HADD training plan

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09/08/2012 at 09:59

mace, that seems reasonable. Set yourself HR targets at 4 and 8 miles.

09/08/2012 at 10:37
VT - I found that I could use an eliptical in the early days of my recovery post repair. I tried the 3months of rest with core strengthening but ended up down the surgery route. Where abouts are you based? There are lots of different methods of repair, some better than others, but the type you get depends which surgeon you see!
09/08/2012 at 21:18

Hi forty_44,

Interesting to hear you've had this problem too. Was yours a sports hernia as well?

I live in Vermont and have yet to see a general surgeon (will in a couple weeks). I'm due for an ultrasound next week. It's been a frustrating experience. My PT and Sports Medicine doc (who does not do surgery) say it's a sports hernia but again haven't seen a general surgeon yet. I'm seeing the chief of surgery who I'm told is very good. I just hope he's knowledgable about this injury. No one seems to have experience with it or to have a very good rehab plan for me. My reading suggests there are just a few surgeons in the US that do this well (or with high frequency to ensure they are good). Would you mind telling me more about the types of core work you did during the 3 months after injury (but before surgery)? Did you/could you do any cross training during this time? How did you decide to get surgery (what doc) and what type of surgery (e.g. mesh or not, laproscopic or open). Last, what was your recovery like and how long before you were running again?

I hope you are back 100%. To be honest, this whole situation is like a bad dream and I feel helpless to predict/know how things will go. 

Chickadee, yes, perhaps you are correct about the mileage line. I have to say though...if I hadn't added the 80% runs, I think I could have kept the 60-70 mile weeks. Perhaps a better compromise might be 50ish weeks with the a single 80% in the future. I'll probably just HADD my way back to a good volume and just keep HADDING minus any speed for a long while and very gently begin to introduce some shorter tempo stuff. I think having a core strenghtening program will be key as well.

Mace, I'm certainly no expert (and who knows what really did me in) but I'd be conservative about your mileage. There's no hurry. If you are feeling niggles here and there that is probably a good sign to keep the mileage where it's at, take a step back week, or, if a down week doesn't suffice, maybe reduce the mileage a bit (or see if you are getting enough sleep or are eating well enough). Good luck to you moving forward.

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10/08/2012 at 00:02

Hi all,

Decided to venture out this afternoon for a 10k easy run to see what sort of readings my HR monitor would put out! Instead of trying to keep my MR at a certain level I just took it easy and monitored the results.

For the first 3-4 miles my HR was sitting at about 80%, and I felt great, wasn't out of breath etc. For the last couple of miles it crept up to 90% (possibly because i was going slightly uphill and I got a bit excited at the fact that I felt so good!).

I even had energy for a sprint at the end to see how high I could get my ticker pounding!

I was tempted to really push but due to the heat I gave it a miss. It was a scorcher!

Probably sad but it felt really good to finish a decent distance and not be in any pain etc!! 65 mins for 6.2mile

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10/08/2012 at 10:40
Hi VT, I had a sports hernia, confirmed by a general surgeon here in the UK. Post surgery I was having physio every week and doing tons of light core work although I don't know any of the names of the stuff I was doing!

I had a mesh repair via an open surgery, longer recovery time but less likely to need further repair in future. My physio recommended the surgeon and the surgery when I wasn't recovering with core work.

Recovery was about 3-4months from start to finish, and was painful at the beginning, but that's more to do with the fact that you use that area so much in general day to day life! Once all the internal bruising etc settles then its just a case of strengthening the area.

I would say I'm definitely 100% recovered from it and don't get any pain in the area and it feels much stronger. I personally wouldn't go for anything other than the mesh, but I'm sure there are people that have had the stitch method who would swear by that...... What I do know about mesh is that my surgeon listed about 10 premiership footballers who had had repairs done, about 3 by him with mesh and 7 by someone else using a stitch, most of the 7 stitched ones have had mutliple surgeries, the mesh people have just had the one surgery and contine to.play football now.

It's tough to find info about, try searching for Gilmore groin too (its the same thing but different name!).
11/08/2012 at 00:54


Thanks for the info. Very glad to hear you are back to 100%.

Perhaps I'll be lucky and heal; I did stop most everything as soon as it flared up the first time. Waiting game now.

Mesh or stitch? I'd rather be contemplating 8 miles or 12 miles today...

11/08/2012 at 08:37
No probs, good luck!
14/08/2012 at 15:03

mace ... very nice subLT session. Good luck with the HM!

I haven't managed a sub-LT session yet this month! With recovery, a trip to London and a parkrun (20:04 - best for 13 months), there hasn'r been much scope for a Hadd sub-LT. However, I've run an 18M and a 20M (2 weeks apart), each with a 6.2M section at the end which has been pushing the HR a touch over sub-LT by the end.

15/08/2012 at 09:18

DrDan, things going well for you obviously with a fast 5k! And I'm guessing you've done little or no specific speedwork for that?

On the subject of 5k racing, I (and a couple of mates) did the York 5k last night. Lovely evening, a bit too warm and muggy really, but having done some quality sessions over the last 4 weeks was expecting to beat my last 2 runs on this course - 18:40 (2009) and 18:56 (2011). Had a really good run and pushed all the way for 18:09 and (ditto DrD) fastest 5k for a while. Needless to say I'm happy with my progress. Easy for the rest of the week now, with a visit to Beverley Races tomorrow and a few beerios.


16/08/2012 at 10:24

Brain. ... yes, I've done no speedwork for ages. I'm hoping to improve on that on Saturday - although it was my best 5K for over a year, I felt very "heavy legged" even during the warm up (probably due to the vast number of hours on my feet while Olympic trailing in London). Well done on the 5K at York - great time ... enjoy the beverages!

16/08/2012 at 16:16

Hi everyone,

Started running Nov 2011, tried HADD training for Silverstone HM in March 2012. I was too impatient, struggling to keep my HR low enough to start (which seems a common theme on this thread). Changed program - got injured - got mended - did HM and then went on to do Malvern HM 5% faster. Trying to train for 10K by increasing speedwork - guess what - injured again!! Not serious - 2 weeks will sort it out. Decided 'speed' is not my bag so want to go back to HADD again for Siverstone HM in March 2013.

So plenty of time (I think) to try and get to an 8:55 m/m from my current HM pace of 9:40 m/m. That may sound VERY slow to some people but I'm 53 and have not run previous to last November for 30 years. Some advice please. I can currently train about 4 times a week (sometimes 3) - current  mileage 15 - 17 (was doing 25 when training for HM) - what would anyone recommend for HM (weekly mileage) using the HADD methodology in order to get to where I want given I have 26 weeks to get there - starting at around 20 miles. Is there an optimum mileage or is it down to time on legs?

MaxHR = 183

70% - 128

75% - 137

80% - 146

85% - 156 (this is what I would like to aim for at HM pace)

16/08/2012 at 16:40

Hi BD2000 If a HM is your aim, I would just concentrate on getting your weekly mileage up first. HM training really requires at least 40 mpw, with at least a 14 mile LSR once a week. To get there you need to build up from your 15-25 mpw starting point gradually over the next 10-11 weeks ... say 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 40, all at around 125-135 bpm.

So start with something like this...

Sun 5M, @ 125 bpm
Tues 2M, @ 135 bpm
Wed 3M, @ 130 bpm
Thurs 2M, @ 135 bpm
Fri 3M, @ 130 bpm

... and the next week add a little distance to the Sun, Wed, Fri runs ... and the following week add some mileage to the Tues & Thurs runs. Then go back to increasing the Sun, Wed, Fri runs ... etc etc. Try to keep the Sunday run at about 30-35% of the total mileage, so that it will be 12-14M by the time you get to 40 mpw. Maybe somethign like...

Sun 14M, @ 125 bpm
Tues 4M, @ 135 bpm
Wed 8M, @ 130 bpm
Thurs 6M, @ 135 bpm
Fri 8M, @ 130 bpm

At this point you will be much more robust and will want to then start to introduce a sub-LT session once a week and move onto a proper Hadd-like base-traing schedule for 10 weeks ... and then after that you could start introduing some HM pace work (and faster) over the final 5-6 weeks.

But first off you need lots of slow SAFE miles.

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16/08/2012 at 17:16

Thx Dr.Dan,

5 times a week - well if thats what it takes then I'll do it.

125bpm will be VERY slow, could even be near walking! I'll do another HRMax test to ensure I'm still at 183 (last tested Nov 2011). Have 500 miles under belt since then so going back will be difficult. Have heard that running that slow can also be detrimental as its not a natural gait?

Mileage sounds OK - I'll start with your recommendations

16/08/2012 at 21:25

Don't worry about being too rigid on the 125 bpm at the start ... that's something you'll get better at as the aerobic base builds. Stay below 135% though ... also, your 5K pace plus 3 minutes is an alternative "easy pace".

Building a base is essential ... but it requires patience!

30/08/2012 at 09:44

DrDan, You killed the thread there! I think it may've been the mention of 135% - that has definitelty scared the Haddites away.

Not sure what to do today now. Was scheduled to do 70mins @ 80% but I reccy'd my leg of the Leeds Country Way last night, and it was very wet/boggy. Took a tumble coming out of the Fulneck valley and twisted my knee a little. Feels ok this morning though.

Will see how I feel and tone it down if necessary.


30/08/2012 at 09:46

VERY quiet on here !!

Been on holiday for 2 weeks in which time i did loads of very slow stuff between 65-70% HRmax and no fast stuff at all. Did a 42M and a 35M week which i was well happy with including LSR's of 15.5M and 13.5M.

First sub-LT run this morning in 3 weeks. Wasn't really expecting much as i've been feeling a bit run down last couple of days ( funny how a 2 week holiday has that effect !? ) with the sniffles, sore throat and a bit of a dodgy belly

Long story short, i ran the usual sub-LT route of just under 8M and averaged 7:59/mile @ 81% HRav  ( last one was 8:17/mile @ 80% HRav. )

NOW THAT HAS EXCITED ME  especially as i'm not feeling my best

And i didn't manage the mile warm down either as my stomach was doing somersaults on the last lap and i had to get to the loo . If it wasn't for that this would have been a very comfortable run



30/08/2012 at 09:53

mace, sounds like the "rest" has done you good.

30/08/2012 at 22:44

Can't believe I haven't posted on here since 20.3.12, though did get injuried (self-inflicted) end of march... Brian, cracking 5k couple of weeks back....

31/08/2012 at 09:59

I have been away for a week - but I did get a scare when I saw the 135%

Start new program next week - will post how it goes. I know the first post will be "How the hell do I keep this HR down?"

31/08/2012 at 10:15

Ta Bluenose, glad to see you're back.

Binned my 80% run yesterday, did an easy 8miles instead. I felt tired and heavy-legged. Easy 5M today and rest tomorrow. 3rd leg of Leeds Country Way relay on Sunday. Off-road is not my thing but I like the team events.

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