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27/04/2004 at 22:41
Instead of trawling through 3 months' worth of training thread topics, taking the lazy way out and reintroducing myself with own name (as opposed to laura) and request for synopsis of how your running's been going last few months.

Virtually no spare time for the forum these days but would enjoy hearing how the training thread regulars are and what you're up to. Hope it's usual mix of motivation, enthusiasm, jokes etc.

Veil of silence over my own running achievements!

27/04/2004 at 22:50
Hi Laura / Paula. Good to see you back.

Still running silly mileage here. 2:42 at FLM, so 7 mins off last year's disappointing time.

Going to keep on working to get more and more minutes off that time.

Hope your running is going well behind the veil:-)
27/04/2004 at 22:51
oooooh flip

Lovely to see you

er, running
have been trying to do that base trainig thing
Done my first ultra
Done another FLM
Still having disasters of races---the trotties rule!

one year into consultant job, and its as bad as i thought it would be

On the positive side, the midlands is GREAT
loads of runing clubs, and races, and nice people
oh, and Pubs!

When are you coming back to us
27/04/2004 at 22:55
Hi Paula/ExLaura !

Lovely to hear from you.

My quest for a sub-2 halfmarathon has been interrupted by getting a club place for flm. I got round comfortably and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but all that long slow distance running has knocked all the speed out of my legs !

Back to a bit more halfmarathon-specific training for me - and I've got some adventurous fell-runs and trail races coming up in the summer.

What have you got planned?
28/04/2004 at 09:04
Hi Paula,

I'm still the same, working hard to achieve far reaching goals!

I've not done any major races, just the normal club/league ones.

I've gone from blonde to very dark brown/red to blonde again in four months!:o)

Lacking motivation on OU study and ready to throw in the towel!! Realise I don't want to do it, but 'pressure' from partner is making me hang in there-just!

Plans for the next 6 months is to double my training and go for sub 3.15 at Cardiff marathon. I might not get it, but try I will!:o)

Really glad to see you back and hope you can find a little time to pop in more often!
28/04/2004 at 09:43
Hi there & welcome back...

bit disturbing to find the lady who launched the campaign for real photos was actually hiding behind a false identity.....

running good (ish), got injured, and again ad strating to hobble back.

pleased to see you here or hereabouts again, stay around and keep us amused with lakeland running stories. I'm sure that some old farmer there must have a sheep with a longer coat than the one hitting the news today in NZ. And I'm sure you've tripped over it.
28/04/2004 at 10:36
Goðan daginn, hvað segir þú í dag?

Laura, Paula, Laura, Paula ... I´m confused now.

I realised that you moved house at exactly the same time as some friends in the (south) Lakes also moved, and now am nervous about uncanny forum coincidences ...

Running? I´m doing a good tortoise impression at the moment, had a GFA place at London, and then had the embarrassment of being one of the last GFA'ers to pick up their kitbag from the lorry...

Still doing the MA, may start taking it a bit more seriously now as the ski season (finally) lurched to a halt last weekend.

Welcome back!
28/04/2004 at 13:05
Great to hear from you, LauraL (or should that be PaulaL!)

Ran first marathon in London two weeks ago having once vowed I'd never enter a marathon (famous last words) and didn't do too disgracefully - finished in 4:01 feeling really strong right through and even fuel left in the tank at the end.

Now have the bug and am wondering if other half will call off the engagement if I mention the possibility of an autumn marathon ...
28/04/2004 at 13:53
Afternoon Paula, good to hear from you.

Did Paris Marathon, just over 6 hours, trots and cramp put paid to a decent time, vowed I wouldn't do another but watched London and will try next year. Busy year for me 2 more grandchildren on the way, so will try and fit in a few 10km and maybe a half in the autumn.

Keep in touch
28/04/2004 at 15:46
If I change my name to Paula does it mean I'll run 2:15 marathons?
28/04/2004 at 16:04
Hello Paula :o) Great to see you back!

I'm still doing my peak-and-crash thing - just donw FLM in 5:33 after being on minimal training for 6 weeks with a tibial stress fracture, and am now trying to be sensible and build my mileage up gradually to try to get under 4:15 in Cardiff in October.

And I still live mostly in Triple F.
Monique    pirate
28/04/2004 at 16:18
Hellooo Paula, been missing you.
Quick re-cap:
1)Training for London, did races such as Stafford 20 Ackworth Half, Brass Monkey and Liversedge half.
2) No great pbs except for 2 seconds off 10k at Lincoln, which they proceeded to put back on in the results.
3) Met Barbara at a 5 mile off road over in Prestwich just after Christmas, also did Radcliffe 12 (got a win).
4) Coal carrying- second out of 4 entries, that caused me to have a bit of a rant about womens running, you would have liked that.
5) Andy Collier talked me into a an Ironman in July in Austria, I am also off to Belgium for a duathlon at Geel, which is remowned for housing the mentally ill in the community or something.
6) Hooray no injuries.
Monique    pirate
28/04/2004 at 16:18
7) lONDON IN 3:04:48. tHE SUB 3 ELUDES ME.
28/04/2004 at 17:08
Hi Paula

Like you I've hardly had any time to log into the forums this year. Isn't it uncanny that I chose today????

New job, new priorities, a long lasting viral infection at the beginning of the year (just getting over it now!) and lack of motivation have meant very little training being done. Even had to defer my FLM entry.

Just started getting into it again over the past few weeks. Once I get myself sorted out I'll start logging on more regularly.

Are you still living in the Lakes and still doing your long off road adventure runs?
29/04/2004 at 10:31
Hi Paula

Swaledales rule Herdwicks drool :-))

Still here in the Peaks building up my distance and altitude with a view to returning to the scene of my former crimes at Ennerdale or Wasdale (depending on how the training goes)

Hope to see you there....
29/04/2004 at 11:51
Hi Paula!

And Hi Drew!

Still going, which is the main thing. Ran Abingdon marathon, 5hr 43, very pleased with that indeed.

Potteries next goal, though I am not anticipating an improvement in time. It was a tough winter.

Massage has made a great difference recently though, and confidence is coming back.

Heading back to China with les Foulees de la Soie this summer, God willing.
29/04/2004 at 14:59
Hello again, hope you have settled in well after your move. Still doing a bit of training I hope.

I've had a good year so far, 5 PB's already if I count the 20 mile point in FLM! 3:06 achieved at London which was another 4mins off previous best. I am now on a quest, along with Monique, to break 3hrs one day (hopefully before I get too old!). We both know that the 10K PB has to come down first then all else should hopefully follow.

Drew..that viral infection sounds nasty, hope you can get back into your old routine soon.
29/04/2004 at 15:24
Hi Paula!! I've been roaming the forums making unwanted and inappropriate remarks where ever possible. I usually stay out of Training in case they gang up on me and chase me out.
29/04/2004 at 19:17

Trained for The Hague 1/2 over the winter, missed out on the PB I wanted, due to some very bad weather. Managed to finish 4th in the open race though so quite pleased.

Just come back from South Africa training & looking forward to some racing soon.

Then it's Amsterdam marathon again & looking for sub 2:40!

In November I start a 9 month sports massage course.
scarey at how much of my life is already planned for the next 18 months!!!
29/04/2004 at 20:32
Hello Paula

I've been Base training too (like hippo)
Managed to do my first race (since Oct) in March after a couple of cancellations.
It was a 15 miler, in the Hills of Banbury where we had heavy rain and strong wind - oh i do like to make it easy for myself. That was done in 2hrs 35.

Since then i did 1 LFOTM 5k in Hyde park in 26:17 less than my old pb circa 1989 :o). i have another one tomorrow.

2 5 milers both on flat courses one decent day for running apart from a headwind in places 41:25, and last sunday on that hot day about 2 minutes slower.

And somehow i have managed to get up to 40 mpw, not every week mind but it's getting that way.
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