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30/07/2012 at 21:39

Wow @spen71 and henstooth....I found marathon training horrific enough without the thought of doing an ultra *shudder* so my respect goes out to you! 

Henstooth how have you adjusted to not training so much??? I feel amazing and I only have a couple of workouts left plus I cannot quite get over the change in my body I havent lost any weight (I didnt need to) but I now have much more definition and lean muscle. I was already reasonably fit but I feel fantastic now! Problem is I hadnt quite realised how training this much has taken over my life and how much I love being this fit...... And horrible as it is to admit I suspect my 'new' body is going to last about as long as my holiday (2 weeks!) which considering I have worked out for two bloody months 6 times a week plus running 4-5 times week really annoys me!! 



30/07/2012 at 22:09

Just start back up again when you get back?

31/07/2012 at 10:17

Enjoy the feeling of the fit body and provided you keep reasonably active, you won't lose too much.  I have kept some deffinition and certainly most of the cardio, but as I said, the tummy is showing a little (Guinness I suspect!).  I will remain active on holiday with the kids etc (couple of runs) and then start the Insanity session again.  It just goes to show that fitness HAS to be a CONSTANT and MAJOR part in your life IF you are to achieve and KEEP the body / fitness you want.  Shows also that it only takes a few weeks on inactivity for it to slip away.  So - for the likes of us working professionals, maintaining this level of fitness is very hard.  It's not like fitness training is what we do for a living, like ST, so we just have to find the time and get a good work / life ballance.  Also, when you've got another aspect of training, like my running, AND a family, it gets harder still.

31/07/2012 at 10:22

Spen and Hens you guys are doing some brilliant work, really impressed! i cannot say that i will get as far as ultra running as running is definitely the bane of my life! i try but am really useless although i ran a few times last week after insanity. 

just completed the max i am being pushed harder than the first month and thought the fitness gained from there would help...but still cannot do the full level 3 drills or the pogo jumps without nearly losing balance. oh and those balance pushups??? i was swearing and cursing and dripping sweat all over my lounge!!!! dammit!! haha good times! slight tightness in my left buttock and left calf which i shall use the foam roller for and hopefully be abit looser for tomorrows max conditioning!!! GET IN!

EMG - being a month into this workout and im still sitting at 110kgs which has frustrated me immensley. my diet is better than its been for a long time and while im losing some excess buldge around the middle i still havent lost any weight. i feel fitter than 6 weeks ago but thought i wouldve shed the kgs as well as the buldge! anyways...we'll see at the end of month 2 and all that!!


31/07/2012 at 10:23

OH - by the way.  I contacted Asics, and they asked me to send them my Gel Trabucos.  The day they received them, they used a special lamp on the insoles, and discovered that I has 1/2 a shoe size too small.  They then sent me a "NEW" pair of Gel-Fuji Trabuco.  I got them the very next day.  I ran a 10k in them yesterday and I have to say they felt so much better - no problems in the toe, so I look forward to many miles in them.  I will say that I got FANTASTC customer service from them and I rate them as the best.  Goes to show that they know their stuff and care for their users. ASICS - you rock.

31/07/2012 at 10:27

Brett - I don't know anyone who's lost weight from this.  If anything, they have gained a little but essentially, it's all been about aquiring a new body shape and deffinition plus LOADS of cardio.  I must admit that I didn't follow the diet, but I'm sure that that is about zero or little fat, which helps bring out the abs.

31/07/2012 at 20:05

@spen71 yeah I will but I think I will give myself a couple of weeks where I am not working out 6 days a week. My body feels fantastic but at the same time my knee has been playing up so I think I need to recuperate plus my social life has suffered since I have been doing insanity/running. Working full time and trying to fit in so much has been difficult but I guess thats life! Round 2 of insanity after my half marathon me thinks !

Henstooth excellent service from Asics!!

Brett to be honest I didn't diet as I am only a 55kg woman my aim was to build a small amount of muscle to give me some definition. If anything my calorie intake went up to cope with the workout! In order for you to lose weight you will need a 500 calorie deficit to lose weight slowly and safely. Plus it is possible that you have lost body fat and built muscle.....


04/08/2012 at 09:40

Hens - good work with the nwe shoesmate, weird that you had a half size difference haha i ran a 13k from waterloo to wimbledon on wednesday and survived much better than the time i did it before the insasnity program. my running technique has definitely improved even if i am still pretty slow. my 2k, 5k and 10k pace are all the same hahaha

i agree with both hens and emg about the weight thing, i am definitely feeling the tightness around my waiste, and i am engaging my core a lot more as well in almost everything i do. im not so worried about the actual kgs because as you both rightly say you are replacing fat with lean muscle which is also heavier in any case! 

spent thursday watching judo live at the excel centre for the olympics and then to hyde park to soak up some atmosphere wow how awesome!

yesterday i felt really good to do the next dvd and also managed a 2.2km run straight after. i definitely say my running technique is so much better, no dragging of my feet now when i run despite being very very tired from the insanity. 

needless to say that come the plyo this morning i am shattered and my whole body feels sluggish but still made it trhough with bucketsof sweat. it proibably didnt help having 2.5pints of guiness either! 

it definitely helps that i have time during the day to recover and not have to focus on any job at the moment, but i am going for a few interviews and all that so hopefully will be in work again soon, life of a contractor!! 



04/08/2012 at 09:50

re my weight:

i stand at 6ft 3' and weigh in at 110kgs, so 5 weeks into insanity i am still at 110 roughly. i had some measurements taken at the gym a week or so before i started insanity and my fat % was at about 25%. so i would like to see that drop a lot more than it has in the 5 weeks of insanity...i may have to do another round of the full 60 day program...haha

i know what i need to work-on to make the more out of each session, my abs and my triceps! those 1-legged v pushups kill me, and the switch kicks and switch kick situp things are also testiment to my weak lower abs...also still landing like an elephant with the power jumps which is very frustrating!! :S

i will keep digging deep however!! BANG!!!

04/08/2012 at 23:03

Right - I am off for my 2 weeks n the sun. I have the running kit so I will get a few miles in. After my drinking and playing in the water, I aim to get back into Insanity, doing the program again. Keep up the work all.

05/08/2012 at 00:04
Brett, if you are after weight loss, have you considered running? Just a thought and this is a running site after all!
05/08/2012 at 18:31

Finished!!!! Just got the fit test tommorrow then first round of insanity DONE!!

Got one week to holiday so just going to run and do a couple of insanity workouts to keep me going.....then once I am back from two weeks in the sun I am going to concentrate on my running do the half marathon in October then do ROUND 2 insanity!


Keep going people! 

06/08/2012 at 08:19

henstooth and emg - hope you both enjoy your weeks off and enjoy the time off, i am sure you will both keep strong!! 

Dash - I have done a fair amount of running before doing the insanity program but i had weak abs and poor running form and it frustrated me. the insanity program was a more condensed routine and meant i could also do it at home despite weather etc. i have started to do short runs after the insanity dvd in the mornings, like immediately after the workout, and can definitely feel the difference from more core strength and running form. i am losing fat around my waiste but the actual weight is still fairly steady, not a big deal but my cardio is way better as is my running form, so 2 things i want out of this insanity program!


06/08/2012 at 15:14

I am currently training for an Ultra Marathon (Round Ripon 35 miles) in October. I have quite an intensive trainin programme 6 days a week with double runs on a Sunday.

I am thinking of starting this - my Husband does it already and I have done a few of them just not the full 60 day thing. We are off to wales to stay with friends on Saturday so the idea is I am going to do the fit test tonight and then when we return from wales on the 20th I will start the full programme then. Will let you know how I get on

06/08/2012 at 17:53

ok so fitness test done;

Switch Kicks - 84

Power Jacks - 47

POwer Jumps - 30

Globe Jumps - 8

Suicide jumps - 10

Push up jacks - 10 (although I couldn't go anywhere near as low as you are meant to my upper body strength leaves a lot to be desired and then some)

Low plank obliques - 56

Over all not too bad - am going to set a date to start the whole programme in full and will keep reporting back had a sneaky peak at my husbands first time and second time scores and I beat some of them tee hee

08/08/2012 at 13:56

amanda! welcome! what a crazy person to be getting into these ultra marathons! crazy stuff!  a mate of mine just did one in mongolia, 15hrs for 100km crazy times!  have you done many marathons or any such? i am not lying this insanity stuff has defnitely improved my running and i am terrible at it, plodding and dragging my feet usually but 6weeks into insanity and i am actually running much better...just did a 4k run in 25mins straight after an insanity session, i dont think i could do 4k in 25mins before i started the program so its really good for me personally! well done on your fit test, you are half way there then haha!

17/08/2012 at 13:41

He yo all... Couple a days and I will be back in the UK. Welcome AMANDA. Well done on the fit test scores. As Brett has already said - the program dose so work getting those core mussel groups in form which WILL have a positive effect on your running.  I found (as previous post say) that my leg strength and cardio were much improved as a result of the workouts BUT I found i was just so knackered that I souldn't keep up my normal longer distance running training (what with work and family life).  Presenlty I am quaffing a very cold beer in Spain and NOT looking forward to my ruturn to the UK on Sunday!  I am however, looking forward to getting back into my running, starting Insanity again, and then Hellrunner Up North and also Spartan at Brands Hatch.  I have put on some weight (kids keep telling me) and I have not done as much running as I wanted to here in Menorca.  I did do my normal cliff climb route twice, and got a 5 min better time on the second one.  Owing to the fact that a friend came and joined us at the villa, Mr San Miguel, Mr Estrella and Mrs G&T came to the party a bit too often!!  I will post once back in the UK.  I will need some motivation from you lot so keep in the loop.


17/08/2012 at 16:38

@ Hens! 

mate your holiday sounds exactly what it should be, a holiday! you know when you are back on the mudisland that you will be hitting it iwth a big stick regardless so enjoy your last few days off!!! i know how those friends along with Mr. Jack and Captain Morgan and ruin ones fitness levels!

i am getting to the end of week 7 of the insanity workout and that makes next week officially my last week. i am definitely fitter and feel a lot stronger and i am keen to give insanity a second round, maybe take a couple of weeks off to focus more on running/swimming/cycling for the london duathlon and london triathlon and then crack on again at the end of september, or mix the training up a bit more with the first 4 weeks of insanity, i should be fit enough to do that at this stage. throw in a few light weight sessions too! i look forward to it!! 

right, off for a swim now however!!!


17/08/2012 at 19:04

Hello    Well its nearly a week since my ultra.   Got round in a very comfortable 12 hours.  Now I know what to expect I think I could do sub 10 hours easy.

So insanity starts next week.


21/08/2012 at 11:46
I did an insanity session yesterday but the official start day is today as I have to make sure Sunday is my insanity rest day as i have double runs on a Sunday (am and pm) so couldn't do insanity on that day aswell. My husband is doing it with me which is good as we keep each other going. Have taken my measurements and my weight etc so am ready to DIG DEEP
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