Hard Training - Dawn (Hilly)

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08/06/2004 at 10:59
A new experiment: Former London Marathon winner Mike Gratton is coaching four RW website runners live on these forums.

Dawn Critchell (aka Hilly) is 40

Her PBs are: 10K 42:06, marathon 3:26

Her target is to run 3:15 at Cardiff Marathon on October 3

Mike thinks: Dawn needs to develop more speed endurance

Mike will coach Dawn directly on this thread. Feel free to ask if you don't understand something Mike says, but please try not to hijack the thread.

You can read more about Dawn and Mike - and the other runners and the idea behind this thread - by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Otherwise, read and enjoy!

Sean, RW
08/06/2004 at 11:06
Good luck Hilly, Mike and Sean, it's going to be interesting reading...

08/06/2004 at 11:17
Good luck all.

I'd be interested to hear Mike's thoughts on Hilly's "resting" regimes! :-)
08/06/2004 at 11:42
Good luck Hilly, I know you have had your fair share of injuries lately, I hope this is all behind you and I wish continued improvement.
08/06/2004 at 11:49
Good luck Hilly - it will be interesting reading as my times and aims are the same, although I'm leaving my next marathon attempt to next year...
08/06/2004 at 11:51
Good luck, Hilly!
08/06/2004 at 11:51
Great stuff!! Hilly's 10k PB is similar to mine, but I have trouble maintaining it, so I'll be watching with interest :o)

Good luck peeps!
08/06/2004 at 12:03
Interesting times there Hilly.

5K - 6:40 miling
10K - 6:46
10M - 7:00
1/2 - 7:10
Mar - 7:51

To hit you marathon time you need to do 7:26 miling.
08/06/2004 at 12:18
Good luck! This will make interesting reading as my targets are similar to your current pbs and I too lack speed endurance.

Looking forward to the thread ...
08/06/2004 at 12:33
gd lucky Dawn Critchell

looking forward to the thread

08/06/2004 at 12:53
good luck on the training to you all,
will follow this article with interest
08/06/2004 at 13:21
I'll try to keep up with you Dawn - my first marathon is approaching in October and with a recent Half of 1.31 I'm pushing for a 3.30 and was keeping my fingers crossed - now this thread will hopefully offer some much needed advice.
08/06/2004 at 15:26

Good luck with your training will be watching you with interest.

Best of Luck!!
08/06/2004 at 16:16
Thanks everyone-how nervous am I having all this on show!:o)

Bryan-rest-what's that word?!

Right Mike as you know I've got an injury which I've sort of been resting!

I am about to pick up running again starting tomorrow night with a 5k race. I'm not going to race it flat out as this might not be good for recent injury.

This weeks training is planned as this, what do you think?

Mon-did 15 miles hard hilly cycle
Tues-800m swim
Wed-5k race
Thurs-10 miles steady
Fri-5 miles marathon pace plus 1hr circuits
Sat-5 miles easy
Sun-17 miles easy
08/06/2004 at 17:34
That's one hell of a comeback from injury , Hilly - 5k race, 5 mile MP run and a 2hr+ run in 5 days! Hope it works out.
08/06/2004 at 17:39
Hilly-I agree with BR I would be weary it seems too much too soon for my liking!!!
08/06/2004 at 17:55
Hi Hilly, Looks very ambitious....do the 5km and see how the injury is and report back Thur. and we can go from there.
08/06/2004 at 18:29
Hilly, awesome! I think there is potential and you can definately do it!

Again, been at that level too and achieved the same goal :)

08/06/2004 at 18:48
Ok, I'll do the 5k and report how leg is.

Thanks for the vote of confidence URR. I try to believe I can do it as long as I can stay injury free, which seems to be my biggest hurdle this year so far!
08/06/2004 at 18:49
good luck hilly
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