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20/07/2013 at 14:45

Hi everyone... you've been busy

Happy birthday for last week Jude, I am trying to resist the local gelati shop that sells salted caramel.  Well done on adding mile swims!  And congrats to Elif - have you had any news back yet on the nationals? 

Ecky your daughter looked lovely.  Hope your cold and foot and recovering well.  I suppose if you HAVE to have a cold it might as well be when you can't run anyway .

AF it must be quite strange - and frustrating - having your event cancelled after you have trained for it.

MC - good luck with your triathlon tomorrow (did I get the date right?).  Hope the knee holds up.

I've been feeling a bit demotivated, managing to run but the thought of the gym defeated me.  Anyway I managed to get back into it yesterday so will have to try harder this week.  Did the Greenwich Hills training this morning so have achy legs now.  High Wycombe half is tomorrow, but I'm treating it as a training / social run and hoping it's not too hot.

Chili, thanks for the invite, I would have loved to join you but have the Down Tow Up Flow half that day.

Hi LLB, Franny, Deejay, Nandy, MrsN




20/07/2013 at 18:25

Hi everyone.A bit of a cooler day today here,but still hot.I do enjoy warm weather like this.My wife is finding it hard in the heat though.

Ecky,i'm sure your foot will feel better soon.Hope your cold clears soon.Glad your daughter had a nice time.

Chili,well done on a very hot long run yesterday,and a Parkrun this morning.It is so tough in this heat.

Went for my run first thing this morning,and managed 5 miles for the first time since I was ill in early May.Really pleased.I was very slow,but i'm just concentrating on regaining my stamina and distance first.I felt a lot stronger than on Wednesday night,but it was a cooler and I was fresh rather than tired after work.My aim is to be able to run a Parkrun in under 30 minutes,and run 8 miles by the end of September.Then I will feel able to return to the club again.At the moment i'm not ready.

On a sad note I see that the Olympic 400m runner Todd Bennett passed away last week.He was from Romsey,and when my sister was involved with athletics,he made a lot of time for her and helped her,despite being busy training for the 1982 Olympics.I met him a few times at Team Solent,and he was a really nice bloke.In fact all of the guys at the club were really good to her,including Kriss Akabusi and Roger Black.When she stopped running,it was Todd,along with his coach,Mike Smith,who came to our house to try and persuade her to come back.It's a shame some of the girls at the club who were a couple of years older than my sister weren't as nice,and bullied her until she gave up running.Todd was often overshadowed in later years as Akabusi and Black had bigger media presences,but he was a fine athlete,and later a wonderful athletics coach.

20/07/2013 at 20:01

evening all

DJ - great news on your running. Sad news indeed about Todd Bennett and an interesting history there. God, girls can be horrible to each other can't they??

ecky - sounds like your foot is on the mend

chili - well done on all the runs

well I went to my club swim but we had to get out after about 25 mins as the pool chemicals were caising breathing difficults in everyone  

then a busy busy day in Nottingham, got home shattered! Have eaten, chilling now and an early night for me

Yes, I am doing a triathlon tomorrow and I haven't ridden outside on my bike since early June, very silly of me, but I have turboed quite a lot so fingers crossed I am ok on the bike! I think the weather is going to be a bit cooler than it has been thank goodness!

20/07/2013 at 20:27

MC which tri are you doing? Not Birmingham by any chance? 

Hi DJ, sounds like you're on the way there, good luck. 

Louise, salted caramel...... you need it in your life!

21/07/2013 at 08:10


All the best to those who are racing today - Have a great time!

21/07/2013 at 10:28


Chilli well done on your park run and as for chucking the kids out till Dinner, it didn't seem to do us any harm in the good old days of coming home when you were hungry  Shame they cant just do what we used to.

Mathschick good luck for your Tri, you will be fab

Hi DJ, well done on you run.

Thanks Louise and yes you are right, better have both together.

Well I'm off back to bed after a night in Hospital with little Ecky after a bad fall at ice skating left him with a head injury. Thankfully the CT scans came back clear but as he was so sick they kept him in for Obs. He is now off to Toys r us for a treat. I will be honest I was worried sick as he seemed so unwell.

Edited: 21/07/2013 at 10:28
21/07/2013 at 12:25

Afternoon all!

Ecky - Oh gosh! Glad to hear little Ecky is OK. That must have been very worrying for you all.

Nandy - Hope the 10K went well and wasn't too hot!

MC - Hope the tri went well and you had fun.

Chili - yep, I remember 'playing out' in the streets all summer as a child. We used to have a great time with the neighbours kids. It's a shame times have had to change.

DJ - well done on your 5 miler! 

Louise - Hope your half went well. Sorry I didn't wish you luck beforehand!  No news about the nationals yet. Should know for sure by Tuesday but it's unlikely this time.

Hi to everybody else!

Had a lazy day yesterday. No training and a long lie in. I'm getting tired losing 2 hours sleep in the middle of the night for eating. I did cook a stupendous vegetable and yoghurt lasagne last night. (Well, stupendous for me - I struggle with cooking somewhat)

Planning a VERY slow longish run this afternoon.

BFN xx

21/07/2013 at 14:24

Hi everybody, hope you are all well!

Just a flying visit, i'll check in properly later on.

10K went well (ish), i eventually got a PB 46:43  so it ended well but I was soooo close to dropping out after two miles. My legs and breathing were all wrong and i was in a bad place! Really glad i carried on though! I put in a sprint finish over the last .2miles and i was actually sick after i'd finished!!  First time thats ever happened!

Mathschick - Hope the triathlon went well!!

Chili - well done on the long run!

DJ - well don on the 5 miles!

Sorry to anyone i've missed, im rushing a bit. The better half is waiting for me as we've been together 8 years today and she wants to go out.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend every one!

21/07/2013 at 15:07

afternoon all

nandy - well done, brilliant time and well done for keeping going

ecky - must have been a horrible night for you all, hope you get some rest today

had a great time today:

race report:

up early, dodgy tummy - probably race nerves so ignored it apart from frequent loo trips (OH later told me he too had a dodgy tummy so probably the enchiladas we had last night!), brekki, car loaded and off I go. It is cold and rained a bit on the way. What happened to the nice weather?? Got there and saw some people I knew, chatted, registered, saw an elderly couple I know set off on the swim. There was a guy in there that actually could not swim and kept holding onto the edge! Set up my transition, ate a banana and went to wait at the swim start. It is cold so I decide I will put my cycle top on for the ride. 

get in to the pool, suddenly a whistle is blown, but we didn't know if this was our signal!! Woman in the lane next to me turned to me and we asked each other whether this was it, decided it was and set off! 2 lengths done, feeling fine, then the woman in the next wave starts behind me somewhere and at some point is wanting to overtake so I let her at the end, but then she is too slow and holds me up. I feel a bit annoyed and then this makes me lose count of my lengths, damn damn. Go back to the last number I definitely remember - would rather do 2 extra than not enough. Finish, get out and run to the bike feeling good but needing a wee!! Wonder whether to try Seren's trick of sitting on my towel and weeing but decide not to, get kit sorted and off I go on the bike. Now, I have been getting a mental block about the bike and haven't ridden outside since 1st June so slightly nervous. Out onto the road, turn right and I am on the narrow country lanes. I am cycling, clipped in and it is ok, what was all the fuss about?? It is pretty windy and although I remembered the course as being flat I seem to be going steadily upwards a lot. The wind makes things tough, but I am warm enough and glad to have put the extra layer on. Downhill now and lots of tight bends, I probably slow down too much on the bends but never mind. I make sure I shout a cheery thank you to all the marshals. It is a long bike for a sprint  - 15 miles and seems to go on forever, but then I see in the distance the venue and nearly back. Manage to unclip and get off the bike with no probs, swap shoes and out onto the run. Legs are knackered from the bike but just keep moving. I walked a couple of times, the run route seems to stretch in forever, then I am back and finished special - not bac piratey mention from the guy on the mike at the finish

swim:11:11 - but I did 66m too much

bike: 1:03 - that is 15mph so happy with that

run 35omething not bad given all the knee problems

21/07/2013 at 18:42

Well I raced today too. Quite annoyed because my chip came off. I told the marshals on the bike out, who flapped for several minutes about what to do then sent me off saying they'd manually record. Which is great until I find out later there's no facility for them to do this. I can't believe a comany that big had no contingency plan, it's not in the realm of impossibility that a chip could come off.

On the plus side, I know my finish time so I know I took 7 mins off my PB but it is disappointing not to know where this came from  

21/07/2013 at 18:46

well done MrsN - you would have been quicker without waiting for the marshals to flap as well! Were you at birmingham then? You know we need a longer race report than that!

21/07/2013 at 20:09

I was indeed. Ok well here goes!

So, parked up a surprising distance from transition itself and survived the big queue to get in. As per with this organiser, transition was a bit chaotic. Massive queue to get in, had to push past the next wave who were going in an hour early! As the spots weren't numbered it was a case of grab any space, including along the barriers.

Swim was great, went really well. I deliberately started at the back but reckon I was easily in the first quarter by the time I got out. Wetsuit came off fast, off onto the bike when, horror of horrors I note no chip! Told a Marshall, cue much flapping and indecision on their part before sending me off with a promise to manually record. 

Bike went pretty fast, mostly flat with a couple of noticeable slopes but all good. Then onto the run after a good rummage around the area for that stupid chip! No luck so off onto the course.

The drink station was straight out of transition then onto a longish, evil, hill! The rest was mostly flat again. Sadly, on the first lap a Marshall clocked my absent chip and mentioned that they have no facility to manually record. Oh. Perhaps the kick to my morale is partly responsible for my loss of mojo on the run or perhaps it just wasnt my day. I felt like the run was a bit of a struggle and couldn't pull a massive push out the bag at the end. 

So I'm not sure of my splits but I do know I finished in around 1:27 so that isn't too bad. 


21/07/2013 at 20:14

great report

shame about the chip. I don't like the sound of the chaotic transition

21/07/2013 at 21:05

Yeah I got lucky and spotted somewhere right by the bike in and out but some people were wandering around looking for ages. Why tell people they can't enter until 20 mins before if you then let people in an hour in advance, leaving no spots?

22/07/2013 at 09:26


Great reports MC and Mrs Noel- What tri's were you doing?

Nandy-Well done on your 10k pb.

Just a flying visit...7 miles with the club and a further 7.6 yesterday morning.

Was a bit gutted anout my marathon being cancelled but we were saying yesterday when we were running that it would have been hard work in the heat!!!

Hi Ecky,Chilli,LLB,DJ etc etc

22/07/2013 at 09:57

Morning all

Well done MC and MrsN on your respective Tri's.  Holding on to the side sounds about my swimming level

Ecky, hope your boy has recovered from his fall.

Jude, I'm not surprised you are exhausted!  It is so hard to exercise during Ramadan, hydration just goes out the window and that is such a major factor in fatigue.

I did the Wycombe half yesterday, took it very easy.  Meet up with a running friend from Dubai and we did the whole thing together, 2h25 - she was not feeling great and I didn't want to push at all, so we chatted the whole way which helped pass the time.  We were really lucky with the weather and it stayed cool the whole way.  This week is taper week so a lot easier.



22/07/2013 at 14:09

Louise well done on your 1/2 yesterday. It is enjoyable running a race with a firend and having a good chat. So what are you tapering for?


22/07/2013 at 14:16

Down Tow Up Flow half in Marlow this Sunday.  Hoping the weather will be kind to me.  Despite Dubai training I do still slow down if the temp goes over 25ish, especially if it is humid.

22/07/2013 at 15:06

Well done to all the racing peeps!

Mrs Noel - disappointing about your chip but well done on knocking 7 minutes off your PB! What were the distances for each part?

Louise - well done on your half. Must be nice to run with a friend and have no pressure. Good luck for next week!

Nandy - Excellent about your PB! Well done to you too! (Sorry you were sick at the end!)

MC - Well done! You did great especially with your knee to contend with. What were your distances?

I read up a bit on tris yesterday. I would be really interested if there were any tris here (I don't think there are) and I could get all the equipment necessary (I don't even have a bike!!)

AF - well done on your running over the weekend.

Hi everybody else. 

Well, I wanted to do a long run yesterday but only managed 7.3 miles in the end. Just got too thirsty and I got a bit scared I was gonna collapse or something. I suppose it's longer than I'd managed all week! No run today but I'm swimming after the iftar meal.

BFN xx

22/07/2013 at 17:23

afternoon everyone

only one day to go at school, thank goodness. It has been a drag today

AF - I was doing Woodhall Spa tri in Lincolnshire. I think MrsN was at Birmingham

Jude - take care running in the heat, specially if you aren't drinking, recipe for disaster really. You might find some aquathons (swim then run) if you haven't got a bike!

rest day for me today

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