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21/08/2012 at 18:39

Hi all.  Am back in the Uk now a couple of days and have done all those chores essential for normal "working life" to resume!  I am intending to get a solo benchmark run in tomorrow, or perhaps Thursday evening to get a feel as to where i am after the holiday alcohol and relative inactivity.  I will look to bang in a few testing runs and then start to set a winter training program wit a few running buddies.  I want to start the Insanity program as well so might just wait a while for the nights to draw in a bit (just wana enjoy the sun outside a bit more).  I have the Hellrunner Up North booked, as well at The Spartan soon after, so need to get stamina up for that.  I plan also for another ultra so will try and hook up with Spen71 for some North Kent training.

22/08/2012 at 15:37

wow you guys are definitely a bit crazy but i like it!! i am in my last week of the 8week course for insanity, and feeling good! again, not so much on the losing weight front but defo feeling much fitter and my running as always is improving. i did an 8km yesterday straight after max cardio & abs workout and did that in 50mins and the route inlcuded a few hills so i am very happy with that time. i am doing the london duathlon on 9th sept so i have 2 weeks after this 8 week course to work a bit on that but i think i will start month 1 of the insanity course again and double up the workouts with my running/cycling and swimming for the london triathlon on 23rd sept! epic times ahead and feeling good!


27/08/2012 at 18:19

Hi people.

Im thinking of giving this insanity programme a go myself. Have tried reading as much of the thread as l can without going through every post.

What have you guys and girls noticed as the main improvements in your fitness and physique?

i'll be perfectly honest, the kind of results im looking for is to be the number one man on the beach that will raise the ladies heartbeats. Will Insanity do this for me if l follow it to the t?

I already work out in the gym and am reasonably slim but what l would like is a lot more definition and to be "cut"

Also is there anyway l can avoid forking out 100 quid for the privilege?

Thanks in anticipation.

28/08/2012 at 02:05

GE21 - if you follow the workout and the diet you will see and feel a marked differance BUT I would suggest perhaps doing the programme twice to really hone in the mussel deffinition. It will be hard but worth it.  Remember that you should start off at your own pace as opposed to keeping up with ST and the machines.  Build up.  I saw a marked body shape change in me (already slim and fit) - my torso frame, shoulders, biceps and legs.  Most of all my cardio went through the roof.  Effect was that I ATE the 3 PEAKS Challenge.

As for the cost - you get what you pay for.  It works providing you keep at it.  Those who buy it and expect immediate effects and blow out because they just don't hack the effort needed, get angry at having had the cost.  Others, who work at it, and get the results, are content with the cost.  If you can find someone with the discs who isn't running the program for a while, borrow it if you can.

You will have loads of support from those on this thread dude.

28/08/2012 at 14:24


Back from my more than 2 weeks in the sun feeling refreshed and just a little unfit haha! Hello everyone and  Amanda/Gareth hope you are getting on ok with insanity 

I have got a half marathon in 5 weeks so in the meantime I am just going to do insanity a couple of times a week so I can concentrate on my running. Then after that I have decided to do another round of insanity to maintain the results and see if I can improve. Cant believe I am saying this but I actually missed doing the workouts on holiday and feeling the burn!!


Gareth dont' know how it is for the guys but gotta say as a woman I dont think I have ever been so defined in my life. My guess however is for guys you will probably need to do a upper body workout with weights at the gym as well if you want to build muscle - although on the deluxe package of insanity there is a weights workout which he recommends you do a couple times a week in addition to the other workouts. 



28/08/2012 at 19:04


Im gonna get this thing then. A portion of Septembers pay cheque has insanity written on it!

28/08/2012 at 21:07
I am on week 2 and loving it was up at 6am to do it it and hate it at the same time lol
29/08/2012 at 00:42

Get in there GE21 you will see the results in no time if you put the effort in.

Welcome AB - good to see your enthusiasm.  You might hit low spots BUT you have a great support team here.

Edited: 29/08/2012 at 00:42
29/08/2012 at 15:07

hi all! ok some bad news, i missed the last 2 days of week 8 whcih included the fit test but i was not so sad as i managed a good brick training session that involved an 8km run and a 28km cycle, throw in a few bad meals lastweek for those socials you get lumped with and i missed my sessions. regardless, i have decided to crack round 2 of the insanity starting yesterday with the fittest and the plyo definitely feeling a lot fitter than i was when i last did the month 1 plyo and this mornings cardio power was fun despite having fairly tired legs. my cardio is getting really strong and i am seeing visible difference in the shape of my legs. still carrying a bit around the waist but iam hoping that round 2 of insanity will crank that out...

duathlon next weekend in richmond so doing a bit of running and cycling as well!

well done peeps!!!

29/08/2012 at 21:04
I have to admit being only on week 2 of month 1 I am petrified about month two I am going to Dubai in just under 2 weeks and am taking the DVDs with me I think it will be ok in an air conditioned room the only thing I think I will begin to struggle with is doing this and ultra training. I had Sunday as a rest day from insanity and did two runs totaling 19 miles instead lol. Madness !! Am loving it though and look forward to it every morning . Think I have the fit test again on Monday so will post my updated results . Can already see results in my running had a threshold session tonight with 5X 6 mins at threshold and was doing them 30 seconds per mile (average) quicker than before so really pleased.

Well done to everyone and thank you all for the warm welcome
29/08/2012 at 21:19

Well I have started it.   Did the Plyo cardio and struggled towards the end but battled on.   Did the abs one last night as wanted to see what it is like.    I think i may have struggled tonight due to doing 6 x 800m at 3.20 off 2 mins .


I doubt I will be able to do it "properly" until Novemeber when I get more time to do it but will just dip my toe in a few times a week.

29/08/2012 at 22:04
My husband just showed me the max stuff all I can say is OMG
That is all
30/08/2012 at 09:28

Whats the max?

30/08/2012 at 09:57

@ Spen - mate that is crazy to do those 800m laps LOL!! good effort though! i have started round 2 and finding that i can almost get through the entire workouts with missing only a few reps so i'm defo happy with that. added to that doing a few short runs and spin classes during the week i am feeling my cardio getting stronger. 

@ AB - LOL its killer, def take the recovery week, its well worth it. i missed out on mine because of timing but wish i had taken the week off because the difference is quite drastic! ENJOY!!!!

01/09/2012 at 22:30
Max is month two looks epicly painful
05/09/2012 at 20:46

i am having to put the insanity on hold for a short bit with my duathlon this week and the triathlon a few weeks after that. there is no doubt it has helped my fitness but i need to focus a bit more on the cycling and running and swimming over the coming weeks and then smash some more insanity after that! very excited to see my results compared to last year! GET IN!!!! 

keep at it guys!!! 

12/09/2012 at 09:02

ok i am barely alive after that duathlon over the weekend, I fear i might have missed a few tricks in my training program, namely starting the insanity program a bit too late to give me time to also focus on longer running/cycling. I did my first 10km run in a slow 1hr 5mins but i was feeling good despite the pounding hit and immenant dehydration. onto the bike for 2 laps of richmond park totalling 22kms and my calfs were starting to cramp from lack of proper rehydration and changing the hight of my saddle by 1.5inches that morning. dismounting my bike was an exercise in itself as my legs gave way under the bad cramps now in hamstrings and thighs as well, this was going to be a tough 5km run to finish the day in 28 degree heat! i ended up walking most of the first 2.5kms and ran most of the last half to finish with 41mins for the 5km. I was gutted because i felt i couldve done better had i focused a bit more on my running in the month leading up to the race seeing as that is by far and above my weakest discipline. Insanity definitely helped me improve my technique and my cardio but i needed more brick training with the bike/run and more timeon the tarmac.

lessons learnt but i will still stick by insanity and i will be restarting my round 2 shortly after my londno triattlon next weekend and use it to help me prepare for hellrunner down south on 13th november!

any comments/advise welcome!!!

hope you are all going strong!!!


13/09/2012 at 20:55

YOU WILL LOVE HELLRUNNER. DoneSouth x2, Middle x1 and doing North this year. Check out links..

Yep that's me in the mankini.

14/09/2012 at 12:23

hahahaha Hens you crack me up mate! i will have to watch those when i get home (work blocks youtube site!)

I have done a few crazies, the grim challenge (not as tough as the hellrunner i hear) and also the tough guy in wolverhampton, that my friend was epically mad in the head! it was so cold at the end of jan 2010 that there was a 2 inch layer of friggin ice to brake through for those dumb enough to be in the lead! hahaha good fun in the end but freeeeezing cold after full submersion in said water! literally saw stars twinkling in a black blur! crazy!

24/09/2012 at 20:19
I am now on recovery week. I re did one week because I missed a day and felt bad lol. Problem is i have my ultra at the end of my first week of month 2 so not sure how that will go. I am going to do one and see how I go. If it is too much I will do another week of month one and then go to month 2 the Monday after the ultra. In other news however I have thanks to insanity and some hard running training managed to get my 10k pb under the hour. (something which has eluded me for 2years) and my half marathon pb went down my 7 minutes at the great north run. I am at the robin hood half this weekend are any of you there. ?
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