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17/07/2006 at 16:07
My club are after ideas for runs that are a change from the usual "go out and run at whatever pace." We run round streets in the winter and roads/lanes/fields/etc in the summer.
Paces range from 7 to 12 minute miles approximately.

Suggestions so far have been a hash and a "pairs" run which we did last year (fast and slow runners paired, run in opposite directions on a "circular" route, turn round when they meet. First pair back to the start are the winners).

Any other ideas?

17/07/2006 at 17:15
I'm not in a club, so I've not tried this, but I heard about a "negative splitting" run, where all the runners start their watches and set out together, and then after a set time (say 30 mins) everybody turns round and runs back, so that the person with the best negative split wins. Sounded quite good to me...

(Obviously, there would be a temptation to "sandbag" on the way out, but that would be against the spirit!)
17/07/2006 at 17:48
1. Pace judgement. Measure an accurate course, say 5 or 6 miles. Everyone writes down their estimated time to cover it (fast or slow as you like) but no-one is allowed a watch. Most accurate wins.

2. Car park run. Tour of the multi-storey car parks. Up the stairs/down the ramp then back up the ramp and down the stairs in each car park. Best done on a wet winter evening. T.Wells has 4 of these car parks so it's a tough run.

3. The social run. One mile out then one mile back to the club going off in three different directions. 6 mile run. You see everyone three times and have to greet/encourage each person you see. You get to see the whippets on this one.

4. Simple orienteering off-road.

5. Right turn only or left turn only run. Usually only possible in town with lots of side streets. If it's a right turn only run you can turn left at a cross-road by going straight ahead then right, right, right again and straight across the original cross-road. Work that one out. It takes a bit of planning though.

17/07/2006 at 23:09
Thanks for those, Daz and JJ.

The "pairs" idea was yours and went down well last year. We've done the estimated time one as a fund-raiser for an event several members were taking part in - always good fun.

I like the idea of the social run. What makes you think I want to see the whippets?

The car park run might be tricky - the nearest would be about 15 miles away but there must be about ten there, so it would be great distance training!
20/07/2006 at 10:48
Any other ideas?

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