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13/11/2012 at 20:11

Have ou tried amssage / stretching / Roller Spen? Try not to stress about the times off - instead use it to gain motivation and refresh yourself mentally, do some core work or stretches that you don't usually do etc.

Excellent inprovement Roy

Keep it easy on the recovery BD2

Chick - You are still in the recovery phase. You stamina hasn't been robbed, but you heart won't have recovered and will rise much quicker than normal. Just run to HR, keep it easy and you will feel and notice the benefits soon enough.

mace wrote (see)

Re speedwork, i dread it a bit too and for the same reason, worried about injury !! 

I just don't like the pain! 

Great mileage Gaz - I'm on my way to catching you! 46m completed over the past 7 days - which is my first proper HADD week. As Stewart says, I found 70% felt so slow first of all, but I have started to get used to the slow speed and certainly like the fact that I feel refreshed the next day rather than a bit tired. However I did my first 75% run this morning - 11m 1:29 141 (74%) 8.01m/m. Surprised at how fast (and hard) it actually felt 


13/11/2012 at 20:22
Hi everyone I'm after some advice regarding training and wondering if Hadd could be the answer! I'll give you a bit of background info and where I'm aiming. I trained for the Liverpool marathon in oct 11, I worked my way up from very little running due to shin splints to 30-40 miles per week in 13 months. After the marathon I really reduced my running and my last race was a 5 mile race in April and a PB of 38:03. Since then I've only been out a few times a week and I've lost a lot of pace and my resting heart rate has gone from about 44bpm to about 57.

I would like to regain the fitness and pace I've lost ready for my local 5 mile Easter Sunday race with an aim for a PB. Could had training help me achieve this?
13/11/2012 at 20:34

Well done Keir. I'm sure you'll pass me this week, I'll be on a "mini taper" from Friday onwards for Conwy Half on Sunday.

13/11/2012 at 21:28

Well, today got 14 in at a steady 72%. Felt very fresh and could have kept going, so think my reduced mileage last week may have paid off (will see on tomorrow's run). This was my first run over 12 miles since injury and all was good. Nice way to start the week...

spen71 wrote (see)

I worry about taking any time off. Think Im going to lose all my fitness. I dont think im any quicker now than I was 6 months ago

Spen, step away from the ledge. It's true that nothing freaks us out like taking time off will. But a week won't do much of anything to your fitness. Really, you may feel a bit off for the first couple of runs and then you'll be right where you left off. Even if it's two weeks, you can get back from that in a couple of weeks as well. It's weird, each time I'm faced with a niggle that could get much worse without rest, I typically don't follow my advice above but just keep pushing an hope for the best. It's only when I get hurt and there is no question that I can't run that I'm at peace with it. Just out of curiosity, could you swim, bike or do elliptical (or does that hurt too?)?

roy silver wrote (see)
Same Hr but now 2hrs and 40/1 mins, and it feels so easy, it's the only way to train and we all know it.

Agreed! It's the easy part that makes is so great.


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13/11/2012 at 22:08

sibyrne - could Hadd help me?. Well yes it could but if you got yourself fit enough to complete  a marathon and you ran a 38 min 5 miler in April then you are hardly on your last legs.

Just take the basics of Hadd, - easy paced running and spend a few weeks building up the miles. Then you can decide whether you want to either train as before or do more Hadd style training. 

Given you want to train for a 5 mile race at Easter 2013 I would do steady mileage work until about early Feb and then spend 6-8 weeks doing more speed work , park runs etc.

Good luck with whatever you chose.

14/11/2012 at 23:12

Another nice run today: 9 miles @ 72% @ 8:10 m/m. I felt very fresh again. Think I've kicked the blues.

15/11/2012 at 07:39

Hi everyone, I thought I'd join the crew

After doing a 1h47 then a 1h43 Half I decided to step up to the marathon 3 years ago, and fully expected to be presented with a sub4 at the first go. Six (I'm not kidding) attempts later I realised I needed to radically change my training. I read the Hadd doc in June, strapped on a HRM and off I went.

Out went the intervals and thrashing myself with LT runs. Mileage went from (if I'm honest) 30 mpw to over 70 mpw, all with a 70% ceiling. Pace went from 10:5x to just over 9mm at that HR, and with a few weeks to go until the Frankfurt marathon I introduced some races and 80% 10 mile runs...5k and 10k PBs ensued (pace was better at all HRs, not just the low stuff).

Finally at Frankfurt I nailed the sub4 with a 3h49, negative split and a last mile close to my old HM pace. HR didn't hit 80% until half way, and I felt good for the first time at mile 20+.

Hadd worked a treat for me, so now I'm starting all over again in preparation for a Spring mara.

Hoping to pick up some tips and advice here...

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15/11/2012 at 09:49

....and you eradicated shin splints despite doublin your mileage Teknik.....a good advert for this type of training..........Sub 3:30 with more 80% runs next time !!

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15/11/2012 at 09:54

Talking of shin splints?   Ive got them!  Or I think I may have!   Did you run through them?

15/11/2012 at 10:17

VT - glad you're making a comeback, nice run indeed.

Tek - you know it makes sense  welcome to the thread. Now i think about it i can't believe you've avoided this thread for so long

spen - can't imagine running through shin splints, i got them when i first started running and could hardly walk for a week... flunking painfull

I got up normal time yesterday and the CNBA fairy had me in a headlock and i tapped out. To be fair my throat felt like i had something nasty on the way. So instead of a run i took the dogs for a walk then did a couple of 0.75M laps of the block with 2 of my kids after work. They put in a sprint finish and a couldn't keep up with the little buggers

Back to normal today at 5.30am with 7M @ 69% @ 9:04 .... it was like a scene from American Werewolf in London round my way, dim street lamps through hanging fog and not a sole about. Very nice but a bit eerie.

15/11/2012 at 14:10

Having had a week off whilst ill (ran once) - back in to it this week and my HR vs pace is great. Just shows after 9 weeks of training, even though increasing the mileage slowly, just how important it sometimes is to rest. I think we all forget (even on HADD) what we put our bodies through.

So 2 x 6 milers so far this week (week 11 Base Phase)  read like this;

1m - 68% AvmaxHR  and 2nd run - 68% AvmaxHR

2m - 72% & 72%

3m - 72% & 73%

4m - 72% & 72%

5m - 72% & 73%

6m - 72% & 73%

Maximum HR at any given time was 141 (77%). Maximum pace difference on any given mile was 0:10secs - so pace was good throughout the run with no cardiac drift.

Back on track!! - I won't embarass myself with the pace times but there is a definite 15 sec per mile (average) improvement from week 8 onwards.

15/11/2012 at 17:26

Welcome Teknik,

I have been writing this years running summary,and will print it next month.

Hopefully one more time I want to crack before the years out.

Anyone else doing the same and would like to share it with us.

16/11/2012 at 01:45

Well done on the rehabilition VT.

Mace: I'm not a morning runner but I love the fog and mist for evening runs. Seems to make running easier for some reason.

Congrats on the improvement BD.

Roy: Good luck on getting the PB. I've got a HM on Sunday and a 10K 2 weeks after that and I'm hoping for PBs in both of them but the HM is a bit hilly so I'd settle for 1 out of 2!

Last but not least, hi Tek!! 

16/11/2012 at 08:00

Hi Syb. I agree with other comments. Use HADD to build the base mileage - but 6-8 weeks out drop the mileage and focus on some faster work. Maybe have a look at this for some tips  (I followed some of this programme - 1 session per week, thgouthout last winter and surprised myself with a 3min HM pb (1.24.55 - 1.21.30). 

Good luck at the race Gaz. 

Good to see you are up to MLR distance VT. Keep it up!

Well done on commiting to us Teknik. Are you still on the Fetch thread as well? If so, any chance you could pass on some useful tips / links from them if any appear in the future?

Beware the Moon Mace!

Good to see the rest has done you good BD2.

I haven't done enough for 1 months yet, but look forward to reading your report Roy.

I had to give a speech at our school's prize giving evening last night - starting at 6.30pm. Rather than wait around gossiping, strapped on the head torch and ran a hilly 14m - 2hrs @142 (74.5%), Legs tired, but to be expected. Will have to do that again sometime. 


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16/11/2012 at 15:51

Spen, Ice/compression,massage/streching combines with reduced running/speed is the only way I know to get rid of shin splints..... ( basically not what you want to hear - but reality ). if you run through them you may well/likely get a compensation injury. This is where another part of the boday takes the strain as you tro to run in a way that your shins do not hurt = you end up getting two injuries.

be careful !

16/11/2012 at 16:37

Thanks AGF.   I dont know if it is defo shin splints.  Could be the muscle or the tendon for all i know.

16/11/2012 at 17:45

Gaz,  let us know how you get on fingers x'ed for a pb .

Kier, fantastic HM time.


16/11/2012 at 18:52

Thanks for your welcomes everyone

Keir - the Fetch thread is pretty sporadic - no posts for ages then a flood when a newbie asks for help.  The last interesting debate was on "Hadd told Joe to run at 75% not 70%...so where does the 70% come from?" No real conclusion apart from (a) Hadd said "...or lower", and (b) you'll need some 70% days when you're doing 2 x subLT's in an 80 mile week...

Spen I still spend a lot of time with my shin in a bucket of cold water...

16/11/2012 at 18:57

I asked that question a few weeks ago Tek, as you say once I got back to ~70 miles a week I found the answer. A couple of runs at 70% rather than 75 is most welcome.

I was supposed to do an easy 5 miler today but didn't find time and now the lost run, which is totally meaningless in fitness terms, is really eating at me because of the lost weekly mileage. I think I'm getting a little to obsessed.

16/11/2012 at 21:20
Teknik wrote (see)

Keir - the Fetch thread is pretty sporadic - no posts for ages then a flood when a newbie asks for help.  The last interesting debate was on "Hadd told Joe to run at 75% not 70%...so where does the 70% come from?" No real conclusion apart from (a) Hadd said "...or lower", and (b) you'll need some 70% days when you're doing 2 x subLT's in an 80 mile week...

That's an interesting point. I will have to re-read the document.

Having completed a couple of 90+mins 75% runs certainly feel more natural at that pace. That was my pretty normal easy regular running pace. Slowing down to 70% for the majority of my runs has felt strange. However it has allowed me to ramp up my mileage whilst not feeling overly tired. Also restricting myself with a HRm has also forced me to back off at times such as up hills when I would be tempted to push it, according to feel (impulse). I am starting to see how important 70% running is not only to recovery but also for general regular running. I can see why we need to keep some in the weekly programme at all times.

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