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05/07/2013 at 16:48

Not had any internet access (due to sky being useless) so been on phone.   Will catch up properly on Sunday when I get back from my weekend away


Did an impromptu 5k last night.   19:30   Never been that quick ever and think I can go a little quicker.

05/07/2013 at 21:38

14 miles done this afternoon two of my Bedgebury loops, total 14 miles. £:02 at 12:55 ave pace, so well pleased!

Now, I did listen to what you all said about ignore pace, so I focussed more on the HR, first loop I actually managed to average 138 ish, despite the heat. It didnt quite go to plan on second loop, as after 10 miles, my rate went up and I couldnt do jack s**t about it. Oh well, still averaged 142 for the whole run, so from what I can see, thats a result for me!

Sticking to the HR worked, and its how I will try to do future stuff. Honest.

Question: I saw earlier on this thread that it can be detrimental or at least hold back HADD progression by doing faster Tempos etc, now, my current training plan requires tempos, will it really affect HADDing that much? I will only be doing 1 per week, and for my level it will only be 10:30mm. should I just get on and do them, or adjust to lower?

05/07/2013 at 22:21

Cheesy, can't see 10:30s doing any great harm. And if it's in your schedule.....

Guess you gotta play it by ear and see how you cope/feel. You need to enjoy what you are doing. 

DrDan, cracking run and very quick progression. 

Chick, good, tough miles banked. 

Tek, the rest did the trick. Got out for  5.5 sunny miles at lunch. Looking fwd to long run tomorrow morning. 

05/07/2013 at 22:26

Andi, impressed with your choice of post-run rehydration

Good news on pops. Hope the toe is just a passing niggle.

Spen, nice 5k time out of the blue. Good quality speedwork.

06/07/2013 at 01:09

Great times Dr.Dan and your splits are awesome! is it really flat where you run? I struggle to have mile splits within a minute of eachother.

Chick, the day I can post '13 miles, av. pace 8.35, av HR 78%' I'll be doing somersaults down the high street and won't be calling it slow shit

Teknic, Hot Yoga? you been ogling a ladies Yoga class? hope you recover from your recovery run

spen, enjoy your weekend away

Cheesy, I agree with what Brian is saying and he knows much more about running than me If it's not enjoyable then why do it. As for your HR going up on the second loop it may have been the heat but also Cardio drift (what a cool sounding thing) and I see it as not having endurance yet but believe that is what HADDing is all about and eventually you will build the endurance and cardio drift should all but disappear (well, thats how I see it?).

Toe is much better thanks peeps and will decide on a 7 or 17 miler in the morning. Thursday nights 'session' was a precurser for my B'day on Friday (hic, 54) and did quite well... 2 pairs of 1000 mile Fusion socks, a Gortex running cap, a bottle of Arran 14yr old single malt, a new expression for me and not bad (as Brian suggests shall use it as post-run rehydration) a Garmin 910xt!!!! and a 3 day pass to the 2014 F1 at Silverstone.

06/07/2013 at 10:57

Yeah I like the 'Cardio Drift' cant wait for the film! That would make sense, as it was fine till about 10 miles, but it did also get noticably hotter then too, out for 3 hours from 14:30, it was 16:30 when it started to get really cooking Endurance is after all what I am working on, and its going to take time, but as long as I have even a small understanding of whats happening, I'll keep at it!

It was a really nice feeling getting to the end feeling pretty good, and being able to think a third lap would have been possible, but hard work.

07/07/2013 at 08:30

Andi, Happy Birthday for Friday. Some lovely pressies and not even a big birthday! 

Cheesy, cracking 3 hour stint in the heat. I really can appreciate that after yesterday! 

Got out early* yesterday and managed to get an hour in before the parkrun. 20mins for the 5k then had 10mins chatting. The run home was really testing. It was hilly (always is), it was hot and I was thirsty and hadn't taken a drink with me. Got home with a round the houses route, and realised I was going to be 20mins short of my 2.25 hour target. 2 more laps of the block, passing the house, and I had finished! Chuffed getting it done. 16miles @75% 8.23 pace.

* early for me

07/07/2013 at 09:24

Spen that's a great 5k PB, well done. Was that just off the base training or have you been putting in some intervals too?

Cheesy well done on that 3 hour long run

Andi happy birthday for Friday fella - nice haul of pressies too!  I love my hot yoga; it's a shame I can't wear my glasses, as that would make it infinitely better

Brian well done for sticking to the plan in this heat - nice pace for 75% too

Up and out by 0630 this morning to get another sub-LT in before the day got too hot.  Happy with 7:57mm over 8 miles, av. HR 78%, with the last few miles a fairly stable 82% or 83%. That's 2 sub-LTs this week - legs are feeling a little tired now.

Another week is over: 69m in 10h04, 8:45mm avg. pace, 70%max avg. HR

Edited: 07/07/2013 at 09:26
07/07/2013 at 09:42

Teknik   I have never done any intervals.   

07/07/2013 at 19:32

wow spen - I want some of that speed off of no interval training please . Goes to show how well aerobic training really works. Congrats on a brilliant 5k time there!

Happy belated b'day, Andi

Nice sub LT work, Tek. We love 7:5x pace don't we

Brian: that long run sounds tough. I have to avoid passing by my house coz the lure to simply stop is too tempting.

Lovely day out on the bike yesterday, followed by too much vino and a raging hangover this morning   there goes my 5k race out of the window ...  oh well a 2pm start on a hot day would have resulted in a mediocre time anyway. I would have entered on the day, so no money lost

07/07/2013 at 19:33

forgot to say: nice 3 hour run, cheesy   you have by far the best forum name I've ever come across

07/07/2013 at 22:50

Sounds like a great run/s Sat Brian Am impressed you just slipped in a 20 minute 5k! Early for me seems to be the crack of Midday at weekends these days. I'm with Chick on loops near my house as it's just too easy to stop so prefer out 'n backs.

Teknic, another uber good week of running

spen, sounds like your flying now!

Chick, are we all just a bunch of drunks running to burn the beer/vino cals?

Busy day today, Andy Murray and F1 so recorded Andy after the second set (F1 was also being recorded) and went out for 13.1 miles - it was too hot and hit 70% after just a few hundred yards and really struggled. Got to halfway in 1:15 @77% MAX and back in 1:32 getting the HR down to 75%. Had several walk breaks and ended up with 2:47 (12:47mm) but guess it's a benchmark and Cheesy, very similar to your times. Garmin tells me the incline is about the same as Loch Ness so guess my run was twice as hilly for the distance (400 metres) and about half the decline. 

Hope to get a couple of easy runs runs in Mon, Tues then off to France where it's up to 40 degrees! (that's C not F btw).

Weeks stats, 31.31 miles in 6:06:08, 11:42 min/mile and 71.81% of MAX

08/07/2013 at 08:43
Andi McGill 2 wrote (see)

Chick, are we all just a bunch of drunks running to burn the beer/vino cals?

tee hee, you got a point there, Andi. I took up running so I could eat more but it's a good way to drink more too   I tend to be teetotal for a few weeks (well, like 2 weeks really) leading up to my major A race though
Well battled yesterday and kudos for keeping your HR in check. That's a lot of incline

Felt guilty about being so lazy this WE so I decided to get my act together and re-try that horrendous 13 miler with 8 @ MP this morning.
Ended up with 13 miles at 8:00 (av. HR 79%) and the 8 faster miles averaged 83% which came out as 7:48 . I felt like a completely different person as opposed to Friday when I hated every step and just wanted to throw my toys out of the pram ...

08/07/2013 at 09:19

Tek, great numbers! But when you post your weekly stats it's plain to see why. Cracking weekly mileage again. 

Chick, great biking weather over here too. Trouble is though mines rusting away in the garage. Nothing wrong with your focus - well done getting the mlr re-done.

Andi, I must admit to running past home purposefully. Test the focus/discipline. Enjoy your trip to France. 

My weekly stats:

53 miles 7hrs2mins 7.55 pace HRav 130 (70.6%)

08/07/2013 at 11:52

Crikey - I go away for the weekend and the thread explodes!!

Happy B'day Andi - and France to look forward to! - there myself for a wedding in 2 weeks (not mine !!!!).

Great running everyone - especially in this heat (for those in UK) - maybe Mull is a bit cooler (in every way).

Got my dates mixed up for spine brace release - officially it's this Thursday with 2 weeks after that part time when out walking dog (RAGGS - see pic ). Back / spine feels OK - except in the mornings - apparently all the ligaments / muscles around now have to sort themselves out as well the bone. Already starting to plan recovery exercises.

08/07/2013 at 22:16

Hello all.  One week in and loving all the updates from people.  Can only say WOW to some of the pace/mileage you are all doing.  Gives even us newbies a little hope.

My week was slightly less dramatic 26 miles at a pace of 12:12 and 72%  still probably my biggest mileage week and legs dont feel the effects as much as before.

08/07/2013 at 23:14

Chick, I too used running to let me eat more to start, not really on a diet but logged all my food for 6 months over at myfitnesspal but can pretty much guesstimate my intake now. I'd like to go teetotal for a couple of weeks but struggle doing it for 24 hours Well done at turning around your bad run - shows commitment

Brian, passing home is too easy for me to give up, even doing laps of a local lake (dead on a mile) I'll curtail it early Great stats (as always btw).

Txs BeDe, and enjoy your wedding Good luck for Thursday!! Obviously I don't know how your feeling but had a diskectomy about 10 years ago and the pain was excruciating - took me 12 weeks to recover and get back to work (even then it was part time for 3 months). Oh, don't skimp on the excercises, I did and probably added weeks onto recovery. Say hi to RAGGS ;)

Sub, well done with your stats though I'd have gone that extra 385 yards to make it a Marathon week Pretty soon you'll be reaping the HADD benefits I'm sure. My first noticeable gain was being able to go out on consecutive days as DOMS became a thing of the past.

No run for me today, work sh&te got in the way and been packing tonight. Am unhappy with KLM as they want £50 to put a single bag in the hold! (thought they were a bigger player). So, packed as much stuff as possible into a cabin bag and as it's high season and the flight is already £100 more than last time I'm skipping the hotel in glasgee and gonna camp in the airport


09/07/2013 at 10:08

Andi Airport camping sounds like fun!! Although having been to Glasgow i can imagine why you might prefer it

Wasnt till yesterday that i added up the mileage but given i had a rest day and a swimming day last week this weeks target is to go beyond the marathon distance.  didnt seem to notice any DOMS at all last week but looking forward to the days my knees stop giving me gyp.

09/07/2013 at 10:12

Morning All ...

Feels like a Monday as I took yesterday off work ... but great to read back and see all the hard work.

Cheesy- very nice loooooong run!

Brian well toughed out in the heat.

sub ... good progress!

Andi - happy birthday ... happy hols ... and happy camping.

BeDe ... won't be long until it's all a distant memory!

Chick - great cycling and running ... MP session was super!

Spen - sub-20 5K off base training!

Tek - another great week ... and your legs deserve to be shot!

I took Saturday off ... Sunday I was up ay 05:30 and did 13.2 hilly miles at 67% maxHR (9:49/m)... at least I avoided the heat! Then I took my lad to the undulation Eccup junior 2M race. He repeated his 4th place frpom last year but did it 30s quicker (12:15ish on my watch). Felt sorry for the seniors having to race 10M in those temperatures!

I took Monday off work but slotted in a 6.6M run at lunchtime, again at 67% maxHR (9:44/m), but didn't avoid the heat this time. Today it's bike commute and then a slow 2 x 3.7M at lunch to catch the boy racing 800m at his school sports day (as far as he's concerned, this is the big race of the season). So, 45 miles this week plus 50 on the bike ... 5 weeks of post-injury training done and looking good.


Although I did two sub-LTs last week,  I think I will cut back to a single sub-LT on a Wednesday and try to increase it to 10M over the next few weeks ... meanwhile I'll also increase the LSR distance, keeping it sub-70%. Everything else will be 5-7ish at sub 70%. Once I get the sub-LT and LSR up to distance, I'll re-assess.


Edited: 09/07/2013 at 10:16
09/07/2013 at 10:16


The Tempo went better than expected! mile warmup at sub130, just under 4 miles at what turned out to be between 9:00 and 9:30 pace with HR going 155-160 which is 83-86% but do remember I did a hilly route, and the hills were a killer  Still, on the more level bits, it soon came down below 150 80% so all in all, well pleased. I will be looking at a different part of the forest for these Tempos tho, I can repeat a 1.5 mile section which has very little climb, so I wont get hassled by the hills! Was actually really nice to keep going at that speed for that long! Never been able to do that without feeling like i'm dieing at the end of it. Somethings working 

Some nice running and stats by everyone! 



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