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01/11/2011 at 14:43

LS21 - Hi!  I read one of your posts on fb recently and nearly replied with "you need a rest", but glad to see you're here and I think Brian's on to something with getting back down the other end of the toothpaste tube!

As for myself, following my 4-week post-op appointment recently I now have a more concrete recovery plan.  The doc was very pleased with my progress in terms of range of movement in the hip, and all the exercise I've managed to do over the past few weeks.  Having originally talked about 3 - 6 months to get back to running, he's now saying I should be good to give it a try over the next 4 - 6 weeks. So my plan is to carry on kncoking the hell out of the bike and the gym for the whole of November and return to running from beginning of December.

Given that I want to keep up a decent level of cycling (need to be in a fit state for track racing next season!) I don't think I'll be able to follow a textbook HADD plan but I will be treating Dec/Jan/Feb as a solid period of building up mileage and limiting my running to sub-threshold pace.  Hopefully then I'll be in a good state to get back into tempo/faster running and return to the track to sharpen up in time for a return to racing around April or so.  That's the plan.  The XC guys will have to chase promotion without me. 

Oh and I've somehow managed to get myself back down to 12 stone, 2 pounds lighter than when I ran a 2:44 marathon. 

01/11/2011 at 14:55

Nice one Phil. Great news on the rehab going so well. And the weight!!!!

All that great tucker you feed yourself too!!!!!

Looks like we'll all be aerobic monsters come 2012

01/11/2011 at 14:55

Great news and great progress Phil!

Unfortunately my attempt to bridge October's marathon with some speed-work, aiming towards a 10K PB attempt in November have ended with injury, so I will be crss-training for a while before re-starting a Hadd-based schedule on my return.

01/11/2011 at 15:04

Mmmmmm, tough lesson to learn there DrDan. Been there bought the physio.

After Marathon, one week off, then easy 3 weeks. Remember for next time.

Hope the injury clears quickly.

01/11/2011 at 15:49

Not too worried Brian ... pretty sure a decent break will sort things out and I could probably do with a psychological break after all the marathon miles. An opportunity to swim and cycle for a few weeks which will also be useful for 2012's summer triathlon campaign.

 Hope to be back in time for a good attempt at the Brass Monkey in January.

01/11/2011 at 15:56
If there's any silver lining to all this injury malarkey it's the possibilities it opens up for multi-sport fun.  I think I'm enjoying cycling more now than I did as a teenager.  I still can't see me getting in a swimming pool any time soon though. 
01/11/2011 at 15:59
Seem to remember reading that you were pretty nifty on 2 wheels as a kid?
01/11/2011 at 16:05
Phil - great stuff re your progress with the hip. Really pleased for you, cos it seems a LONG time since your great run at Beachy Head (that must be one of your last proper races at a guess?) Nice one on the weight loss too - that'll be all those fancy soups you're making! And yes, I really do need to just take it easy. So obvious but sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees, and I've probably been in denial a little bit about how jaded I've become.

Less good news for Dr Dan, but maybe not a bad thing in the long-term. As Brian says, I missed about 4 months at the end of last year through injury. I only really started running again at Xmas. I then had 6 weeks of sensible base and a 12 week Mara prep. I was flying, and in hindsight that long lay off did me the world of good. Why I don't seem to learn from these things is anyone's guess.....!
01/11/2011 at 16:10

It does seem that we find these things out by pure accident!! I did the same this year, overdid it in Jan/Feb, injured till June, then flying by October when I thought I would struggle. The rest obviously does us good, even though we get it thru injury. Must be a lesson to learn here.

01/11/2011 at 16:15
Indeed! So m advice to Dan is to run really fast for 2 weeks and really, REALLY injure yourself. Then by next Autumn you'll be setting PBs every week!
01/11/2011 at 16:18

LS21 - Beachy Head was two years ago!  In between injuries I did manage a few months' racing last year and squeezed in a 5 mile victory and a HM pb but never quite got back into [real] pb shape, so hopefully will get back there this time round.  According to my cunning recovery plan my next marathon won't be until VLM 2013 by which time I won't have run 26.2 miles in three and a half years.

Brian - I never really reached my potential with cycling but did manage to bag the "schoolboy of the year" title at the track league I'm gonna race next year.  (Back in 1988.)  I've got ambitions of getting my name in Cycling Weekly again to see if they can spell it right this time!



Edited: 01/11/2011 at 16:19
01/11/2011 at 16:57

 Great pic!

I don't see any swimming pix though!

After a sprint tri earlier this year, I have plans to have a go at the Olypmpic distance in 2012, so some time swimming and cycling isn't bad. However, tri is just a bit of fun ... I'm a rubbish swimmer and nothign more than a bike-commuter, so really I need to get back to running asap.

LS21 wrote (see)
Indeed! So m advice to Dan is to run really fast for 2 weeks and really, REALLY injure yourself. Then by next Autumn you'll be setting PBs every week!

Okay, good advice ... I'm off for a session right now!

Edited: 01/11/2011 at 16:58
01/11/2011 at 17:11
Dr.Dan wrote (see)

 Great pic!

I don't see any swimming pix though!

This is about as close as I get to swimming these days. Check out the cycling tan!


01/11/2011 at 17:21
I think I need one of those yellow things for my next Tri.
01/11/2011 at 22:00

Tough luck Dr D. I assume it was the Abbey Dash you were targeting. Check those legs out Mr P.


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02/11/2011 at 08:28

Great pics Phil!

That reminds me too - I've not listened to Kraftwerk's 'Tour de France' for a while. Or 'Club Tropicana' by Wham! either....

02/11/2011 at 08:43

Heard Barbie Girl on the radio the other morning

Anyway that reminds me too - Tenerife on Friday.... yeeeeeeeesss!

02/11/2011 at 12:26
Enjoy Brian - not jealous at all.....

Anyway, I've not ran Mon or Tue this week and won't do much for the rest of it, so I did my 2,400m test this morning. More so I have something as a benchmark to measure against. So scores on the doors were:

Rep 1 - 124bpm avg = 8'23 pace
Rep 2 - 133bpm avg = 8'03 pace
Rep 3 - 143bpm avg = 7'27 pace
Rep 4 - 153bpm avg = 6'56 pace
Rep 5 - 163bpm avg = 6'11 pace

Those stats are actually better than I thought they would be, and as I say, something to measure progress against in 6 weeks time.
02/11/2011 at 14:46

Brian - good stuff.  I'm off to Lanzarote for a long weekend in December for the "work Christmas do".  Apparently it was cheaper for four of us to fly there than 3 of my [Dutch - ed.] colleagues to fly to London.  Fair enough!

LS21 - Good to set the benchmark.  I should probably do the same when I've got a few miles back in my legs...

I think the main thing I'll be using this for is the discipline of sticking to lower heart rates than I'm used to (at least initially) as a way of building the legs back into running shape.  I've swapped notes with BR about how my 'easy pace' may not be quite easy enough, as the heart and lungs are strong but the (running) legs possibly lagging behind.  Especially at the moment, my aerobic system is pretty well honed, but my running muscles have been asleep for quite some time.  I know when I tried a tentative 5 mile run a few months ago (which was fine at the time but hip felt niggly the following evening) I averaged 74% maxHR for a pace of around 7:40.  All very well to see a decent HR/pace ratio after such a lay-off, and breathing was fine, but perhaps the legs were trying a little too hard.  I think I'm better off targetting HR around 70% max initially, and accept whatever pace that comes out at.  Then once I've managed a few weeks of niggle-free running and I'm getting back towards the 45 - 50 mpw area I can start pushing it into zones 2,3, etc.  Thoughts/comments? 

Edited: 02/11/2011 at 14:53
02/11/2011 at 14:51
JohnnyBike wrote (see)
Tough luck Dr D. I assume it was the Abbey Dash you were targeting.

Yep, Abbey Dash. Got my sub-40 there last year and was hoping for better this time. Oh well.

LS21 ... nice Hadd-testing ... what is your maxHR? By the way, is the nickname anything to do with Otley?

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