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18/07/2013 at 09:56

chick -

20 degrees, 93% humidity so all I managed was 7:59 pace @ 79%

still - pretty good - although you will know from your own stats. Speedwork and me never got on although I hadn't really built up a big enough base when I first tried it. Even sub LT was a bit ambitious for me . Take care of those hamstrings.

OK - back on the bike now - 3 rides this week so far (gentle). Went to my physio yesterday and she reckons there is no reason why I can't start fitting in some gentle runs come August. Off to France next week where there is a pool so some swimming also. Feels good to at last be doing some regular exercise (albeit not HADDing yet) - now all I have to do is lose the 8lbs I put on during forced relaxation!!!


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18/07/2013 at 17:05

A bit on lactate - interesting stuff here for those who want to know more. There is a bit at the end about a test for finding LT threshold.

Lactate Threshold

18/07/2013 at 17:09

Will have a read later!

No running today ... legs felt mashed and I need to avoid over-training. I did bike to/from work and I repeated the last swim session (850m - 400m warm-up, then 9 x 50m intervals).

19/07/2013 at 15:10

So I'm hovering in a strange place right now. The heat is something to behold...my work schedule is full on, and I'm working through this Achilles/calf issue. It has been hard to get out routinely due to work and the weather (just can't go when it is convenient each day). Anyway, was able to get out last night and ended up doing a 12 mile run with 4 miles at LT. It was about 85 degrees and very humid. I went brisk from the beginning and miles 7-11 were at LT (ave HR of 170 or 85%). Overall it was a good run...felt strong and held the LT effort for each mile. Was pleasantly chuffed at the end. The heat is supposed to break Sunday...just in time for a 20 miler.

Also, the source of my achille's niggle seems to be some deep tightness in the middle of my calf. The weird thing is I now have numbness on the outside of my heel on that leg. If I press along the Achilles up into the calf it tingles. Probably a nerve getting impinged due to some swelling. I wore compression socks yesterday and that helped a lot. My PT thinks I should see a sports medicine person about this though. Anyone have a similar experience in the past?

19/07/2013 at 15:51

Not posted much recently due to moving house.   Did 18 miles last week.  Started below 75% max hr but ended up at 83%.   Even paced all the way at 8.30 mm,   It did warm up quite a lot in the time I was out so not downhearted.


Not run much with the move and the damn heat.   So just having 5 days off.  Will not do me any harm.

19/07/2013 at 21:18

2:46 done tonight and actually managed to keep HR below 140! coming in at 139 a smidge under 75%. the first 1:40 ish was probably 5 lower than that so still got my cardiac drift near the end. I do think the cooler temps had a lot to do with it, but what ever it was, I'm pleased 12.25 mm but was supposed to be 13.0mm just couldnt get that slow again anywhere except hills.

Did feel more tired near the end, but probably still not fully recovered from wednesdays tempo, which was a real cooker temp wise.

21/07/2013 at 11:29

Sorry, not posted for a while as I've been on holiday...

BeDe that graph was interesting - it really shows how quickly you can go off the boil even after a short injury.  Good post about lactate too - thanks. Enjoy your holiday and look forward to August !

DD nice cross training - hope the legs feel a little better today

VT hope the weather breaks for your long run today.  In answer to your question of about a week ago, I'm fine - most sessions are easy, mileage is building nicely and HR starting to drop again.  I would go and see a physio about the Achilles / heel / calf - can't hurt and they might have a few new stretches to help.

Spen enjoy the few days' rest !

Cheesy well done on the long run

Tommy welcome - I agree with DD's estimate for your max.  The other thing we need to know is a recent 5k time/pace. 

Brian well done on those last few interval sessions - awesome paces

Andi hope you're enjoying the holiday

Chick well done on that subLT - tough going in the heat. 

OK I stupidly took a cut-back week last week, so it was a full training week on the holiday.  It was 36C most days, so that meant a lot of getting up early to get out before the sun killed me, plus a few evening treddie sessions in the air-con. I did a few (short) 200/200 sessions at 6:40mm / 9:39mm and I think it's had a good effect on my cadence.

Did a 19m long run this morning at 72%max average, with a 75% lid, and averaged 8:35mm - so quite a bit quicker than last week.

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21/07/2013 at 22:33

So on Friday night I went out and started to feel pain on the lower outside of my left knee. I had been feeling a little something there for a few runs...think my LT overdid this part of me. My PT warned me to go easy this week cause I was so rundown/banged up. It feels much better today through. Will rest another day and chalk this past week up as my flex week. Get some treatment on Tuesday and then see how everything is feeling. I've really gotten stuck in the weeds here lately. Haven't given up hope yet though. Worst case, I could run a local marathon here (is 1 week later than the planned marathon)...would give me a little more wiggle room. 

21/07/2013 at 22:38

Evening all, had a great 10 days in France, even nipped through the tunnel to Italy for lunch one day Was great sitting in 39 degrees with snow all around us! Just the 4 mile run during the holiday and came back to high 20's! Struggled to do 6 miles yesterday (76%) and tried 18 tonight (74%) but struggled even though I went out later - too hot out and cool coming back, I even stopped sweating! Both times were v slow but am blaming the heat and decided HADDing is for cooler times lol.

Picked up a pair of  Brooks Vapor 10's in France (apparrently am now a slight overpronator), they were fine on the shorter runs but my knees and hamstrings ache tonight but that might be because I'd never 'run' that far before?

Oh, 3 weeks to the Mull HM and looking at last years results the sweeper may well 'sweep' me up if I don't finish last but someone has to and I heard the last person home gets the biggest cheer


22/07/2013 at 09:36

Nice running, Andy. 39 degrees

VT: watch those injuries. I'm going to keep you company on the bench. Have picked up a few niggles myself, notably a calf issue. It's different from yours - mine feels like it's going to cramp whenever I get up and take the first step  and there's a dull ache when I run. Not hurting badly, but not right either. I have done more speedwork than is good for me lately    This week will be easy. Have a P&D LT run scheduled on Wednesday but may drop it if this calf thing doesn't improve.

Tek: great 19 miler

Dr.Dan wrote (see)

No running today ... legs felt mashed and I need to avoid over-training. I did bike to/from work and I repeated the last swim session (850m - 400m warm-up, then 9 x 50m intervals).

Hope your legs feel better, Dr. D.

Last hard sesh for me was yesterday - 16 with 10 @ MP   Got up at 4am, had a banana and a coffee and left around 5am. It was OK for about 40mins, then the sun came up and it got hot. Decided I was going to run by HR rather than try any stupidly fast MP. Ended up with 7:47 pace @ 81%. Took about 3 miles or so to get my HR up and those miles felt super tough. Once I had the HR around 78-80% I felt good. Very little drift over the next 5 miles or so. But then the heat got me and the final miles saw HR climb steadily to about 87%  

22/07/2013 at 10:53

VT - Take care!!!

Tek - Fantastic long run!

Chick - 16 with 10 at MP deserves a large beer!

Andi - welcome back.

I confounded my cut-back week by also missing my long run yesterday - I'd planned to escape during a family trip to Holmfirth junior triathlon (lots of hanging around between registration and the actual races) for a 10M hike up to Holme Moss/Woodhead Pass (a cat 2 climb that will feature in next years TdF) ... but time went against me. Meanwhile, my daughter did her first junior tri ... and my son had a bike crash in the youth event ... but got back on and came 4th (fastest in the run stage).

So, only 17 miles running for the week but 51 miles bike and 1 mile in the pool. I did the parkrun on Saturday, as I thought a good blow-out was in order to sharpen me up for next week's triathlon - I managed 20:50 (6:42/m) at 89% max HR (6 bpm below my 19:34 PB from 2 years ago).


Tommygun2    pirate
22/07/2013 at 11:05
Teknik wrote (see)

Sorry, not posted for a while as I've been on holiday...


Tommy welcome - I agree with DD's estimate for your max.  The other thing we need to know is a recent 5k time/pace. 


Erm...I have only run a couple of competitive 5k races awhile ago too.. I think 2011 best 5k was 22mins.


Should have my first few run data later this week..


22/07/2013 at 11:49

Tommy add 3 mins to the 5k pace which is about 7 min miles.    So run at 10 min miles.  

Tommygun2    pirate
22/07/2013 at 12:22

Thanks Spen

Tthat sounds about right re the pacing although as I have had so much time off I am thinking nearer the 11min/mile to start with untill my fittness and wieght get back to pre injury shape.

23/07/2013 at 01:49

Yes Chick, was hot! but why doesn't the snow/ice melt? and yes, take things easy and drop the LT if your not feeling 100%. Got up at 4am? I'd only just gone to bed lol

Txs Dr Dan and good to be back in the fold Sounds like the Dan Family could create a mini tri team

Tommy, welcome back, it would be interesting to see your earlier 5k race stats along with the new ones when you have them

Do you ever have those runs when you know you shouldn't have gone out? Drove to the Mishnish Lochs this afternoon (just 2 miles away) and had to nip back for my HRM strap, then, started my watch and zilch, nadder, nuffin - forgot to charge it after the 18 miler so ended up running nekid (Garmin nekid of course). 

Then to finish the run off I had a fag sat on the side of the road. i got in the car and noticed 3 small scratches on my right middle finger and brushed the small amount of blood away. When I got home the middle finger was a bit swollen but when I got out of the shower the sweeling was across 3 of my knuckles I spotted a doctor shutting the surgery and ran over to show her, she gave me some antihistamines and told me to get in touch if the swelling got worse.

Well, it did and sent a pic to a friend of mine who just happened to be having dinner with a couple of nurses from the surgery and a guy known for his 40 years of Mull 'life' experience - he said Adder bite! He scared me and google images looked just like my hand so after some persuassion was driven to hospital to be put in a sling, given antibioticsand be told it's a bug bite not an Adder bite. This made me feel better but more people have said the little scratches and swelling make them think it is an Adder bite. 

Watch this space and if I don't return I guess it was an Adder!


23/07/2013 at 09:43

VT take care !

Andi welcome back and jesus !! ouch!!

Chick that's a hard long run - not surprised you drifted at the end given the heat and the 6 warm-up miles.

DD congrats to your two junior athletes, and nice Parkrun.

Tommy good thinking

Spen hope you're ok

SubLT for me today. I thought the rain would make it cooler but it was still very muggy at 7am when I went out. 1m w/up then 8.5m at MaraHR - came out as 7:59mm, flattened out at 1 beat over 83%, so slightly disappointed given the improvement in other training paces.  Still, 14 weeks to go, so patience required.

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23/07/2013 at 21:11

Well, got 6 pain free miles in last night but today the knee got sore within the 1st mile and by 3 miles I bagged it. My PT confirmed IT band issues. Not quite sure how to proceed. Guess I'll just (foam) roll the hell out of it and stretch it a lot and try again in a few days.

The P&D plan seems to have broken me down on many levels, but this knee thing has been the only issue I don't feel I can run through. When it starts to hurt, it just plain hurts.

My target marathon is 11 or 12 weeks away (Oct. 6). Not sure if I'll be able to make it. Will just have to see how I respond.

Chick, hope you are feeling better. Hope you bounce back quickly.

Andi, take it easy there buddy. Hope you feel better too.

Tek...nice steady miles again. Improvement will certainly come.

24/07/2013 at 09:58

VT - bad luck.  I had IT-band knee issues back when I started and it was so frustrating. I found that switching from heel- to fore-foot striking sorted it out as it took the pressure/rubbing away from the hot-spot.

Tek - slowly slowly catch the monkey.

Bike commute and 5.3M on Monday and 2 x 5M double run-commute yesterday. Back on the bike today and hoping to get in a swim. EDIT: swim done: 400m front crawl in 9 min and then 8 x 50m intervals with 30s recoveries at 1 min per 50m pace.

I have a place at Abingdon marathon on Oct 20th  ... after having to give up my Chester marathon for the 6th, I thought it would be Leicester on 13th but managed to officially swap a number for Abo.

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24/07/2013 at 21:23

Txs Teknic. I'd love to be able to run sub 8 min miles @83% and doubt the day would ever come where I'm not over the moon with that sort of time Would you say 83% is a decent average for a HM? I have one in just under 3 weeks and was planning on just doing it as a LSR but it looks like the sweeper will pick me up well before the finish at my planned pace lol.

Cheers VT, have decided I won't be sitting in the grass for my post run fag any time soon. Fingers crossed you get the knee sorted, it would be a shame to miss the mara after all your hard work

Dr Dan, well done on the doubler at either end of a days work! I keep thinking about them but something always crops up. 

Well, 2 of my knuckles have reappeared so the swelling is going down on my hand but seems to be creeping up past my wrist. I'll keep taking the tablets and hope things get better soon (it's getting very itchy). 6.3 easy miles today and managed to keep my avg HR down to 73% (11:40mm) in the heat. 


25/07/2013 at 13:53

Andi I would say 83% is a decent average for a half - I just looked up my stats for my PB in March and that's what I hit, on fairly even splits.  I do suffer from bad drift, though, so "average" is a bit misleading - last mile was 91% and the sprint finish was 94%.  Fitter runners would have a flatter graph and higher average %. Good luck with the bite.

VT ice, roller, stretches. ITB is a bugger and you've really got to nurse it.  There are a bunch of good stretches on Youtube that are worth looking into.

DD nice training and congrats on bagging an Abo place !

Had a bit of fun last night running my first ever 3k.  Course was a crumbly and rutted gravel path around the park.  Managed 3:58 per k , or 6:23 per mile, but didn't get a sub-12 as the course was long by 80 metres. Still, it's a PB.... Then a hot, sweaty and hilly 14m MLR this morning - avg.70% max with a few bad spikes over 75%. 

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