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20/09/2002 at 21:08
Hi Mr C,
it's interesting that you are trying yasso 800's in training for your marathon, as I did these as part of my FLM training this year. I trained with a friend at a track and over 12 weeks we built up from 5 yasso's to 10. We ran the 10x800's for two weeks the last being the week before tapering (3 weeks to marathon)then we did 5x800 as we lowered our mileage in the two weeks before the marathon.

I was aiming for a 3.30 marathon, having already done a 3.37 marathon. The yasso's, I too always seemed to run too fast, 3.15-3.19. As I could do them for the 10 I believed this to be ok and I still do. I also always ran 3 miles down to the track and 2 miles, short cut, home.

My long training runs were done at a pace slower than the 8min marathon pace I was aiming for. Apart from I did one 20 miler at marathon pace and several 10-15 mile runs too. As long runs I did something like 2x18 miles, 2x20 miles, 1x21miles and 1x23miles I also did a 15 miler mid week run every week.

Unfortunately I didn't get my desired time having suffered with stomach and breathing problems in the race. But I don't think it had anything to do with the build up as I was getting very good race times, for me, while training for the marathon.

By the way my 1/2m pb is only 1.36, a time I know I can lower, but not anywhere near to your time, so you should be quite capable of sub 3.15. Good luck! My friend who I trained with ran 3.25 finishing with plenty of running still in her legs. Her 1/2m time before the marathon was 1.34 and she knocked 12mins off her previous marathon time.
21/09/2002 at 14:22
I also do a long run midweek whilst training for a marathon, but I'd never get to 15 miles.
As a rule I run easiest on a Wednesday as a recovery/endurance exercise between Tuesdays reps and Thursdays tempo/threshold run. The distance varies between an hour and 90 minutes at my slowest pace (about 8.5-9.0 min/miling) & is generally about half the distance of the Sunday long runs.

I think that if you can do the 800 reps at around 3.15/3.20 (I do mine at 3.20 * 8-10 reps, and the rest of the training goes well then we should be thinking around sub 70 for a 10 miler (thankfully achieved at GSR) close to 1.30 for a half (1.36 so far)
and 3.15 for a marathon (3.31).
When I get there,I'll move on to the next step.(It wasn't that long ago I hoped to break 1.50 for a half).
21/09/2002 at 15:06
Dustin we seem to have similar target times. I'm looking to get sub 70 for 10miles next year, my pb is 71mins 6secs from earlier in the year. I would also like a 1.34 1/2m which I'm going to attempt in Nov and a 3.30 Marathon that I might go for next year. I would also like to lower my 10k time at the end of this year.

As you say though it's down to the training going well.

It's so frustrating as most of us know when running is going so well, times are coming down etc and then injury or illness strike.
22/09/2002 at 11:23
Know what you mean.
Did the 10 miler at GSR (69.04) was chuffed to bits as you may have read on other threads as I was hoping to get below 72 (previous best) and nearer to 70.
Hoping to beat my 1.36.03 halfM at Windsor next week but woke up this morning with stinking head cold so I'll have to see how the week goes.Training has gone well so its up to me killing off those bugs this week!

Re marathons was elated to get near 3.30 last year, but based off my long runs I'm going for sub 3.30 next spring and hopefully nearer to 3.15. If I don't get into London I may do Rotterdam - nice and flat perfect for a pb attempt!

Luckily I don't really suffer too much from injury - I say that before my first winter of off-road running!
22/09/2002 at 13:56
I hope your cold clears up for you Dustin as you certainly appear to be on form for getting a pb at Windsor.

My injuries in the past were because of over training and having gait problems, both of which I think I've dealt with. Mind I do tend to suffer with my calves, which is to do with having a bad back, otherwise not too bad.

I think off-road running helps to prevent injury by strengthening ankles etc. Unless you twist something of course!

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