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11/01/2013 at 18:06

think we had better make Hey Jude the tune of the day. I love that song

by eck - I really don't know how you could have got through life without knowing that tune

had a long trip home cos I had to go to the post office to pick up a parcel, and it is 10 miles the other side of home to where work is - but it is my pirate kit just having a coffee and chilling and I will go and open it and see if it fits - although ideally it should be slightly on the small side so I can lose weight into it

11/01/2013 at 20:26
Hello all!!! Apologies still for my lack if input but still no laptop yet love my iPhone but very fiddly to type lots on- and boss!- I can't upload pics easily from it!!
Party party party but I need nakey man pics and I'm a single girl so can perve all I like now!!!! Woohooooooo
11/01/2013 at 20:31
Franny sis- hope u don't get to much snow- I don't think we will here but it tends to catch us unawares:/
Mc, hope your extended trip wasn't too bad!!
Boss- hope you are bring careful and not over straining any wounds!
Ecky , how's you run club going ? Have a new newyears set if beginners to help?
It's been a long and busy day- I have house viewers tomorrow do whilst miss llb was at a friends I did an ultra tidy- I've made miss llbs room sooo super showroom tidy I've actually banned her from sleeping in it tonight! She's allowed to snuggle in with me
Long week and I really fancy having a glass of vino as a treat tomorrow night- but I feel a bit saddo drinking alone :/ is it ok dyu think to have a glass alone? Can't remember how tondo this single girl / mum thing !!!!!!!!
11/01/2013 at 20:42


Sorry not been on but am having to sort Charidee stuff that's kind of not pleasant.

Anyways, Im okay as I'm taking a break from it this weekend so I can come on here and catch up with you all. Training has been going well and Im due a 10 miler tomorrow.

Loula we had 7 newbies at running club which was just through word of mouth. There were 22 of us altogether.

12/01/2013 at 03:47

Long time since I've seen a nakey man   bring on the pics LLB.

Couldn't read anything else for a moment after that.  I'm ok now tho.

12/01/2013 at 07:13


12/01/2013 at 07:20

I'm at school and wasn't sure I could send messages.  (They have barred facebook.)

Louise - what are you doing up at that time? Hope you are not poorly.

Anyway, morning guys! A rainy day here and all the snow has melted.  My middle boy is 9 years old today and he has his swimming races.  He is not like his sister and is happy wherever he comes so no worries. Wish I could cheer him on tho.  Music exams went OK yesterday.  We have to wait a few weeks for the results.

I love the song 'Hey Jude' so no apologies necessary.  I had a boyfriend who sung it once to me in a bar in Cyprus - gosh he was romantic.....He was a music student like me and he told the band all the chords beforehand. Nice memories.

Gosh, just seen the time.  Must go .............Have a lovely day all.

12/01/2013 at 07:39

I'm in Dubai - 4 hour time difference

Actually was in Oman yesterday (about a two hour drive) to help with a mountain bike race, so did my test run there along the Dibba coastline.  Back in Dubai now on and off until April then will be based in London.

12/01/2013 at 07:40

...going to do 5k today, on a soft track.  Plan to try with different shoes.  Attempting miraculous rescue of Two Oceans training plan...

12/01/2013 at 08:03

morning all

loula - I can't remember being single either but I am guessing that having a class on yoru own is fine, but don't get trashed just in case miss llb needs you in the night (and you need to be fresh in the morning for the house viewings). Good luck

louise, good luck with your run, sounds like you are on the mend

Jude - are you at work again?

ecky - hope you are ok

I am off to spinning in a bit, then some gym work.

12/01/2013 at 08:18
Didnt have vino mc as there was none ofmy fave in house just champagne and Buck's Fizz :/ didnt fancy that. Am off shopping today so may he my wine as a treat but it's a bit pricey
Ecky thts good tht you had newbies- hope they stay! I'm sure wth you as coach they will
I was meant to be doing my 2nd 50 mile ultra in 3 weeks time but with so much happening my training just hasn'tt been enough so I've swapped my entry to the northants ultra why h I really loved last year
Louise ... I like pics of nakey men on here and of course I post them merely for the morale if us gals
12/01/2013 at 08:20
Off to get miss llb a blackberry on contract after dance class... And I fancy a shiny new handbag
12/01/2013 at 10:02

Nakey Men, where

Yeh Loula, I hope it builds up again. We do have a good laugh usually at my expense. I love it though as we have a great bunch of people. I dont blame you changing your race either, we dont want you injured. Ooooooh shopping sounds like fun. Middle Ecky has a blackberry and is always on bbm

Hi Mathschick, yeh I'm fine just stuff I'm not used to dealing with so I am a bit worried about getting things wrong. I suppose when its all over I can explain more.

Oooooh Louise, Dubai looks fabby. My friend is over there at the moment.

Hiya Jude, Happy Birthday to your Son.

Well just back from 8.8 miles. It shows 8.5 on my Garmin but for some reason I lose Satelite reception for the forst 3-4 mins of my run. I am really pleased as I ran 10.3 min miles or under all of the way. I am just waiting for Hubby to do me a lovely Bacon Sarnie now.


12/01/2013 at 10:20


Ecky - that happens to my garmin too......

MC - Yep, another Saturday and next Saturday.....

Louise - are you enjoying Dubai?

Sorry, gotta go again.

12/01/2013 at 11:44

No to naked men Loula you are leading people astray!!!!! Where are all the blokes at the moment.

Louise-What do you in Dubai? 

Day of rest for me today before a long run in the hills tomorrow. I am being carefull and feel 95% ache free which is pleasing!

12/01/2013 at 11:47

ah, Jude - what is you do on Saturdays? are the kids in school? Any chance you can talk to the school about it to reduce the amount you do?

ecky - well done on your run

spin class, then up into the gym and another bike session to get the bike to 1 and half hours, then some weights

that's me for the day then

have to go and get school shoes for little one though, we went in the holidays but clarks didn't have any his size, so they ordered some and we are going to try them


12/01/2013 at 12:24

Good morning.

Hope all of you who are poorly or injured feel a bit better today.

Well done Mr By Eck and AF on your achievements.

It's my birthday today.Normally a happy day,but very sadly,Mum passed away yersterday afternoon.It was very peaceful.My Dad and sister had just left her bedside,to drop my Dad back home,and they had just got home when the hospital rang and said she had gone in her sleep.In a way it's a relief,as she isn't suffering anymore,but her not being around anymore is going to leave a big hole in our lives.I went to the hospital with my sister last night,to say goodbye,and it was very hard.I have been so lucky to have a wonderful Mum,and she was so proud of my running achievements,modest as they are,and made me feel like a champion,even though i'm really not that fast at all.I love you Mum xxxx.I think i will enter another marathon in Spring 2012 as she is still amazed that i ran one given my problems.

Have a good day everyone,and thanks for all your support. 

12/01/2013 at 13:29

(((((((((((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))) D.J. Such a difficult time but the love of your family and friends and the lovely memories of your Mum will help you through the coming days. What a lovely way to honour your Mum too with a special race.


12/01/2013 at 15:23

ah, DJ, hugs from me and my thoughts are with you and your family

12/01/2013 at 15:33
Just a quick check in as working

(((((( hugs))))))

Thinking of you at this sad time
Oh and happy birthday too although I know you won't be feeling like it
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