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07/06/2006 at 11:51
Lardman Your easy session heartrate should (according to idiots guide) be 70% max HR. This is calculated by getting max HR and resting HR. Take resting HR from max HR then get 70% of that and then add back your resting heartrate. This will then increase your 70% heartrate up to the 155-160 you are getting at present (I would think anyway)
07/06/2006 at 17:55
Yes, that's the Karvonen method, whereby you take your resting hear rate into account.
07/06/2006 at 18:23
By jove,

Groovy you've got it...that makes me feel a whole lot better. Still feel like an uber plank running at 12min/mile, it feels like I'm jogging on the spot. Role on lower heart rates so I can speed up a tad.

Bleedin warm tonight, should be interesting to see what the HR does tonight :D
07/06/2006 at 18:34
If it's anything like my experience, possibly 20 secs per mile slower when it's hot like today.
07/06/2006 at 19:19
Mr Bump - I agree.

groovy - thanks for that. Should've thought of it myself.

Lard Man - we're in the same kind of weight bracket. I can happily do 12 minute miles. Happily because I have seen far better runners than me doing 11 or more minutes a mile without complaining. One of my best mates is a 3:06 marathoner and on practically no training he'll reel off a 20 minute 5 k or a 1.30 half. But he'll happily go for an hour with our slowest beginners at 12 mins a mile if needs be. Or take Gobi: he's doing Comrades in three weeks and did a 17 min 5 k a week ago. But he happily ran with me for 3:40 on a 20 miler.
Moral: never think 12 mins is "slow" in absolute terms. And never think that really good runners will sneer at you for running at a pace with a reason for it.
Stump    pirate
07/06/2006 at 21:42
Snaps - Good point, well made. However it is myself that thinks I'm a tit for running so slow. :)

Another one done. My legs are hurting more than they do when I'm running. Don't get it?
07/06/2006 at 22:59
Hi Snaps et all,

Took the advice of dousing the chest and strap before the off tonight, and it worked a treat, bar one little tiny fluctuation for about 15 seconds.

Felt strong tonight, which is suprising, as I've been putting together cabinets and wardrobes and some heavy lifting. Managed to go for a full hour at 11.30min pace withing 150-159, with a few fluctuations up to 165 on hills (well, gradual inclines).

All in all, that was pretty pleasing. I'll see how I am tomorrow, and I may go in the morning if not stiff, otherwise I'll wait till the evening.

I'm off for a beer and a chocolate bar..I've earned it :-D
Stump    pirate
08/06/2006 at 07:48
Lard Man - Well done on the session.

Easy on the calories tho as you have probably burned off enough for a couple of chunks rather than the whole bar!
08/06/2006 at 10:15
I'm tracking my calorie intake/expenditure in an application called FitDay, so I know exactly where I'm at with that.

Due to the restart in running, I'm trying to lop off as much weight as quickly as possible for 3-4 weeks, making running easier and better on the joints. I'm restricting by about 1650 calories a day, aiming to lost around 3 and a bit pounds a week.

Its a bit extreme to keep up for too long, but I'm putting the effort in so I can actually consume a good amount of calories. For instance yesterday I had a non-sedentary day, heavy lifting, DIYing etc. With a two hour walk with the pooch, and an hour running, adding that to me Basal Metabolic Rate I was on 4350 calorie burned for the day.

A sedentary day is 2740, and the idea is to restrict by 1650, which doesn't leave much, and I don't like to eat close to 1000 cals, due to hunger and I think its a bit silly. But with the extra actity and exercise my balance for the 1650 restriction was 2700. I failed miserably at eating all that though as I found it too much with the heat. That was including 2 cans of Carlsberg and a choccie bar!!

Tracking my calories has been the best thing I've ever done in past. It has an eerie science about it, that never fails.You look at your averages for the last two weeks, and it may say you've averaged x calories a day, times it by number of days (14 for instance) divide it by a pound of fat (3500) and you theoretically should have lost the product. In almost all cases, its bang on within 1/4 - 1/2 lb.

Anyway, I'm waffling.

Have a good day all!
08/06/2006 at 11:20
trying to make myself stick with HR training but soooo frustrating. Times are getting worse on a daily basis when running 70% runs. Hope it's just the warm weather but my runs are early morning so not sure if that's the reason
08/06/2006 at 11:47
Yesterday I went for my first run in the morning and it was about 30 seconds slower than what I had been averaging normally. I also had a run when I got back from work last night and the pace was back to normal. So maybe it's something to do with getting up and running in the morning maybe the body hasn't woken up...lol. Has anyone else found this?

08/06/2006 at 13:25
Paininthefoot - interestingly it's the complete opposite for me. I am usually 15-30 seconds per mile quicker in the morning. I put it down to the copious amounts of caffeine I drink during the day.

Groovy - I have been do HR training for 3 weeks and have already seen a 30 second per mile improvement. However last night it was slower again so I put it down to the heat.

08/06/2006 at 13:56
Lard Man,

Like your approach, its exactly what I do except I use WLR site to track my intake and also use their calorie calculations to apply a calorie value to my activity which I can lift straight from my TC download. I find there calorie to be a little more conservative then SportTrack, and way more realistic compared to the laughable values you get from Garmin.

I don't diet anymore, but I do count calories and take note of what I eat and what I burn cycling, running and playing footie. It keeps me on track, and if I have a day where I eat what I want I know I can take a couple of days to get my weekly calorie target back on track. Currenly I'm eating 2300 calories per day (13 stone 11pounds - lost nearly 6 stone in the last 14 months) plus whatever exercise I do increases the number of calories I eat as well. I usually can't eat the full daily calorie recommended intake, but for the week I'm not too far below. I've been losing a pound a week that way.

All good fun, and it does get a bit addictive. Oh my god, I'm turning into a geek............

08/06/2006 at 14:49
Is WLR an online only resource?

FitDay is on my laptop, so it goes with me most places which is handy.

Its good to know someone else on here is doing the same. You are right, its not about what you would call a typical diet, its just keeping things in balance and accounting for everything you consume and do.

I find I can usually get through a day knowing almost exactly what my calorific intake was even without the software, as I'm so used to what is in what.

6st in 14 months, crikey thats good going, I don't think I have 6st to lose :-). My immediate goal is as I said, get down to a safe weight for the knees, which I know to be about 15st 9 and below. Almost there like, weighed in at 15st 12 this morning. After that I'll probably set a mini goal of sub 15, like 14st 13 or summat.

I've not been able to sustain sub 15 for the last 4 years to be honest, something always comes up, and you know what its like when you start feeling better, you wanna just ease off, but sometime that means breaking to hard and coming off the rails. So I'd be happy to stay there for a while, and then drive down in a concerted effort to my ideal weight of about 14st.

Having said that, I'm more concerned about body fat % really, as that would be the figure that ties it all together, but typically I know they almost come hand in hand when exercising and losing weight. I'm probably looking at getting to the mid teens, ie not buff, just right.
08/06/2006 at 14:57
It is only on-line as far as I know, but thats usually good enough for me. I can access it from practically anywhere and if I can't I just write it down until I get on-line to fill it in.

I was having a mid-life crisis (hit 40) last year and knew I needed to do something so I was highly motivated. Although, I didn't think I'd do as well as I have done.

RHR was 70 ish, now 45 ish
Body Fat was 38%, now 18% - still more to do here, I'd like to get to 15%
Took up running and now doing between 50-60 miles per week.

I'm saved ;-)

08/06/2006 at 14:58
I am not prepared to restrict my running to below 70% MHR (or WHR) all the time. I want to know I can still put in a turn of "speed". But I am prepared to do 90% of my running at below 70%. Incidentally I am quite pleased with some of my "splits" at below 70%; yesterday I managed 5k at what I'd be v happy with as marathon pace (good enough for a 3:45) before the sun came out and I hit a headwind!

groovy - the heat makes quite a difference.
08/06/2006 at 15:37
Always run in the morning so I am awake as I ever am. My numbers are all over the place though. After FLM (and a week off whilst eating and drinking for England) my 1st 70% was at 8:04 pace. Stayed like that for a while then did a couple of 7:30's on a track (compared to hills on my normal run). Last week or so down to 8.15's and today 8.30 and only managed that by going above 70% for the last 1/2 mile. Not training for anything specific so will try to keep going with this just worried this will become normal though
08/06/2006 at 15:51
Lisa B,
I guess I'm just not a morning person ;)
30 second improvment in 3 weeks thats really good.

I'm sure I read somewhere you shouldn't see any improvments for about 6 weeks am I wrong?
08/06/2006 at 21:44
Paininthefoot - it is a good imrpovemnt but I still feel like I am running far too slow!
11/06/2006 at 13:06
Went for a run straight after the game yesterday at 4:15pm. It was a tough un in the heat.

Heart rate was consistently up at about 163-167 which was a little bit much. I was alright during the run, but once I'd stopped I felt boiling and took about 15 minutes in a cold shower to feel normal :-)

Probably go out at about 8-9pm tonight :-D
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