading the book I can understand why.

Santa, I agree the Christmas theme names are great, mine is kinda weak but I could get anything witty to go with Stewart.

Just over 5 miles tonight for my 60 minute run, I took muttly with me, (her real name is Lucky), so it was a bit of start stop affair for the first half a mile until I could let her of the lead up at the park.

stats for the run


 5.2 miles @11:30mm 135(72%)

18/12/2012 at 08:46

Ok. I know it's tacky.....

Yep, looks like training is really ramping up. Let's try and do it as gradually as possible - don't want any injuries this early in campaigns.

The MP run is just a progression from the 80% run. Get your 80% run up to max distance first (this is a preset limit, for me it's time, for you it may be distance), then notch up the intensity gradually till you get to your target pace.

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18/12/2012 at 08:49

Haha nice one Brian

Back off the bench.  Now off to get my 70% pace back to what it was pre-Frankfurt...

18/12/2012 at 09:10

Good news Tek. 

How long is the 80% max distance Bri (aka Ding Dong)? Also whe we reach this,  so we add a 2nd 80% session or move up to 83% (or doesn't it matter too much).

11miles at 74% this morning. 7.59m/m - 1hr 28min. I am noticing that I am able to run faster before the 'slow down HR too high' alarm bleeps on my Garmin.

18/12/2012 at 09:15

Brilliant names

I was struggling for a festive one for you DDMOB, but you've pulled it out of the hat

Tek - is the knee totally ok ?

8M @ 8:50 @ 71% this morning. Including 10 x 100 strides at the end , YIKES !!! I think i did them ok .....

18/12/2012 at 09:27

In fact, here are some stats which actually seem to show that I am no faster.  2m splits. Same route with 5 week time gap

13 November 2012

Distance Split pace Avg. HR
2.00               8:03 133 (70%)
4.00               7:42 138 (73%)
6.00               8:01 144 (76%)
8.00               8:02 145 (77%)
10.00             8:10 144 (76%)
11.04             8:15 143 (75%)

18 December 2012

Distance Split pace Avg. HR
2.00               8:10 133 (70%)
4.00               7:43 142 (75%)
6.00               8:11 143 (75%)
8.00               8:04 142 (75%)
10.00             8:01 142 (75%)
10.80             7:51 142 (75%)

18/12/2012 at 09:43

WTKOOA  - December is 3 secs per mile average quicker for half a beat less. Maybe not pulling up any trees but at least it's heading the right way  Also, the HR is more stable so a better run overall i think.

18/12/2012 at 09:50

Keir, I use 70mins for the 80% run (and the 83% or MP run). I have been known to notch up the last one or 2 MP runs to 12miles, but have never gone above this in training. (I have in a 20mile race). I use 70mins because it sits nicely in my lunchtime. I have 2 hours max for lunch, and this means that with changing and showering I can fit 90mins run time in. This equates to 10mins w-up and c-down, with 70mins effort in the middle which I do as an out and back 35mins. The moving up to 83% or adding the extra run question.... I would say that depends on where you are in your training plan. If I were in mara build-up I would notch up the run till it corresponded with target pace. If I were in base or Hadd mode, I would add another 80% run.

The HRav for the 2nd run was lower, AND it looks like there was less drift. Also I would guess you were fresher for the November run than you were for todays run.


18/12/2012 at 09:56

Virtual high 5 mace!

18/12/2012 at 10:27

Ding Dong and Merry Mace - great minds obviously think alike! Thanks.  Certainly when looking at the mile rather than 2 mile splits they are more stable now. And you are right, I am still tired from recent training volumes. Having relooked at those 2m splits I can see that I am better now then before over the later miles, so I guess endurance has improved. - Thanks guys. Feel a bit better now. 

Thanks for the 80% advice Ding Dong. 


18/12/2012 at 10:40

wow, those names are getting better and better

Did another 80% run this morning but it was miserable, wet and cold and I was rather shit (feet went numb after stepping into a deep puddle of freeeeezing water ).

Anyway, a little over 11 miles with 10@ 80%. I reckon it makes a difference whether you run well fuelled (like I did on Sunday) or straight out of bed, on empty (like this morning).

18/12/2012 at 11:11

Santa, more quality miles in the bank. Well done on getting out the door. There are lots of factors that will affect the HR. Fuelling is definitely one of them.

18/12/2012 at 11:19

Chick - hope you're warm and dry now...

Keir - thanks

mace - I can still "feel" the knee from time to time, but I think it's ok to run on...

Managed 6m in the mud and hills with the club.  Quite a few HR spikes uphill, managed to keep the average at 71%.  Pace for that HR now back to what it was in July...it's going to be a LOONG road back...


18/12/2012 at 11:38

Ding Dong (et al) - question(s) about 80% and my training plan.

Just into 3rd week of adding an 80% run to my plan (will be 40 mins this week within a 70 min run). Another 4 weeks should (hopefully) see me up to 60 / 70 mins at 80 % once per week. That then leaves me 7 weeks before my HM race. I'm after suggestions as what to do in that 7 weeks bearing in mind I haven't done any speed work and there will be a 8/10 day taper.

18/12/2012 at 12:44

Tek: I missed your post about being able to run again. That's fab news

18/12/2012 at 12:55

BD - To train specifcally over the next 6 weeks (you shouldn't need more than 7days taper) you might need to put HADD aside for some sessions as you have not yet built up to the higher end stuff. Other will be able to advise more about how you can get back on the HADD training after this.

I ran a surprise 2min HM pb this spring. I put it down to largely running one of these 10k training sessions per week for 6 weeks. I am so convienced that I am replacing the P&D VO2 max @5k pace sessions later in the programme with these right up to the 3 week taper.

18/12/2012 at 14:03

Keir, Yes I'm on the McMillan emailing list. Got the 10k workout email last year. Tough tough workouts, but if you can get thru them you will hit your target.

BD, Just mix up the pace a bit really. With 6 weeks to go I would do:

1. Tempo sessions at target pace (fresh in my mind, cos I just done one!)

2. Interval session at 5k pace.

3. Hill sessions.

But if you can do the McMillan sessions above, with maybe 2 or 3 interval sessions thrown in, you won't be far off!!!


18/12/2012 at 14:04

Anther work out Keir? Theres not enough days in the week for all this stuff!

Glad you're back running Tek, good luck.

Chick, I find with the slower runs I can take few liberties with eating, resting etc but i have to make sure I get everything in order for the 80% runs

Nice, steady improvements Mace, Keir, BD.

BD, is the HM your main race? 8-10 days taper is a fair bit of time for a Half...


Good running all!!



18/12/2012 at 14:06

Teknik, Best of luck with the comeback. Sounds like you deserve some good luck.

Did my tempo at lunchtime, on the towpath as normal, light breeze in my face on the way out, a little muddy/slippy in places, but....

8M incl 25mins tempo (at target HM pace - 6:06):

Out  12:30  2.03  6:10   164

Back 12:30 2.07  6:02   170

4.1 miles @ 6:06  HRav 167

Getting there..........


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