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17/02/2013 at 17:25

proper warm ups before faster running (tempo/speedwork/racing)...2-3miles...prepare the body. And at least a 1/2mile cool down after....

24/02/2013 at 13:45

I still can't do it!!!!!!!! Just completed my 20 miler, trying hard to run slower at 9mm. I did achieve an average slower pace of 8.45m/m but I still did not run 1 mile at 9mm. When running I am not pushing myself at all, I am just thinking to myself "go slow and easy" but I still can't go any slower.

Can I ask why this is going to be a problem for me? I have probably another 4/5 long runs to complete before the VLM. I am fully aware that I need to be going slow for these long runs, but if my body is capable of running at this pace without that much effort, why do I need to force myself to run slower than I need too. I don't use a garmin, I use an app on my phone. I have calculated the pace to ensure it's accurate and it is. The 20 miles took me 2 hours 49 minutes. Mentally I find it very challenging to run 9mm, allthough there has been a few times my legs just wont carry me and I have been running 9,5mm on a couple of shorter runs. Before my long runs I allways prepare with rest, breakfast, stretches and I take sis gels to replenish my energy stores at about 10 and 16 miles. Is it just possible i'm fitter and can maintain this now, it is 1 minute a mile slower than my normal shorter runs?

All I could picture at every pacing update was you guys telling me off!!!!!

28/02/2013 at 14:27

Sophie- if this pace feels genuinly easy and you have no problems completing a 20m run as well as your other sessions and don't feel knackered, I can't see a problem. Yes, the general idea is to do long runs @ 60-90s slower than your mara pace but it will depend on the type of runner you are and also on your current speed.

Slower end runners often run their easy runs at a closer pace to MP than the speedy ones.

I did my first mara in 3:50 and at the time ran LSRs @ around 8:50. Two years on I'm aiming for around 3:20 mara but my easy pace is not that much different- still around 8:30-8:50.

With time when you start increasing the mileage you will notice that you don't mind running slower (which you have already experienced on some of your short runs when you were probably slightly knackered). In a meantime listen to your body and if easy feels easy @ 8:50, don't despair. Good luck with it.

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