Longest tempo run for a 1/2 marathon?

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05/01/2003 at 18:13
Oh and Laura,

If you did manage a 10M at your half-marathon pace, with a last mile (or K?) at 10K pace, then you can quite safely aim for a half-marathon at least 2 or 3mins faster than what you previously thought (and my guess is you'll even be faster than that)
05/01/2003 at 21:43
Having read through this thread I must agree with Nick on lots of what he says, specially regarding training paces.

I've never been able to train at any actual race pace, apart for on the track and only for long intervals but my races have always been so much better than my training times.

However one thing which is easier to train to is heart rate.

For example my PB 10k was done off an average HR of about 160 and my PB marathon of an average HR of 147. So if my schedule requires "race pace" then this is what I use.

For me the difference between actual race pace and HR race pace can be as much as 30 seconds per mile - for the same HR, although the hilly terrain where I train does account for some of the difference.
05/01/2003 at 22:52
I hope you're both right!
I've never tried training to race pace before so I guess this is a good experiment to see whether it makes much difference. The main reason being I was really disappointed at the GNR that I found it so hard to run to my target pace, I thought I had to practise it more.

As you know I'm another HRM user:
Last 1/2 m HR - 185
'pace' tempo runs - 177-181
yesterday's av: 181, but increased to 191 (on your suggestion, though I chickened out of doing 2 miles!) for the final mile to 10K effort .

With such a difference in your training hr and race hr equivalent paces Drew, it must be hard to predict your performance? And yet you always seem to know exactly what your target pace should be? Do you just make yourself run by your watch on the day or?

05/01/2003 at 22:57
I just can't manage pacing by HR - and certainly not when racing. Adrenaline and emotions tend to get in the way & send the HR soaring.
What happens, Drew, if, for example, you've had a really crap day at work & come home totally wound up? Can you really switch off that easily, & proceed with your usual training at your usual HR, when you get your shoes on & head out thru the door?
05/01/2003 at 23:14
Nick, I tried that today on my long run, I did 11 miles at 9.15/mile then 3 at 7.15/mile with a mile in 10 mins to cool down at the end, the 3 miles might have been a bit quick but I felt ok and am planning tomorrow as a rest day anyway. this is also suggested by hal Higdon as 3/1 training, you run the first 3/4 at slower than race pace then the last 1/4 at faster to simulate the race itself, or something like that.

As has also been mentioned the long run is really about time on your feet not distance covered, this is what I did wrong in my training for the one marathon I have done so far. This will be different next time.

I am also wary of HRM's on race days for the same reasons as Mike S, or does it all settle down after a while during the race?
06/01/2003 at 10:40
Great debate.
As regards tempo runs for HalfM I get up to around 10miles at taget pace (7min/miles)
and for marathons try running at target pace at least 1 week in 3 for 18miles+ (The other two weeks I run at 20-30s/mile slower or race Halfm-20miles.

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