how much is too much ?

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28/12/2011 at 15:17
Maybe try compression socks too for the long runs instead of supports? I use them on all long runs.

get the analysis done too.

Swimming great for recovery, and general exercises for your legs is important IMO.

Fir examole, My quads were a little sore to touch after a couple of races & running in November, .. But felt okay to run, didnt really notice it as being bad. Did some weighted squats & lunges in a pump fx class and could feel it within 2 mins. A bit of rest, backed off, tested again all fine.

Same would probably have showed at 14+ miles, or under pressure, full speed and potentially injury.
28/12/2011 at 17:22

Hi folks - apologies for hijacking this thread slightly but it seemed the most appropriately titled.

My query is this.  I am planning to race (or just run?) 40 events in 2012.   I have been running for 6 years or so and run most distances including a couple of ultras.  What sort of training would be most suitable between races and is it best to race a selection and just run the others?  My biggest fear is the dreaded manflu or injury in 2012.

VLM will be a run as I plan to soak up the atmosphere and Belfast Mara will be a gentle run as I have been invited to pace the 4hr 30group again this year.  All thoughts/observations welcome.  Maybe some wise folk on here have done similiar challenges?


28/12/2011 at 17:49

hi festive

i shall sure try compression socks, any tips are always gratefully received, will take your advice over analysis too.

thanks my mind has been settled a little and i have learnt !

28/12/2011 at 18:16
Em, You might want to increase to two rest days a week - I'm getting at least two for 50 K training. Also try massaging your own lower legs every evening and morning?
28/12/2011 at 18:23

hi Debra,

thanks for responding ! I shall certainly have a go, the problem is my run starts off my day so well ! but if it helps me and my aches then i will certainly try

01/01/2012 at 15:19


to all who recommeded compression socks i have to say thanks ! went out and bought some and did 16m and could feel the difference ! i will not be completing any long runs without them !

01/01/2012 at 16:41
Cool Em. That was my suggestion!

They worked great for me, all part of the long slow run (LSR) routine.

Just take it slowly though.... If you can do 16m now, with Manchester on April 29th, you will be fine. Think about some kick back weeks, and also how many runs 20 miles & over you can do.

Also don't forget the chocolate milk shake. That really does help to recover. Porridge after worked even better.
Edited: 01/01/2012 at 16:43
01/01/2012 at 18:09
Em, my physio suggested standing on one leg, alternating, while cleaning my teeth, washing up, ironing etc etc.  Any time, really, when you're standing still but doing something.  The 'something' knocks you slightly off balance, so you're ankles are strengthened by keeping you upright.  Hope this helps 
02/01/2012 at 16:21

sad fit thanks again- am just starting my training diary now so will def fit a few  kick back weeks inbetween the long ones, also looking at increasing my long runs in the next month or so, keeping the increase on the flat though ! apart from sports gels, do you have any fuel recommendations for while im out there ? also have you tried this new high5 zero sports drink ?

polly -polly thanks for that tip, ill try and remember it as i am on my feet quite a bit at work !

happy new year to you all too !

02/01/2012 at 16:52
Fuel recommendations for long runs? Hm, fig rolls, mince pies, slices of malt loaf, mini chocolate bars (e.g. Celebrations, although the wrappers are a pain), jelly beans, flapjacks, Kendal mint cake...
02/01/2012 at 16:57

you take these out with you ? thats amazing ! i would never think to - naive of me yes ! thanks very much for those although after the last few weeks i think mince pies i would struggle with !

02/01/2012 at 18:04
Must go running with Debra! Sounds like ultra marathon approach almost, or my Christmas shopping.

Yes, to jelly babies, jelly beans. Usually 1-2 sports drinks will do me for up to 26 miles training.

Depends on what race you're training they do provide sports drinks, gels ?
Liverpool weren't going to have gels or sports drinks, just water till late on, then did...

Had already started using clif blok shots which I find a lot easier to stomach than gels... Little gel cubes, in a pack of 6 for 2 quid. 3 cubes = 1 gel, but you can take smaller amounts so much less waste.

I've used zero , it's good for rehydrating but useless for long runs since no carbs... But a hot day handy to have 1-2 if sweat & heat a problem.
So fine for gym classes, and recovery to take in salts but not much else.
02/01/2012 at 18:41

I'd say to you to only run 5 days per week, rest is extremely important.  By running 6 miles per day, every day, you're not improving - mix up the distances, routes and pace.  Your weekly training programme should include one long run over hills, one speed session, one fartlek sesion and a couple of steady runs.  Vary the mileage from 4 miles up to 22 miles (only do two 22 milers before the mara) and vary the pace from slow to faster than predicted race pace. 

Protein shakes - most definitely, within twenty minutes of finishing your run so your muscles will repair more quickly.  A good quality Whey will be perfect.

Try and include a couple of gym sessions per week too, if you can.  Good luck with it! 

Any more questions, just ask.

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