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28/11/2004 at 19:19
hilly lol xx
29/11/2004 at 06:52
One of the truly lovely things about hanging around on this forum for a relatively long time, is to see the improvement over that time in kids of all ages!

Hilly, Ceal, and many others Yippeeeeee!
29/11/2004 at 07:03
You're right Stickless and you for one I believe have made a lot of improvement! Long may it last for all of us, or at least let's enjoy it while it does:o)
29/11/2004 at 13:24
Congratulations on your time Hilly.
29/11/2004 at 13:45
Well done Hilly & Ceal.....brilliant times and just what you deserve.

Have been a bit out of things for the last week as we're moving office at the moment and BT ceased our Broadband and won't be back on line for a few more days yet - I have to keep popping home to get on line.

For those who asked way back - we should be starting the FLM Hard training thread for this Sunday since runners are just finding out if they got accepted or rejected.
29/11/2004 at 16:49
Hi Mike and thanks!

Look forward to the FLM Hard training thread, it should be a real success!

Hope the office move isn't too stressful!:o)
29/11/2004 at 17:20
Thanks Mike.
29/11/2004 at 17:32
Can I just ask on this thread cos it was mentioned earlier and since so many appear to be vets on this it - does anyone know the websites for veteran 10k, half marathon and marathon UK rankings? - I know, but I'm really curious to know & what I need to set my sights at!
29/11/2004 at 17:40
I only seem to be able to find the 10 mile one using google and Tom already gave us the link to that one.
29/11/2004 at 17:42
29/11/2004 at 17:43
I have not idea what I have done to make the whole of my posting into a link:-))!!!
29/11/2004 at 17:44
It was blue last time I posted now it is red, what is going on I wonder!!
29/11/2004 at 20:33
Thanks ceal. I think it turns red once you've clicked on the link:o)
29/11/2004 at 22:46
the British Milers Club site has ranking for all age groups and distances, but not in so much depth. :-

Blisters    pirate
29/11/2004 at 23:40
If Mike G is back in the frame again, then I'm back in for more punishment. I'd be interested to find out where MG thinks you can get to in this next phase Hilly.

Best of luck.
30/11/2004 at 08:16
Roo I could not get any information from the site you mentioned, it seemed to come up with the headings but no peeps names on the different rankings!
30/11/2004 at 08:24
blisters-I'm not asking for much more. I'm happy to do the same kind of training as last time, and get a similar time, if I get better then that's a bonus!:o)

Mike-is the new FLM Hard Training going to be on the Training forum or FLM forum?
30/11/2004 at 16:40
Ceal, now you mention it I seem to remember there are some ages and distances not filled in. But lots are. Have you tried marathon and half marathon for your age-group ?
30/11/2004 at 16:50
Have just checked the W60 lists, and you're right , they do all seem to be empty, and the younger age-groups are much fuller than my age-group. Perhaps they use a universal cut-off time to create them - seems like 40 min 10k, 3:30 marathon, 1:30 half. But that very unfair, but I suppose someone would have do go through AW for all the age groups.

I actually try and record for myself, from AW, all the times faster than mine for my age-group, for all the major distances, starting from the beginning of the year, which being something of a statistics buff/crack-pot I find gives a purpose and excitment to my Wed am post - going tho the results in AW.
30/11/2004 at 20:21
3 hours blisters......I have asked Sean to put it on the Training forum, he has the first week which will start on Sunday 5 Dec.
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