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18/05/2013 at 15:29

Also, some questions about how to get the HR monitor to read correctly. I recently have been having some issues early in my runs (1st 1/2 mile or so). I just use spit, but found that tightening my strap eliminated my issues (I think it gradually loosens over the months).

Also, just a plug for the Garmin 910XT. I absolutely love this watch. The only catch is it's $$$ and doesn't really give a reliable instantaneous pace (but very good lap pace). But I don't use the instant pace anyways. In case anyone is looking for a new watch, running warehouse is having a 25% off sale now http://www.runningwarehouse.com/catpage-GAR25OFF.html


18/05/2013 at 18:22

Andi - congrats on the 5k run - especially with the hills and wind!!  Sounds like things are improving well for you.  Imagine how fast you could go if you ditched the cigs - you'd be unstoppable!!

BeDe - thanks for the words of encouragement.  I wasn't too upset, I just found it funny that I couldn't manage it at all without my HR bouncing around all over the place.  I'm going to try again in a couple of days so I'll try and pace myself a bit better and see how it goes.  I hope you made it through security okay and best wishes for your recovery!

20 miles done for me today so I'm off for a well-earned beer!

18/05/2013 at 19:12

Txs RR, If I where to quit smoking (a big if right now) what do you reckon it would do to my times? 1 min/mile off? Well done on the 20 miler!

Started packing today so didn't go out in the end though plan to get out and do 11 miles tomorrow Will save my 30 mile week for another time.

Oh, and VT, not long had my 910xt but think I'm gonna like it. Got it as a Birthday Present when I realised my 405 wasn't going to last my 5 hour Marathon time

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20/05/2013 at 13:42

Andi - I'm no expert I'm afraid - I've never even had one cigarette.  I am certain though that increasing your lung volume and function can only be beneficial to cardio work!!  I would guess at least a min/mile but maybe more?  Any ex-smokers about?

Glorious weather today!  Long may it last 

20/05/2013 at 17:23

RR, a bit of an open question really and guess the only way to find out is to quit Duty Free's are stacked up in the house so it might be a while

Arrggh, really need to work on my Pace - after Yesterdays horrible 11 miler (stiches, painfull knees, dehydrated) I went out for a 3 mile recovery run at  12 min miles. Ended up doing 5 miles at 11:13mm (3 seconds faster then MP) so guess my Hill Running tomorrow should be moved to Weds and try again for a recovery run tomorrow

21/05/2013 at 08:56

VT, Did 18:20 in #2. Just can't get in to the hurt zone! Good stuff with the mileage. Hope all goes well in your mara choice and training.

BeDe, Hope the trip and recovery going well.

Andi, Nice 5k.

JB, I emailed you about the next 5mile handicap. We're back to your original course as the towpath is now open again.

RR, Hope you enjoyed the post-20miler beer.

Having watched my parents try in vain to quit, I feel fortunate not to have ever tried smoking. I have a raging hatred of it actually as my dad passed on in 2006 from lung cancer.

Didn't run at all this weekend. Wemberleeee on Sat and cricket all day Sunday. Just about shook off my hangover now...... 5k #3 tomorrow. Hoping for 18:15ish.

21/05/2013 at 11:54

Hope everyone is on the road to recovery after various injuries, accidents, lurgies ...

Andi: FFS - give up the fags! You can always flog the 400 on ebay Smoking and running is not a good idea ... no idea how much quicker it'll make you but I guarantee you: it'll make you feel a million times better (I quit many moons ago after 12 years as a chain smoker) and it saves you $$$$. Don't think I could ever give up drinking though   Nice 5k BTW.

VT: great running by you! Wow, 55 miles - awesome!

Brian: 18:xx and NOT in the hurt zone ? 18:xx would kill me!! Well done

RubbishRunner: well done on the 20

I'm benched   quad pain that I got when I tried to get out of my car post marathon never quite went away and with slightly more running it got worse. Decided to rest completely for a week and hope that will do the trick. Have a 10k on Sunday which I will run as it's literally next door (less than a mile from my house) but not expecting a PB or anything. If things start to tighten again I can always drop out and walk home

21/05/2013 at 13:03

VT - mine always plays up if i forget to tighten it. I find now that i have to tighten it right up every run as it works loose all the time. Maybe i need a new strap...   Also, a bit of lubricating jelly improves the contact.

Rubbish - enjoy the beer, i've forgotten what running a 20 miler feels like

Andi - i gave up the smokes about 8 years ago and still remember vividly the burning in my throat first time i went for a run a few months after giving up. Giving up can only improve you, how much i don't know but for sure you'll never hit your potential all the time you're smoking.

Brian - missed my long run Sunday for similar reasons  That's a corking 5k time. Talking of the hurt zone, i marshalled our local parkrun last Saturday and i was shocked how much the fella who won it seemed to be hurting as he went past me ... he was making a right old racket after just 2k, thought he was on his way out  I guess that's the pain you have to go through for a 15:30 and a 2minute win though. Sure made me consider how much more i could push myself   

chick - sorry to hear that, think i'd give the 10k a miss myself but fingers x'd it holds up and good luck


21/05/2013 at 15:08

Brian, awesome second run. The topic of pain is a good one. I'm reading "Running with the Buffalos..." now and in it the coach says to make it at the college level you need to have these four things: talent, determination, courage, and durability. I think to race effectively you do need courage because to me it's damn scary to run so fast for so long. Of these traits I think I have mainly the determination but the courage is coming as I get to know my limits.


Stats for the weekend ILTHR


 This run shows me that I'm back to where I was before the recent time off. My legs not good for the 1st 3 miles (I have been getting tightness from my toes all the way up the front of my shins)...so stretched that area out and was really feeling nice until miles 9 and 10...was still able to maintain pace but didn't feel super fresh. Even if the pace doesn't move there is room for improvement in feeling less taxed during these efforts.

21/05/2013 at 15:27

Brian, Excellent time for #2 - your flying!

Guess I shouldn't have mentioned the smoking and all taken on board

VT, awesome run! each of your mile splits was 30 seconds or more faster than my best mile If I ran 10k and you ran 10 miles my splits may just about have beaten you lol. Good to hear your about back to normal and still have room for improvement!

Nothing wrong with folks taking an odd weekend off for sport

22/05/2013 at 09:16

Morning all,

Chick, hope the quad recovers quickly. Good luck with the 10k.

mace, guess you were watching footie on Sat. Premier? Local team? The 5k is a totally different beast. I like to warm-up over the first mile or so. Just can't afford to do that in 3M. It's really weird but if I'm doing a ~3M tempo or similar in training, I can get to a higher effort level and come out with a higher HRav than I have done in the 5k races!!!!! What's that all about? 

VT, What the author says about courage is true. And that sums me up - I run like a coward, I always have. I can count the times I have run to failure on the fingers of one finger. I think that it is a negative of running to HR, certainly for the longer runs. I have always run to the safe plan. Nice stats btw - good to see that your back to where you were.

Andi, paces are all relative. Keep posting your progress. Steep improvement curve in front of you.

After this week, and the series of 3 5ks, I am going back to 6 weeks of Hadd, punctuated with a hilly 10M race in the middle. So I can post without feeling like an imposter Then 15 week build-up to Amsterdam mara.

22/05/2013 at 17:02

My lad is supposed to be racing at Esholt tonight Brian, so might see you there (depends on his legs as he raced a 800m this afternoon).  I also lost my dad in 2006 to lung cancer, despite the fact he'd packed it in 20 years earlier. I've never smoked thankfully.

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22/05/2013 at 17:14
Brian. wrote

VT, What the author says about courage is true. And that sums me up - I run like a coward, I always have. I can count the times I have run to failure on the fingers of one finger. I think that it is a negative of running to HR, certainly for the longer runs. I have always run to the safe plan. Nice stats btw - good to see that your back to where you were.

Yep, sums me up quite well, have tried  running all out and something always goes wrong. It drives my mate mad because he is  the complete opposite to me, running wise.

Up date on the Tewkesbury half marathon last Sunday, 23seconds slower than Worcester half 5 weeks earlier, but ave 5 bpm higher due to the warmer weather.

The higher HR led me to a false sense of my speed ( did not start watch ) so slightly disappointed but have set a bench mark for the next Half in September.






23/05/2013 at 01:36

As the Tragically Hip say, "Courage, you couldn't come at a worse time!"


16 miles today (soaked through as I got caught in the rain about 3 times).

23/05/2013 at 11:25

DrDan, How did jnr go on? Thanks for the encouragement at the end, was needed, I can tell you!

Roy, Good luck with the Summer training. Are you hadding or more traditional training?

VT, Great long run! No need to take a shower afterwards as well

#3 last night. Psyched myself up and gave it everything. 1st km in 3:22. After 3k it was just a case of running from memory. Nothing left in the tank at the end, got passed by about 4 runners in the last 100m, that's not like me! Happy though, a bit windier than the other 2 and another 3s knocked off for 18:17.

Edited: 23/05/2013 at 11:26
23/05/2013 at 11:29

I did some maxHR testing and i'm pretty convinced my MaxHR is 184 bpm. This puts my 70-75% numbers so low that they are totally out of my grasp. I know that hadd talked about running 3min/mile slower than 5km time but my HR is still very high at this speed even. Balls.

I'm just going to run more miles and hope this takes care of things to get me to a point where i can start on Hadd.

23/05/2013 at 15:30

Khanivore, don't get too despondent. run lots and run slowly

23/05/2013 at 18:21

As Brian says   just keep running  try to keep to 75%.   And as time goes on the pace will be quicker for the same HR.

23/05/2013 at 18:35


  my annual pilgrimage to the Welsh 1000m fell race on the first of June, I think its my 20th time, spread over 32 years.

After that 5 weeks of nothingness , followed by the Saunders 2 day  mountain marathon  in Cumbria, just a bit of fun this one.

Then back into Hadd training for the Loch Ness marathon, and I know Andi is doing it, so looking forward to that.

Well done on your PB.

Khanivore, it will come down, nice and slow does it.


23/05/2013 at 19:02

Khanivore, as the others have said, run slowly and bide your time  I started HADDing in Feb this year and just taken almost 3 minutes off my 5k time running at the same WHR % in training. (Have my MAX at 188bpm btw and my resting HR has gone down from 60 to 50bpm).

Brian, excellent trio of times now some relatively peacefull HADDing for you

Roy, is that 1k or 10k in the Welsh Fell Race? And yes, think it's just over 18 weeks till Loch Ness and just realised what I signed up for! fingers crossed my stamina improves pretty quickly First goal is to finish and second goal is sub 5 hours

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