Hard Training - Dawn (Hilly)

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06/12/2004 at 17:31
I hope so!! You too of course!
06/12/2004 at 19:26
Well done Ceal - it was a pleasure helping.
06/12/2004 at 20:44
Thanks Mike.
06/12/2004 at 20:45
Well done Ceal on your PB.
06/12/2004 at 20:47
Hilly Running with the Legends amazing book
06/12/2004 at 21:49
Thanks Pammie, it's on my Christmas list with a few others!:o)
07/12/2004 at 11:41
Hi Mike Gratton2,

I would really like to try and get my times down for my 10k:Just at the moment I can do a 10k in 55mins on a good day:And about 60mins on a not so good day.I am averaging about nine and a half min miles,sometimes 10min miles.Not doing any marathons at the minute,got rejection from london.Thinking about doing edinburgh again in June.I tend to suffer from illobital band syndrome:When the miles get raised.So I am a bit apprehensive about doing any more marathons.I do the stretching exercises for it.I do two speed sessions a week just now.As well as my regular runs which are 5-7:miles.Not sure if any off this helps or not Mike.Any advice is greatly appreciated.Better go because i am in work right now.
Bye daisybop!
08/12/2004 at 18:40
hilly, you have to get straight over to Spud's thread to see what is going on there. You will need to go back a page to get the full picture.
08/12/2004 at 19:45
On my way!
08/12/2004 at 21:15

Hilly, thank you very much for your support. You DON'T need to run for two hours a day to be any good. ;o)
09/12/2004 at 07:34
We're all different Spud, but as long as we get to where we want to be that's what matters! Enjoy your running and keep up the good work!
09/12/2004 at 15:12
Hilly - see you at London; looks like I'm in!
09/12/2004 at 20:08
Excellent Minks! Did you get a place in the ballot?
16/12/2004 at 19:36
Thanks Hilly and Simon I have a nice list of books I am itching to buy;-)

Minks...see you in London;-)
16/12/2004 at 21:57
Minks - you got a place? - that is fab! You've done a good HM time recently, haven't you? - so gun it, girl!

hilly - quick question, you overpronate, don't you? What shoes do you wear for training? I need some more running shoes and am currently in the 'getting ideas' mode - I seem to recall that we've had similar shoe choices in the past (I don't like heavily cushioned shoes and like quite light, repsonsive shoes)
18/12/2004 at 09:05
hilly, I have emailed you for your email address. I wonder if you got it. I want to send electronic christmas Greetings card to you.
18/12/2004 at 09:06
to cut out RW, which maybe be working. My email address is

18/12/2004 at 15:59
Hi Lizzy. I do overpronate mildly, so I tend to go for support shoes from the performance range. So not all out racers, but lightweight enough for me. At the moment I'm running in the following:-

Saucony Fast Twitch Endurance-excellent lightweight responsive shoe, but go for half a size bigger than usual as they measure up just a little smaller than other trainers in the Saucony range.

Saucony Praxis-another lightweight shoe, not quite as responsive as the FT, but great for longer distances. I wore these to do Cardiff as they've got a slightly wider toebox allowing for when the feet get a bit swollen after lots of miles:o)

Asics DS Trainers-I'm getting my last wears out of these, but although lightweight I prefer the FT-they're my favourites at the moment! Although the DS Trainers are a good solid trainer that feel quite firm on the cushioning side.

Nike Skylons-not really for overpronaters, but a lovely shoe that I can wear for short distances.

My other past favourites are Saucony Swerve, which again I've worn for a marathon. The only difference with these to the other Saucony shoes above are they are lower at the back on the heel, but I like the close to ground feel.

Hope this helps!:o)

You should have mail Ceal!
18/12/2004 at 16:09
Thanks hilly, you should have mail too. Let me know if you don't!
20/12/2004 at 08:23
Thanks Hilly - that's really useful. I can't buy running shoes where I live (well, I can, but it's a choice of two or three - men's - models, so if I can't get back to the UK I either buy what I've had before by mail order or take a chance and order something completely different! I've had a lot of success with Saucony in the past and was thinking of trying the Praxis... I'm wearing NB 765's at the moment but I feel too far off the ground and they are a bit too bulky for me...I'm also wearing out some Mizuno Wave Mercury shoes, very light and they feel fast, but they don't like me over long distances, and have caused the death of several toenails!
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