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17/05/2005 at 13:39
I am a heavy runner, 19 stones and only 6 foot.
I have been running this time for a couple of years and have lost a few stone, but then put it back on very quickly. I was quite a good runner up until I was around 25 years old and then managed to put on 9 stone in a year (15 stone to 24 stone). I have never been a speed runner, but had quite a good distance and would run around 40 miles per week


My question. I am now running about 3 – 5 times a week and this can be from anything between 30 minuets to 1 ½ hours. If I can control my intake of food then I will be laughing, however I have used a HRM for years and find it very very hard to run at a fat burning BPM (around 123 – 130) running at this BPM is slow very slow so I run at around 155 – 165 on the flat. Should I reduce to the fat burning BPM to encourage the weight loose. I know eating the correct food will help but I sometimes get a craving and really really can’t say no, its so strong.

I am 30 years of age

Running distance is not a problem. After completing several 5k, 10k, 10mile, 11mile (Thanks The Terminator) and the London ½ marathon.
Duck Girl    pirate
17/05/2005 at 13:42
IMHO no, don't slow down. at 100cal/mile (ish) then if you can get more miles done in an hour, you will burn more cals in that hour. at slower speeds some people reckon you burn a higher % fat (i don't know) but you still burn the same amount over the hour if you go faster 'cos you burn more cals total.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
17/05/2005 at 13:44
Pop over to the URWFRC and join in the Counts thread! Lots of advice on there!
cougie    pirate
17/05/2005 at 13:46
Errrm - yeah - you do burn more calories, but its the glycogen that goes with intensity. You wanna burn fat, so you do want to take it easy, and run for longer.

Also make sure your shoes are good and prepare to change them well before you get to that 500mile figure that's usually mentioned.
17/05/2005 at 14:59
May I just say that the whole 'fat burning zone' thing is a pile of carp. It is true that when you work at lower intensities you body will use more fat than glycogen to create energy. However, losing weight is about the calories you burn not the amount of fat. If you exercise in the 'fat burning zone' for 1 hour and burn 400 calories or you exercise in the 'aerobic' zone (70-80%) for 40 mins and burn 400 calories you will lose the same amount of weight. The term 'fat-burning' is more scientific than literal.

The 'fat-burning zone' is better used in long distance training to help get your body more used to burning fat instead of glycogen so you can make the glycogen stores last longer.

Apologies if this is confusing, if I can make it any clearer please let me know.
17/05/2005 at 15:33
If your cravings are that strong it might be due to a blood sugar imbalance. If you are insulin resistant (I'm *very* resistant!!), when you eat carbohydrates your body has to make loads and loads of insulin to try to get your blood sugar back down to normal and then it ends up overshooting and your blood sugar drops. You end up putting on loads of weight (all the insulin turns all your blood sugar to fat) and then as your blood sugar drops you get incredible cravings. I'd get so bad I'd swear I'd kill for a Mars bar.

If this sounds familiar, you may need to seriously restrict your carbohydrate intake and exercise *only* in the fat-burning zone (if you don't eat carbs, there's no glycogen reserve so you *have* to run on fat). E-mail me if you want to talk more as I'm scared of getting flamed talking low-carb on the running boards...
30/05/2005 at 10:26
Thanks for all your advice, having been a runner for several years up until 2000, I never had to diet and run, but at the moment the cravings after an hour / hour and a half run are so strong. I am just in the middle of sorting out my weekly meals, but now I am including snacks and lunch.

Running at between 155 – 165 bpm for each run.

Once again thanks for your advice.

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