How hard should you run ?

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11/03/2005 at 20:34
and before anyone says it, please don't mention Peter Snell...!
11/03/2005 at 20:36
Or Steve Ovett?
11/03/2005 at 20:38
BR wrote "By putting in the miles I do (which I still think is just average) it has got me to places that I though I would never have been 5 years ago."

Average for all runners? Average for club runners, or average for serious competitive runners?
11/03/2005 at 20:41
Average for competitive club runners.
11/03/2005 at 20:45
soc, "most people don't get their optimum in terms of running, because it would mean putting everything into running and sacrificing other things, to reach your best possible performance. But for me, that's not really what it's about."

Fully agree.
11/03/2005 at 20:54
Running 80 miles per week is not anything special and it doesn't necessarily get the runner sub 3 marathons!

However, 80 miles or more a week isn't going to suit every runner. I think someone who runs similar times off very low mileage is more remarkable, well to me they are!
11/03/2005 at 22:02

The master told of the time he spotted a boy out fishing one fine day. “Hello! Nice day for fishing” he said to the boy.

“Yes,” Came the reply

After a while the master asks, “Why aren’t you at school today young man?”

“Well sir, as you said... it’s a nice day for fishing.”

11/03/2005 at 22:08
Is this turning into a quality vs quantity debate?

I think we need to accept that different people thrive on different types of training e.g. Coe vs Ovett.

I'm sure there are runners who compete on terms with BR but with half the mpw. I was gutted to be beaten in a half-marathon last year by a chap who had only done a few weeks' training of less than 20 mpw; his basic fitness came from playing plenty of football.
11/03/2005 at 22:28
hm yes

80 mpw for me would take-well a bit of time as im a 12 mi miler
not impossible though

i dont think ill get injured either
im just lazy
11/03/2005 at 23:23
"im just lazy"

Except for the whole doing 35 mile races thing!

I'm half thinking of doing that 140 mile race next year - Grand Canal thing, is that it? - but I can't decide if it would just be madness!
12/03/2005 at 04:09
Re quality vs quantity and "average":

I run about 40 miles a week. Yesterday I ran 10k in 40 mins. I don't race, in ten years I never have. I don't need the motivation to get up early when it is cold and wet. I run because it gives me a freedom I can't get anywhere else from anything else.

No runner is average we are all exceptional.
12/03/2005 at 09:07
i want to do GUC next year
yknow-a 41st birthday thingie--i wasnt organised enough/too lazy to get real training in to do it this year
Runningbird---thats a nice post but im less than average-ho hum
I like races cos i get to meet people
12/03/2005 at 09:36
I like races too because you get to meet some great people, some fast, some slow and the majority in the middle.

I guess you get out of running what you put in but in some cases being faster depends on genes and gender.

But to run longer and do ultras requires something else and thats training your mind as well as your body to do it.

Once I was talking to a top marthoner (sub 2.20 in his day) about my training and he said he mentally couldn't run for 4-5 hours like I do regularly in training and in marathons and he had tried to train for an ultra once but found his body packed in after 3 hours as he was bored by then.

Main thing about running you don't have to be any good at it or rely on others to do it like football/netball.

enjoy your next run.
12/03/2005 at 09:44
good point jane

you can do it all by your little self
12/03/2005 at 10:11
Re: ovett/snell mileage, my friends would crack up if they read what I've written advocating high mileage (in fact they would probably copy it and keep it for future teasing), BUT I do think it's necessary for the marathon... we are talking about 26.2 miles here.

When we are talking about a race that lasts around 1 min 40 (elite man) to say 2 mins 30 (club standard woman), which really is an elongated sprint (if you look at the pace per 400m), it seems crazy to train completely and utterly differently to 400 runners. Mutola, miles-clark, teter, holmes, ceplak and so on all run less than 40mpw, I think jenny meadows runs 25 mpw! but it's what it's made up of. I do accept though, there are diff ways to the top - e.g. snell

Jane - I don't think I could run for 4-5 hours and enjoy it. In fact my long run (which is 45 minutes now) is the least enjoyable part of my training! Anyone who is out on the roads for that long has my respect.
12/03/2005 at 10:13
and additionally, hipppp, you run races with distances that 99.9% of runners (let alone the general population) don't attempt, so I don't think that's less than average!
Duck Girl    pirate
12/03/2005 at 11:47
Runningbird - I don't run 'for' races. I do races because they're a fun way of meeting other runners, trying out new routes, & pushing myself round them.
12/03/2005 at 12:18
Hipps - Perhaps we should start a thread in Training for the 2006 GUC. It might be good motivation...
12/03/2005 at 13:23

do it in the ultra section
Cliff cox might be along to give us some tips-he is doing it this year
12/03/2005 at 14:52
Since being ill for most of this week (see my other thread on dodgy tummy bug), I've been advised to 'run easier' for the next few days and for next week. How easy is 'easy'?

I went out at midday for a trot and felt a bit weak after one mile, although that was completed in 8 minutes at an average 140HR. I went further (what a fantastic day to run, I thought) and managed 35 minutes altogether, at an average of 140HR also. Is this 'easy' enough?

It's obviously common sense for me to continue doing 'easy' runs for the next week, so as long as I don't get tempted into a tempo run, I think I will manage this! Common sense will prevail!

I thought that running was about what you 'want' to do, with a bit of 'should' thrown in (to prevent idiocy). Obviously, if you 'want' a sub-2:30 marathon, you 'should' follow a decent programme to achieve this.
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