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25/06/2004 at 11:05
Can anyone please advise me what to do to train for a half marathon in September. I did the Edinburgh Marathon 2 weeks ago and have been resting since. Want to focus on getting faster but not sure what to do. Carry on with speedwork from now or just do long run, tempo run and easy runs and bring in the speedwork with perhaps 6 weeks to go? Also, half marathon programmes have you building your mileage up every weekend. With training for marathon mileage has obviously been higher. Do I go back to start of programme doing 7-8 mile "long run" or would it be better to do 10-13 miles?
28/06/2004 at 17:22
I am doing the same thing but in less time - did Stockholm 3 weeks ago and Wycombe half in 2 weeks time....one week after Stockholm i did an 8 miler and a couple of easy 5-6 milers in the week, one faster one ('speedwork' sounds a bit optimisitic for the pace i do them at!!) then 9 miles this weekend as my long run, then will do the same next weekend and hope that that's enough!! I would think that as you have already got the stamina to do 26 miles, the longest you'll need to do for your long runs now would be about 11 miles - 13 will seem really easy after Edinburgh I'm sure! Althuogh you do have a longer break between runs that i am having - otherwise i would take my long ones up to about 11-12.
Anyway, that's my 2 pennies worth!! good luck!!
01/07/2004 at 09:39
The most important thing you should be doing right now is to allow your body to recover - that does not mean doing nothing - it means repleting and replenishing energy stores and allowing your body to heal from the stresses of the marathon. Recovery runs on of up to 40 minutes or so are the order of the day (running to a max 70% of MHR) supplemented by some form of cross training - anything that supplements the very good work you've already done in preparing for and completing your marathon. Flexibility and core stability work would be good. After a few weeks of this you can think of returning to running for longer (for up to 90 minutes or so) and harder (at between 70% to 80% of MHR) and adding in some easy speed work, fartleck, pyramid sessions etc. Listen to your body, take care of any aches, strains or pains at an early stage - maybe have a sports massage or two (good for detecting and helping resolve any problems). Don't forget to allow yourself 10 days or so to ease down and taper in advance of the 1/2M and after the 1/2M begin the recovery process again.

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3 messages
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