Heart rate monitor training

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20/10/2007 at 23:20

Hilly, did you find it helpful?

 I have a feeling I borrowed a copy from a library a few years back and didn't really get on with it (mainly because I didn't realise that WHR's varied so much between people)

10/11/2007 at 08:46

At 51 my training HR zones are those of a 29 year old using the 'averages' that are often published,  If I were to follow the averages for my age - 51 - I wouldn't get out of bed.  So it is important to find the real numbers for your own body.

Despite the expense I got a copy and this time I found it useful because I know my Max and Resting Heart Rates.  The book offers examples to start you off, and tells you how to find out the real figures.  I think I must have skipped that bit on first reading!

It has been quite strange to run so slowly, but I have managed to go further and to break the one-hour-non-stop barrier by following the advice in Parker's book, so I'll stick with it for now.  

Anyway, this week I received the first copy that I'd ordered couple of months ago and was lost in the post, so I've listed it on Ebay

14/11/2007 at 20:04

Hi guys,

I've only just recently began training with an HRM which my mate gave me. It's an old Polar one, (not sure of model number). It lets me see HR during a run and afterwards I can see total time and average HR. It's pretty basic but it's helping me to train at the correct intensity for the time being.

Before I started using it I was convinced that I wanted a Garmin Forerunner 305 for my Christmas, however, now i'm becoming more inclined to go for the Forerunner 50. Does anyone have any advice on which would be better?

As far as training is going, I read the article by Hadd (i think?) and am currently using the 180-age+5 formula to give me a training HR of 155. I'm using this for all runs just now as i'm trying to concentrate on improving my base level of fitness before beginning training in earnest for the Edinburgh Marathon in January. 

14/11/2007 at 21:08

Hi leslie.

I treid that method myself and got some good results from it. You will gain alot from if you do a decent amount of mileage or build upto a decent amount. I got upto about 40 miles per week and it helped me alot.


14/11/2007 at 21:20
Ian, I'm currently trying to increase my mileage. I only started running in February to train for the Great North Run and did so quite haphazardly. Hopefully this will help!
15/11/2007 at 14:52
Hi Leslie,
I got a 305 a few weeks back, I would thoroughly recommend it. The price seems to have come down an awful lot too. I used to use the nike plus system with the foot sensor which I guess is comparable to the new garmin, but I wouldn't swap the 305 for anything.
Only this week I've started trying to do the Hadd training, but I'm doing 2 paces 160 and 140, I'm going to continue with that til I decide on some target races for next year, and will then incorporate some faster stuff. I'm also going to do the track test the article talks about tomorrow, hopefully that should give me some tangible way of measuring progress
I did GNR this year (also my first running year) I think I'll only do it again if I can start right near the front or to run it with someone doing it for the first time
good luck with your training
28/11/2007 at 22:21

I only want to train three days a week;

 0.5-1.5hr Monday & Wed

1.5 -3 hrs Sat run

I want to keep things simple - using %MaxHR & run duration to plan my training for a race in March - are there any training plans out there for me?



28/11/2007 at 22:25

Here's a link to a cycling forum where you will find heart rate training zones from the following orgs/coaches...

  • Joe Friel
  • Andy Coggan
  • British Cycling Fed
  • Peter Keen (original BCF guidelines)
  • Sally Edwards
  • Karnoven Formula
  • Ric Stern
  • Dr. Peter Kanopka
  • ACSM guidelines 

It requires dowloading an excel file, I've used it with no problems but rememeber to virus scan before opening it just in case.


29/11/2007 at 08:30

Hi all,

I've actually just realised that it's the Maffetone method (as described in the 'want speed?, slow down!) article i'm following and not the Hadd one! I have the read the article by Hadd and that was what confused me. It doesn't take much!

I did a maximum aerobic fitness (MAF) test last night over 4 miles and the results were;

1. 8.46
2. 8.46
3. 8.48
4. 8.57

In the example of a MAF test in the article the differences between each mile are much greater. It was a bit windy last night and I did notice that my HR was not constant throughout the test. I'm not sure whether I should try it again tonight or not.

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