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01/03/2013 at 19:46

ah chili, hope you get a good night's sleep tonight, well done for getting the run in, but have a rest if you need one

01/03/2013 at 19:56

Awwwwww Chilli (((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))) for you too. I cant believe you have still managed a 10 miler though. Thats impressive.


02/03/2013 at 08:10

morning all

although i am feeling much better, don't think I am up to swimming, so difficult to tell myself that, but I think I am better off just going for a walk or something fairly gentle, don't feel that I could physically manage a club session in the pool. Maybe tomorrow...

02/03/2013 at 08:23
Sleep on a children's ward seems to be an oxymoron
02/03/2013 at 08:28

(((((((((((by eck))))))))))))

how is moo?

02/03/2013 at 08:40



02/03/2013 at 08:41

byeck did yo have ANY sleep?(((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))

02/03/2013 at 08:49


Mathschick, you are doing the right thing although its very difficult to take it easy.

Morning By Eck, oh yes trying to sleep there is no mean feat. I bet you are exhausted . Sending ((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))

Morning Loula.

What is everyone up to today? I may run later but doing my 16 miler tomorrow morning so I wont go far. I may just do some hills.

02/03/2013 at 09:06

Morning Everyone

Aw Chilli....((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))) hope your feeling better today and well done for managing your run yesterday...amazing stuff.

AND MC....(((((((((((((((((((((HUGS to you))))))))))))))))))))) hope you pick up soon...you are just not getting out the bit lately between one thing and another.

BY'eck...hope you managed some shut eye...how is the plan going with Moo????

AF...OOooooooooooooo i will tell all the ladies to look out for the mankini man...what mile will you be at...hows about just after the 4.5 miles as thats when most of the hills are over and done with...lol    i think  

Ecky...you are doing well wth your training and hope you mangage to get something sorted with Trevor.

Not much planned for me today...going to take Chico a long walk up around the pentlands as its a lovely bright sunny day.

Loula sis how far you running this weekend?????

Jude...Hope you manage to get out for your 4 miler.

Hello to everyone else...have a cracking day y'all

02/03/2013 at 09:45

ecky - not sure hills are a good idea the day before your long run - be careful you don't want to end up on the injury bench

beautiful morning out there, have dropped big boy off, done a bit of shopping, OH takiing little boy to karate soon, so I will go out for a walk 

02/03/2013 at 09:47

Morning Franny. I have just tied him to my back with scarves but they are digging into my shoulders. I really need to find baby holder  big enough to hold him. He doesn't feel too bad but after 26.2 miles I may be struggling. Enjoy your walk today with the lovely Chico.

02/03/2013 at 09:50

Mathschick, you could be right. I will just do a very easy plod. I cant risk injury now. Enjoy your walk too.

02/03/2013 at 12:05

it is so lovely out there. Walked 6 miles in 1:30 so really pleased - there was a time when it would take me that long to run 6 miles 

not so sure a snickers is the best recovery  but it is what I fancied - it has protein and carbs

02/03/2013 at 13:03


Yes lovely day out there..not long back from walk with Chico around the base of the Pentlands....

Well done MC on your walk...and a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

02/03/2013 at 13:27


pic of Chico on his walk today around the Pentlands

02/03/2013 at 14:52


Frannny- Mile 4.5 it is! Lovely picture of Chico. How are you doing witout Mr Franny?

MC-Good that you got some fresh air on you rlong walk.

Speak later..day of rest today!

02/03/2013 at 16:22

awwww sis!!! thats looks fabulous in the Pentlands!!! cant wait!!! i have found some flights that go straight from Oxford to Edinburgh

02/03/2013 at 16:53

Afternoon all!

Franny - I like the pic of Chico and what lovely scenery!

By'eck - hope you manage some sleep tonight! How's little Moo?

Chili - How are you? Hope the migraines have gone.  Well done on your 10 miler.

MC - well done on getting out in spite of your cold. Take it easy this afternoon if you can.

AF - enjoy your child-free weekend.

Loula - Hi!

Ecky - good luck on your 16 miler tomorrow.

Hi to everybody else!

Did a nice 4 miler in the sunshine this morning while kids were swimming.  Then took them to violin and guitar lessons as usual and then the cinema.  Hubby and I left them in there alone for the first time while we had a coffee and a little shop. Back home to dye my hair. Hoping for a run tomorrow - hubby said he will come with me on his bike.  ...but I won't hold my breath....

BFN xx

02/03/2013 at 17:13

Jude - well done on getting a run in. Bet it was nice to have a little time alone with hubby. Me and my Oh like going for a coffee together without kids

just made some yummy banana sultana and apple muffins

the walk outside did the job, and a nap after lunch, feeling much better - back to normal from tomorrow I reckon, although I think I will do my early bike session indoors just in case I feel tired earlier than planned

02/03/2013 at 17:22

hi jude! sounds like a lovely busy day . nice to have time to do things sometimes without the little people around- but then we soon miss them dont we?!!

how was your run? been sunny here too but chilly this a.m when i ran. doing another run tomorrow -trying to get some b2bs in when i can.

chili- well done to your daughter on parkrun PB-FAB! maybe the treat of an egg mcmuffin would get me to run faster.....but more likely the promise of a selection of new nail polish or a new top is more likely to get me to the end!

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