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18/06/2013 at 07:56

Roy, big up to you. Top bombing.

Vt, think everyone is different. Depends on a few things, not least

1. Experience. How long you've been running/developing the engine. 

2. Your recent training. How much time on/off.

3. Your plan. How long to your target, and what sort of target (ie. Mara ultra).

6 weeks was a nice fit for me. Following a series of 3 5k races I had a gap of 6 weeks prior to a 15 week mara build-up. From experience I have a pace in mind for my 80% runs, and will hopefully get near to that over the next 3. If I don't,  I may begin my mara schedule with 2 or 3 more before I move up to mp.

18/06/2013 at 14:07

Good running, guys

Rubbishrunner wrote (see)

Great running everyone!  Andi, it sounds like things are really starting to happen for you so hopefully it's just onwards and upwards from here for you!  You'll definitely have to adjust your marathon goal downwards

Have any of you more experienced Hadd people had any glitches with your training?  My HR is still climbing higher than it has been at slower speeds so I'm back to closer to 11min miles now.  I've allowed my average to go back to 150 to give me some wiggle room. I'm back to the docs this week to check my iron again.  Question is, should I ignore my HR and run at the pace I've been doing well at previously if it is because of low iron or should I drop my pace a lot again and keep to the lower HR?

I was really enjoying what I was doing before and I'm finding this terribly frustrating. Any advice appreciated!!

I had a similar rough patch last year. Guess for me it was a mixture of faster HM training which eroded my aerobic base and simply doesn't work for me and iron deficiency. Are you a girl, btw? Us girls are rather prone to low iron because of the monthly youknowwhat
Been taking supplements ever since and I think it took about 6 weeks for my pace to reach normal levels again. Crossing my fingers that you get to the bottom of what's wrong. Stick with a pace that you feel comfy with. I tried sub LT running at my previous pace and felt horrid as my HR went to about 90%

18/06/2013 at 18:24

Thanks Chickadee.  I am a girl and I have had low iron in the past which is why I thought it was this.  I'd scaled back my supplements as I'd been doing so well but it looks like I just need to keep the higher dose.  Or eat more steak  I'll keep to a slower pace and convince myself I haven't actually lost any fitness.  Hopefully I'll be back to full speed sooner rather than later!

19/06/2013 at 10:05

Some good stats on the previous page  ... and a great 5M PB for Roy!

A hilly 11.6M for me on Sunday (70% maxHR and 9:36/m) and a 3.4M run yesterday. I'd been on my feet all day at work and didn't have time for a longer/slower run, so instead went short but with 2.1M of the 3.4M "testing" the sub-LT pace region (7:44/m at 80%). Seemed okay on the foot but the legs weren't in the mood. 26M on the bike since Monday as well.

19/06/2013 at 14:52

Sounds promising DrDan. Easy does it. 

Sub lt run for me. Well chuffed with 7.16 pace. Although slower than my first 2, it was much warmer today.

19/06/2013 at 15:48

Rubbish: that explains it then . I firmly stuck to my supplements and -- touch wood --  the shit phase hasn't come back.

Dr. Dan: sounds hopeful!

Brian: x2 ...  I was struggling. A muggy old morning with nearly 20 degrees really played havoc with my HR. Kept the average at exactly 80% but it was my slowest of the 3 I did in the past weeks. Av. pace 8:09. I guess I just have to accept that I'm 10-20 secs slower per mile when it's warm.

Edited: 19/06/2013 at 15:50
19/06/2013 at 16:15

Chick, I think everyone is slower in the heat. Wait while next week and cooler conditions.  We'll nail the quicker pace

19/06/2013 at 17:53

RR, hope all gets sorted soon! oh, and may as well up the supplements and eat more steak (oh, for some reason had you down as a guy - my apologies).

Dr Dan, very impressive numbers

Brian, 7:16? am not surprised your well chuffed!

Chick, one of the plusses (for me) of Hadding is that you can (nearly) always blame the weather for a slower than normal time and as Brian say's, we'll all be flying when it's cooler

Well, took an unscheduled day off yeterday as I was a bit tired so, for the first time ever I did a doubler!

This morning started badly as I changed my HRM and forgot to re-sync with the Garmin but got it sorted after a few hundred yards then muppet here just started running without restarting the timer! Honestly, I flew the first mile but sadly no proof lol. Did 3 miles on the watch and added the 4th that I missed for 4 miles @10:25 and 67%

Went out this afternoon to do 10k sub 70% HRR and see just how far away I am from my PB time (in training btw). I double (nay) triple checked my watch and set off with just the current HRR on my watch and 1/2 mile times. I didn't pay mutch attention to the split times but did see a couple of 4* times go by and just one over 5:30. I did left my HRR slip above 70% for the hills but no walking needed to bring it back down again and got home in 63:17. It's not setting world alight but a whopping 2:39 faster then my previous PB! and, @ 68% today and 74% previously. 

Think I deserve a Dram or two tonight

19/06/2013 at 17:55

Andi nice mileage last week, and a nice target for the elevation change.  Well done on the latest run...great improvement.

VT nice stats on the long run - and I agree that switching routes is a good way to avoid fussing about the negatives.  I've been trawling the LetsRun threads for Hadd's comments on race specific training (Phase II), and the conclusion I've reached (and I accept it's different to others here) is that for Fast Twitch types, for marathons, just carry on with Phase I unless you plateau on the subLTs...the scary interval sessions he had were for Slow Twitchers, or races shorter than a mara.  From your 400m times I suspect you're FT...

Brian nice subLT pace in the heat !

RR  Mrs Tek heartily agrees with Chick.

Roy nice PB, well done. Hadd rules!

DD super low HR for that hilly Sunday run, and well done for testing the subLT pace.

Chick I think I'm going to be stalking your stats....

...SubLT for me, 1m warm-up then 9.6m at 8.09 av.pace.  It took 3.5m to get over 80%, then stayed between 80% and 83% until mile 8, then started to rise out of the zone a little.  Fortunately the last 0.6m was downhill. I'm a little annoyed that it's worse in pace than last week, (and still 25 secs off where I was in April), but it was hot and humid.  Roll on winter


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19/06/2013 at 19:17

When it is warm and humid I have just accepted that I will be running slower.   Gives the legs a chance to get stronger as running slower for the same HR

19/06/2013 at 21:58

Hi All,

The heat finally hit out here last weekend and agree, it slows down all the runs at a given HR. As Spen says, slower time still equals the same effort (and miles) in the bank. And just think how nice we'll feel in the fall on (a cool) race day!

I've struggled a bit this week. Ran a 5 m recovery Monday (felt tired), ran 9.5 m yesterday with 7x100m striders (fun fun fun to run fast...did the 100s on the track) but bagged it 3 short of the 10 striders I was billed to do (just felt tired the whole run and wasn't recovering enough between the last few sprints), then today did 14 (deliberately kept the pace controlled with Ave HR 71% at 8:23 m/m) and this felt much better but the last two miles I kind of wilted a bit. So all in all, my HR and times are similar, but my energy level is not. I think it's a combo of lack of sleep, not eating well (or right after the key workouts), and just a lot of volume the past few months. Will see if I can address the food/sleeping and keep the runs a bit lower intensity for  there rest of the week...still have 5, 11, rest, and 18 left this week.

Tek, yes, I do think I'm an FT all the way. But strangely, the P&D plan really seems to be a modified HADD document for phase I (maybe not as much deliberate sub-LT stuff, but definitely prescribing mostly aerobic runs (the MLRs, Aerobic runs, Long Runs, and recovery runs)).


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20/06/2013 at 07:54

VT, I suggest you go rest, 5, rest. And start again next week. Don't be a slave to the schedule. Sounds like you need a rest to me.

Tek, always think it's a good sign when it takes a while to hit your goal hr. Nice one on getting it done. Like as already been said, main thing is the effort level when the weather is not conducive to faster pace. 

Andi, hope you enjoyed a wee dram last night. Congrats again on the pb.

Well so much for the warm weather. The forecast for the weekend up here in West Yorkshire is cool and showery. Opened my father day pressie last night. Only seemed right and proper that I shared it with my lad (who'd bought it). Had a couple of Jack Daniels with honey, with lots of ice and coke. Seemed appropriate as I watched England qualify for the ICC Final.

20/06/2013 at 13:38

Brian - 'Rusty Nail' does it for me (Whisky & Drambuie) - hic - sorry Andi, that probably sounds like sacrilege to a scot!


20/06/2013 at 13:40

Nice one Brian. Luckily my kids don't like bottles of real ale, so I got to drink all my Father's Day pressies. Nice sub-LT pace, especially in this heat. My best pace at 83% subLT has been around 7:15/m after a few months of Hadding ... seems a way off at the moment though.

Likewise, nice sub-LTing from Chick and Tek ... not the ideal weather for those sessions but all good stuff so far as the legs are concerned.

VT ... take care ... that's a hefty schedule remaining this week and it sounds like you're getting tired. Brian's advice seems sensible.

Andi ... dram definitely warranted!

Yesterday was ... bike to work ... planned to run at lunchtime but didn't get a window ... so biked back home later and went straight out for 4 miles at 70%. Hot, hilly and on tired bike legs, it was worth more than it said on the tin. Similar work issues today and not sure when I can run ... might run 4M-ish down to the track in south Leeds late afternoon to catch my boy racing 800m, then run back to work (4M-ish), and cycle home (5M).


20/06/2013 at 17:56

Interesting conversation going on with the fetchies about the LSRs.   I believe these should be done below 70% but they are quoting HADD and running at 75%.


What does everyone think?

20/06/2013 at 18:21


   my son gave me a bottle of JD with honey as well,  not opened yet. Going to watch the Tour de France in Normandy in 2 weeks time, will have a few then waiting for them to pass by. Look out for a large Welsh flag at the start of the time trial from Avranches to Le Mont St Michel, I will be on the other end ! pissed most likely!


    with this heat I am finding letting the HR fluctuate between the both (70- 75% helps to keep the run at a fluid pace.

But in the cooler days I find it much easier to control the HR at a set level, that's  just my observations!!  


20/06/2013 at 18:31

Spen it is interesting, as it is a mix of a number of issues...

(1) Pure Hadd, per the document - the lowest HR that Hadd got Joe to run was 140 (72.5%), on a few short recoveries, and the lowest he quoted for a long run was 145 (75%)

(2) Average versus Ceiling.  This is not in the doc, and I guess that's because Joe was already a fit runner and didn't experience much drift.  If I set out on a LSR at 75%, I'm going to be drifting above that after about 8 miles.  So, like you, I'm a fan of trying to keep it under 70%, or lower, for as long as possible, until I give in and let myself drift to 75% (but no higher...i.e. slow down)

(3) Some of the Fetch guys are really hard-core....if I ran 50+ miles a week at 75%, plus a 10 mile sub-LT, and then did a 20 mile LR also at 75%, I'd be wrecked / injured, immediately.

Nothing wrong with training easy...slow-twitch muscle mitochondrial genesis rules

20/06/2013 at 21:32

BeDe, must admit to not having heard of rusty nail. But does sound like a wicked combination (apologies andi). The wife and I are great believers in brandy and port. 

Roy, enjoy thetour. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a drunken welshman.

Spen/tek, I've looked back at my log and the long runs involving effort (progressive and hard/easys) come out at ~75%. Whilst the time-on-feet long runs end up closer to 70%. So I can see both sides of the discussion

20/06/2013 at 22:44

Brian, thanks for the advice. Perhaps I'll take a few days as you suggest. Before I saw your message I had already done my 5 today. Went out deliberately slow for a true recovery run. Ran 9:16 m/m with ave HR 128 (64%). That is a record low HR for me. Legs were OK (as they should have been for this effort).

20/06/2013 at 23:54

Txs for all the comments/tips folks, always much appreciated

Oh, and for the record, if you want to put ice in your finest Malts then it's your call, it's just that you'll be missing out on the subtleties of said Liquor now, a drop of tap water will enhance the flavour (room temp is, of course best).

Tek, great run and nice to see I'm not the only one that keeps an eye on how long it takes to get the HR up to the desired %, maybe next year I'll also be able to report times a bit closer to yours lol. 

VT, as suggested, rest sounds a good plan and think I need one after reading about your workouts!

Brian, surely cool and showery is the best weather for HADDing? the same effort would surely produce much faster times? Or is it just the Yorkshireman and need to moan coming out Hope you both enjoyed your Drams?

No worries BeDe, as above, each to their own and not a Scot, just chose to Live up here A less interesting drink when I have a cold is hot lemonade but seems to help things though diffucult to see when it gets to the boil in the pan

Dr Dan, am sure those 7.15/m miles will be back again soon with your training how did your boy do in his race?

Spen, Tek, am always asking the same question re %'s but now settled on (trying) to run @70-72% and let it slide up a bit on hills whilst still slowing and recovering on downhills to keep the average below 70% - it seems to be working for me at the moment so shall stick with it a while longer.

Brian, I must admit that when I get a cold I look forward to going out and buying 1/4 bot of brandy and a half bot of Port - 1 glass - I find it a kill or cure remedy and always manage to sleep well afterwards

Quick question folks, still 14 weeks to my marathon and have the Mull Half in 7 weeks, I plan (nay hope) on running this in 2:20 (Hal H's time if I want a 4:55 Mara). I'm happily plodding around at 70% HRR but should I start to do some 80% runs before the half?

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